Sausage falling over

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Kat Genouzou : komaeda laugh.

Cleora N : So thats how Komaeda sounds when he fell to the floor... Sol--lux brought me here

리아 りあLIA : I came from a komaeda video

otter pop : Thanks, Komaeda.

ski : i think you know where i came from judging by my icon ill just leave then lmao

KayKay : I came here from the Komaeda video.

Blazor67 : I guess that was a... Blowjob YEEEEAAAAAAAAHH

Xepisia : "come here hinata-kun"

Misterious 1 : I'm here because someone give poor Komaeda his inhaler, he falls down laughing and this sound is what they used for him falling.

Block : when they start getting freaky in the porn

No : Ok Komaeda brought me here

Rachel Simpson : this sums up my entire life

Dlakks : The best part is, these arent even stock videos.

Redbullet242 : Half life 3 confirmed.

Crystorii [moved] : i somehow got here from a video of someone laughing... my life was a lie

Scree7ch : If you listen closely, you can tell that it was set up. The camera angle makes sure you can't see the person in the background, but he's the one that makes it fall over. This is why we can't trust the media, they're obviously just trying to turn us into mindless slaves! DAMN YOU OBAMA.

Logixc : I came here from komeada

Paige.Lmao : Komaeda lead me here

Aida Kuhpai : aaaa naw u blew, that's cheating

cuim dungo : gosu brought me here

Monokuma 00 : How did I get here from a video of someone laughing?


Otaku-chan : I'm sure all the people here who've never been into anime, forget Danganronpa are really confused about this "Komaeda" featuring in the comments lol

Kai : That just changed my life forever

Centaur1um : It'd be a lot better if you didn't just blow on it :|

Original_Username 45 : Amazing. the sausage represents the political standpoint of most of americas people. while it still wants to stand strong and proud, defying most of the world, it is forced to fall to higher power in a dramatic 2 second release of power and proudness. this video deserves to be given an award for representing everyone is the united states of america.

NeoDracula : This is the best Viagra commercial ever.

Keebzz : Anyone else come here because of a video of komaeda?

Kogasa Scarlet : YOU HAVE BETRAYED MY TRUST!..just wanted to hear komeda laugh more

daytime : daddy would you like some sausage

geekometer96 : WARNING. The hotdog falls over.

M. S. : is it okay that Komaeda laughing brought me here

BrundleFly : the sequels always disappoint.

RAN DUB VIDZ : That changed my life:)

Rocky Town : i love this. it tells a woeful tale of a young sausage's rise to power.

MegaAniLinkFan : YOU BLEW IT!  Both literally and figuratively

AKN _1 : And the award to the most random youtuber goes to.....

Iris : Two words: Komaeda laugh.

Wintermute01001 : Did Donald Trump film this?

Cal W : :( why did he not get back up.

TheLegend27 : The waffle was funnier.

Glitch Ken : am i the only one that is laughin my self to death while watchin this xD

PeachieQueen : What even is this channel

Hoàng Duy Nguyễn : hi am gosu leads me here

ET Gaming : This dude has issues. He's probably a psycho maniac murderer. You would see this creepy things in creepypastas.

Márk Gosztola : Sausage has 7 letters. This video was uploaded on the 16th of August. 16-7= 9. The square root of 9 is 3. A triangle has 3 sides. 3-2 is 1. Illuminati has 1 eye. This video is illuminati!!!!!11!!

StaceyIsWeird : My precious husbando, Komaeda, brought me here.

rapingpeterpan : looks more like a hotdog than a sausage to me

Jelle Spekman : dis is such a MLG video FaZe got rekt by the sausage

Paris : Who came here from tumblr?