Metallica - Nothing Else Matters | Guitar Solo Cover

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Mehdi Saad : Her band is called mecca deth. Lol just kidding.

Loris Lustenberger : just .. Wow!

raptorh : Hey, saw this documantary about metal in indonesia on tv channel arte. Didn't know where to put my comment, that you can read it. Thought your newest video would be ok? Hope so! Was really interesting to hear your words about Metal and Islam. Well I'm a christian, but I really feel what you said about metal and religion. Even if we seem to be much more free to hear music we like, I heared almost the same shit about why metal is evil. (Well not the stuff with the bombs) Don't listen to that, it's just cool music! Greetings from Germany ;-) Rock on 🤘

Inna Dilovska : Very nice cover with individual touch, congrats! If you want you can check mine, it's no as good as yours, but I'm still trying. 😊

Kenichii Shirahama : 😂😂😭❤️❤️🌚❤️🌚

Faizul Kapcai : Bolh kmu main songs avengd sevnfold -The stage

Nigrum Lupus : 0:25 when a stranger asks you to give them money you raise your finger like that

WEAPON MASTER : Let all the strings ring dr. All of them.

Bagus San : Bagus permainan kamu picking tegesin lagi ya

vor 1 Minute : Next: SunLess Rise - Awakening

BenGunns : well done Mel love it love it

Noura K : I wish you could post some alternative rock too (I'm more a fan of that than metal hihih).

Raider Warrior : Can you do a cover of Stevie ray Vaugn's "Little Wing?

ZadZadrack : WOW. BRILLIANT.

EkaL DeathmetaL : Mel coverin solo lagu Megadeth nu Tornado Of Souls ath mel..😅😂😉😄

munna khan munna khan : Osm,,, i love u,,,,,

Dan Barracuda : You did an awesome job making this your own! Who do you get inspired by? Love the vibe.

ZHMTL : 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍 great! Thanks for share!

Ingo Scherag : hey mel, you're awesome. next challenge: 'the riddle' from steve vai ?

Mr Shaneyt43 : Fantastic 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Apis Boh : Mel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥

DNE Does Not Ends : i loving u 🖒🖒🖒

H : Very Nice.

Xizoy Xizoy : Megadeth dong mba

Tati Metal : Good job !! METALLICA 😍🤘

Syd Shrll : Hai

Didi Abdillah ZTS : I ask permission to use this video for a project in my channel 😊, you can see it now

FloppyHares : Rock on, girl!! 🤘

Rosehan Anwar : Request juga iron maiden...lagunya sembarang ...yeah

#FalleN AngeL# : WOW!

навали валюме : ^_^

Huffle Puff : Anjaay... nemu dimana yg begini sij

1_12_5_23 : What type of guitar do you have?

budak fider : Up lagu penuh la mel...layan

Shawn Begley : To Mello !!!,,,,,

Bernard Bear : Lagu kesukaan gue banget... I💟U

Arca Batuğ Sınmaz : Listen metal music VERY HARAM very sin very haram massallah no metal music only ilahi

prayoga my : argh😂