When people are always like "Get in the pool!"

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bjorkdotcom : "And we're like standing in liquid, Like, We're talking in water"

Travis Trevizo : "we know you didn't go to college were you wanted to Chris we get that" LMAO!

Darth Fedor : This is very similar to when people tell you to have kids

drowningfish345 : Am I the only one who noticed his phone stay in his shirt pocket? RIP


Arka : That weird face and sound Stephanie made at the end tho

njkillo : These are modern day sirens, luring men into the water

JoaquinTV : the best line "we tricked you. we gotcha in the water!" hahahahaha

hannah : "if you get in the water we'll give you a zoloft" LMFAO


Joshua Ibarra : these two are like complete sociopaths lmao! love you two together.

see : I haven't been disappointed by any of these videos.

WinslowDumaine : This is actually very well acted. Good work, team.

Jason2743 : I do have intense clinical depression

Gabriel Borjas Garcia : "we gotcha, we gotcha in the water." *slaps*

Brian Sounalath : omg the slap at the end was perfect

Bill NguyenHuuDuy : Your videos are the reason I live for.

novababy : I want her to slap me

Alessandro Torres : I quote this all the time when I want someone to do something that benefits me but is bad for them.

Brandon Reda : "We tricked you".

Tais Grim : "You have to take control of your life and get in the pool!" I AM DYING

isisdazs : stephanie's random spike in antagonism at 0:48 always gets me

Daniel and G : damn you two are shady

Corkoth55 : i hope some day i find a group of people like you did!! they just understand the humor and everything. BJA you're a cool man

Dorian Arriaga : If his feet were already in the water shouldn't he have known it was freezing :-/ alright I'll shut up

Than211 : Am I the only one hoping that he would have at least taken off his shirt? =D

november : I was at a local spring (and in case you didn't know the water at most springs in freezing) and I didn't want to get in the water. I was there with my friend's family and and a few other friends, and they all started telling me to get in the water all at once. I'm talking 6+ people bugging me to get in the water. All of the sudden, some little girl joins in. She was 8 or so, and normally I'd be nice but I was pretty ticked, so I told her 'Who are you? I don't know you. Please be quiet.' Poor girl. Anyway, when I finally actually got in the water, everyone started asking me why I didn't get in in the first place. It was basically just hell.

Charles Campbell : why is this exactly how the conversation goes literally every time i hate this

Phillip P : "If you get in the water we'll give you a zoloft" is the best

UMICL : I feel like this can be a metaphor for so many different things in life

Chris Borgars-Smith : There is a profound sense of menace in this author's works rivaled only in Pinter

Cheddar Cheese : your videos r delicious

M.C. TRASHBAG : Her hair is pretty nice for being in a pool

Oliver : "If you get in the pool right now we'll give you a zoloft" lmaoo

Aja Kween : they're like mermaids

Samantha Rhodes : It really does super uncomf and personal

cody orton : That slap tho

bigbufobufo : Why did she slap him? I don't get it.

shuffle.cats : steph’s face at 1:11

Riley Anne : wheres my zoloft

sebatian : The pool can be so many things....negative peer pressure.

jupiter is a bean : the pool is "life"

Sep Sam : that slap had me cackling

Sammi Lin : i always have the most subtle laughs to these videos and I feel like I have to cough them out but my insides are exploding

Jason Jennings : How does this not have a million views?!

Brandon Bajin : That chick is hilarious.

Zulfikar Fauzi : What was that slap for 😂

jupiter is a bean : Steph should not BE THIS BEAUTIFUL OMFG

Malcolm Price : That slap at the end.

lwjr71 : Please can the two of you have your own show?