Binging with Babish and Sean Evans Battle to Make the Perfect Filled Calzone | Sean in the Wild

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Binging with Babish : Guy goes and wins both our cook-off and a Webby in the same day - Sean cannot be stopped.

Koko : *watches Sean put lettuce in an oven* sTOP

connor anthony : How much did u have to pay the Italian to pick yours Sean 😂

SilverNiKr : This proves that Shokugeki no Soma is realistic. Dishes can be judged higher because of the accompanying sauce.

Abbreviated Reviews : My favorite thing about ol' Babby without his own narration is just how awkward he is with his jokes. Side note: 11:56 he looks like he might come after him with a chef knife. Side side note: That kitchen/restaurant looks amazing. I don't know if I'll ever be in New York again, but if I am I am going to try and go there.

Alex Newell : I don’t know how much Sean is getting paid but he deserves more. He’s putting FwF on his back

Jaser Cervantes : The two greatest bald heads on youtube.

Shayan Givehchian : Not a single strand of hair in this video... could be used as the before segment of a hair growth product advertisement

First We Feast : Thanks Babish for all the good times on Sean in the Wild! What a guy.

benjee : "The Low-cal Calzone Zone"

Pantherspwn : "It's a really"- puts glasses on - "moist vegetable".

James Cataldo : Sean Evans with the subtle Barstool plug

Gonzalo : the face Andrew makes when hearing his real name instead of Oliver Babish is priceless lmao

Emmanuel Alejandro : *A wild Babish appears*

KlohsCalls : When they said "special judge" I was like, holy shit, did they get Adam Scott from Parks & Rec?!

Banjo Billy : "you don't want someone to take a bite and go 'they went a little light on the beef'" Taco Bell, I hope you're taking notes...

Zarathustra : It's a moist vegetable, Sean.

Ericsurf6 : I love this show! Sean, you're my hero. Makes me wanna up my food game videos here in Japan.

what a head !!!! : Sean looking abit cooked as allways

RadThatsAwesome : Oh BOY, Vsauce and Agent 47 cooking. A dream come true.

Acureyt : As a Mexican-Italian, I'm so conflicted.

James Burrus : *Sean's voice makes me wanna blow my nose 1000 times*

_窮 : Gotta try and make a crunchwrap supreme calzone now, that looked great with the guac at the end.

tantryl : Binging with Babish and he puts eggplant in his recipe? Binging with Babish is Baba Ganoushing it.

Jake Smith : I just want to see Mark Iacono in everything. He's such a cool, humble dude. He just wants to make pizzas that make people happy. Dude needs his own show.

Brandon Oliver : *2 bald boys have fun with a pizza maker.*

Bob Smith : After watching this at 2:42am I proceeded to get out of bed and walk to the refrigerator completely naked and *DEMOLISH* a bag of kraft shredded cheese. I was really that hungry after watching this, true story.

Jimy Young : What's the deal with eggplants? They're not an egg, and they're not a plant!

NETizpossible : Babish laying eggplants on a calzone. *SPONSERED BY CLIFF BAR*

Erick Rocha : Fun fact: In Spanish..calzón means underwear. There’s that...

Bronn of the Blackwater : I thought for sure Mark would go with Babby's. On the Ugly Delicious pizza episode he talked a lot about keeping it simple and traditional. Anyway, great to see these three in the same room, such great food and awesome personalities!

mac los : In all honesty he didn’t really make a calzone he made a burrito and the other guy oversimplified something that he didn’t realize he’s not cooking for people that expect quality in their food he’s cooking for people that put french fries in their burritos and are like that’s bomb🤨

Jewbrillian : Sean dropping a barstool reference with the "everyone knows the rules"???

Mia Singer : Ben Wyatt woulddie watching this

Saba Lanqa : John Wick eating Calzones

Ethan Kegley : I like calzone with the sauce inside, not too much, but enough so the sauce cooks in with the other ingredients, giving everything a bit of tomato and italian herbs feel. I dont like the dunk... the dunk sauce is often bland

Nicole Reed-Brooks : I am convinced Babish is a long lost Jonas Brother.

Alan Roxs : What if Sean and his team were able to contact Gordon Ramsey to go on the Hot Ones show?

Big Rabbi : "It was more like a savory pastry... just a stunning culinary innovation." The real winner here is Ben Wyatt.

TotallyokJoHN : Bald boys

NETizpossible : This is great, this is fine, this is cool. *BUT THIS STILL ISN'T A HOT ONE'S VIDEO WITH BABISH!*

technician172 : Fried calzone? No, it’s a panzerotti, and you’ll have to go to South Jersey for that.

Ryan Kim : lol I just realized that a calzone is literally a pizza pie

Rhinoman65 : shocker considering the judge

Agung Raden : SEAN! You need to get Andy Serkis on hot juans!!!

Amtra1778 : We need a triple crossover with Babish, Sean, and Brad.

Nick Harshman : “Everyone knows the rules” I see you Sean with the little nod to barstool

Mack V : Awesome collaboration.

Casomii : I see Babi’ I gotta watch.

unltd : the way they pronounce calzone makes me cringe as a European