Binging with Babish and Sean Evans Battle to Make the Perfect Filled Calzone | Sean in the Wild
Binging with Babish and Sean Evans Battle to Make the Perfect Filled Calzone Sean in the Wild

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Calzones are one of the world's most beloved filled foods. But which ingredients make for the perfect stuffed pizza? Andrew Rea—the mastermind behind the wildly popular cooking channel, Binging with Babish—is here to face off against Sean Evans in a calzone cook-off for the ages. That's right, it's the season sendoff you've been praying for. In typical Binging with Babish fashion, Andrew whips up a Seinfeld-inspired pizza pocket, filled to the brim with the kind of cheese, pepperoni, and eggplant wolfed down by George Costanza. It's a difficult dish to beat, but Sean has an unlikely ace up his sleeve—a calzone clone of one of America's favorite Tex-Mex meals: The Cruchwrap Supreme. Will Andrew's sitcom special be enough to impress legendary pizza man Mark Iacono, or will Sean break his losing streak and finally bring home a W from Lucali? Find out on the very special, Season 2 finale of Sean in the Wild. Subscribe to Binging with Babish on YouTube: Subscribe to First We Feast on YouTube: Check out more of First We Feast here: First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.


Gonzalo : the face Andrew makes when hearing his real name instead of Oliver Babish is priceless lmao

Necr0tiX : Oh BOY, Vsauce and Agent 47 cooking. A dream come true.

Zarathustra : It's a moist vegetable, Sean.

Banjo Billy : "you don't want someone to take a bite and go 'they went a little light on the beef'" Taco Bell, I hope you're taking notes...

benjee : "The Low-cal Calzone Zone"

Brandon Oliver : *2 bald boys have fun with a pizza maker.*

Jewbrillian : Sean dropping a barstool reference with the "everyone knows the rules"???

Josiah Harden : This video should have been titled "Binging with the Baldies."

Bob Smith : After watching this at 2:42am I proceeded to get out of bed and walk to the refrigerator completely naked and *DEMOLISH* a bag of kraft shredded cheese. I was really that hungry after watching this, true story.

KlohsCalls : When they said "special judge" I was like, holy shit, did they get Adam Scott from Parks & Rec?!

Bean Dudds : Can u pls do a hot ones ep with bwb?

Koko : *watches Sean put lettuce in an oven* sTOP

Mia Singer : Ben Wyatt woulddie watching this

Nicole Reed-Brooks : I am convinced Babish is a long lost Jonas Brother.

Big Rabbi : "It was more like a savory pastry... just a stunning culinary innovation." The real winner here is Ben Wyatt.

Erick Rocha : Fun fact: In Spanish..calzón means underwear. There’s that...

First We Feast : Thanks Babish for all the good times on Sean in the Wild! What a guy.

Bronn of the Blackwater : I thought for sure Mark would go with Babby's. On the Ugly Delicious pizza episode he talked a lot about keeping it simple and traditional. Anyway, great to see these three in the same room, such great food and awesome personalities!

Lilly CR : Andrew AKA Babbi: I need to prep my eggplant, because eggplants are really... moist. Me: OMG is he flirting with me?

Jimy Young : What's the deal with eggplants? They're not an egg, and they're not a plant!

Nathan H : Please do TheReportOfTheWeek otherwise known as Review brah

Ethan Kegley : I like calzone with the sauce inside, not too much, but enough so the sauce cooks in with the other ingredients, giving everything a bit of tomato and italian herbs feel. I dont like the dunk... the dunk sauce is often bland

Ericsurf6 : I love this show! Sean, you're my hero. Makes me wanna up my food game videos here in Japan.

Robert A : The judge sounds like Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York

Nick Harshman : “Everyone knows the rules” I see you Sean with the little nod to barstool

Pantherspwn : "It's a really"- puts glasses on - "moist vegetable".

Zaco Zoid : wow one day from a year today pretty amazing how much this channel has grown since then

Le Derp : my two favorite bald guys

joshuaridley48 : Where has Sean in the Wild been? Also, you two should review all NY Pizza!!! There is only one greatest

Mike Durbin : Sean is really good at intros but horrible at outros, it's really weird.

Amtra1778 : We need a triple crossover with Babish, Sean, and Brad.

Nicole Ibrajev : Who is this beautiful man.. thank you so much for that rolling out pizza dough technique. My life is forever changed.

Alan Roxs : What if Sean and his team were able to contact Gordon Ramsey to go on the Hot Ones show?

Red Now : I want Sean in the Wild back

Extra Fishes : I would kms if Sean Evans had to narrate my life

Emmanuel Alejandro : *A wild Babish appears*



derrick leo : This babish guy looks cool,he should start his own channel

Brandon Oliver : Love that accent!

what a head !!!! : Sean looking abit cooked as allways

Bobby Shmurda’s Hat : 2 favorite bald youtubers

Experience Music : Where the _hell_ is the Hot Ones season finale with that 'mystery guest'?

ダルクSuwupreme_ : Damn those haircuts are on point lol

Theo Sprague : I was rooting for you sean the whole way. Way to represent !!!!! So proud of you bro

NETizpossible : This is great, this is fine, this is cool. *BUT THIS STILL ISN'T A HOT ONE'S VIDEO WITH BABISH!*

Juan Lopes : One bite everybody knows the rules

A Well Dressed Male Papaya : "Keep the people guessing" *Shows guacamole*

Rob Jensen : In Brad Leone's voice: "Hey Ba-BEEE!"