Binging with Babish and Sean Evans Battle to Make the Perfect Filled Calzone | Sean in the Wild

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Binging with Babish : Guy goes and wins both our cook-off and a Webby in the same day - Sean cannot be stopped.

Abbreviated Reviews : My favorite thing about ol' Babby without his own narration is just how awkward he is with his jokes. Side note: 11:56 he looks like he might come after him with a chef knife. Side side note: That kitchen/restaurant looks amazing. I don't know if I'll ever be in New York again, but if I am I am going to try and go there.

Koko : *watches Sean put lettuce in an oven* sTOP

Alex Newell : I don’t know how much Sean is getting paid but he deserves more. He’s putting FwF on his back

First We Feast : Thanks Babish for all the good times on Sean in the Wild! What a guy.

Bryce : Sean is the Jackson Pollock of cooking—keep throwing ideas together until you get a win.

megamcee : This proves that Shokugeki no Soma is realistic. Dishes can be judged higher because of the accompanying sauce.

connor anthony : How much did u have to pay the Italian to pick yours Sean 😂

Shayan Givehchian : Not a single strand of hair in this video... could be used as the before segment of a hair growth product advertisement

what a head !!!! : Sean looking abit cooked as allways

James Cataldo : Sean Evans with the subtle Barstool plug

_窮 : Gotta try and make a crunchwrap supreme calzone now, that looked great with the guac at the end.

Ericsurf6 : I love this show! Sean, you're my hero. Makes me wanna up my food game videos here in Japan.

benjee : "The Low-cal Calzone Zone"

Emmanuel Alejandro : *A wild Babish appears*

Jaser Cervantes : The two greatest bald heads on youtube.

qila : The end hahahahahahahahahha

Agung Raden : SEAN! You need to get Andy Serkis on hot juans!!!

NETizpossible : Babish laying eggplants on a calzone. *SPONSERED BY CLIFF BAR*

iamthefirsttosecond : I love you Sean, but cooking lettuce 😲

Tucker Karnes : The double bite "everybody knows the rules" Alright Sean, shoutout El Pres

Pantherspwn : "It's a really"- puts glasses on - "moist vegetable".

Experience Music : Where the _hell_ is the Hot Ones season finale with that 'mystery guest'?

Aryaman Anand : Why does that guy look like he could be John Wick irl

Mack V : Awesome collaboration.

A Vsaucy Boi : Babish vs Sean Evans? Nani?! *Who instigated this shokugeki?*

KlohsCalls : When they said "special judge" I was like, holy shit, did they get Adam Scott from Parks & Rec?!

WolfeeMusic : Eggheads reunite!

Banjo Billy : "you don't want someone to take a bite and go 'they went a little light on the beef'" Taco Bell, I hope you're taking notes...

Acureyt : As a Mexican-Italian, I'm so conflicted.

Rhinoman65 : shocker considering the judge

Mia Singer : Ben Wyatt woulddie watching this

tantryl : Binging with Babish and he puts eggplant in his recipe? Binging with Babish is Baba Ganoushing it.

Hugo Karlström : Was hoping Adam Scott as guest judge!!!

DespicableHero : Sean Evans with the Davey Pageviews reference... 1 bite, everybody knows the rules

Jimy Young : What's the deal with eggplants? They're not an egg, and they're not a plant!

Samuel Peppermint : *Sean's voice makes me wanna blow my nose 1000 times*

Casomii : I see Babi’ I gotta watch.

Alan Roxs : What if Sean and his team were able to contact Gordon Ramsey to go on the Hot Ones show?

gizanked : #moist 🍆

Zarathustra : It's a moist vegetable, Sean.

Mahomes SZN : Love the Davey Pageviews reference @10:17 lol everybody knows the rules.

Gateaux Q : Such a lost opportunity to make a low cal calzone zone calzone

TotallyokJoHN : Bald boys

Jewbrillian : Sean dropping a barstool reference with the "everyone knows the rules"???

Jake Smith : I just want to see Mark Iacono in everything. He's such a cool, humble dude. He just wants to make pizzas that make people happy. Dude needs his own show.

Nicole Reed-Brooks : I am convinced Babish is a long lost Jonas Brother.

Patrick Fargis : My two favorite bald men of youtube.

Giants92hc : Loved the barstool reference Sean!

Bronn of the Blackwater : I thought for sure Mark would go with Babby's. On the Ugly Delicious pizza episode he talked a lot about keeping it simple and traditional. Anyway, great to see these three in the same room, such great food and awesome personalities!