Halloween Film Theme Cover on Banjo and Accordion

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Holammer : Your average musician: I made it on a synthesizer! Banjo Guy Ollie: Hold my Violin.

T1BillionX : This is beyond dope, you nailed it.

Shaun Clifton : Ollie you are AWESOME ! I am Always Blown away by your work. Just when I think Knight Rider or Airwolf is my favorite, you roll out Halloween ! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Kirk's Arcade : Amazing! Love all the sound techniques you used in this! Now i want a bow for my guitar. Keep up the wicked work man! Ps your chioce for an accordian is one of fave sounds lately👍👊🍺

Yoda Man : damn youre hot! i mean nice cover. subbed.

William Stephens : You somehow made this a nicer sounding song and also way creepier than the original. I love it.

Conner Campbell : AWESOME! Ollie, sorry if this question has been asked before. Do you have a friend with a music shop or something? I'm curious about how you get access to all the instruments.

WORLD RETRO GAME LongPlay GamePlay Curiosity : Michael Mayers is back with Jame Lee Curtis.

Gooner70 : This is brilliant You must do more film covers buddy

Powered by Moonlight : I love it, it has both banjo and accordion in it! :D

Dad And The Kid : I had no idea an acordian could produce that kind of sound.

Stefan Edek : You could also do Escape from New York theme.

Morgan Just Games : Another fantastic cover. Well done Olly.

Francisco Blas Chapa : such a genius musician, this cover is awesome!!

Dennis Verheijen : Epic! Very well done! I'm a huge Halloween fan, I was waiting for this! =D You covers are always on point!! Keep up the great work.

Matheus Ramos : Classic

Karl Smith : Wow I'll never be able to see the Halloween theme the same way ever again

DCLXVI : Folk horror! Badass! 😈 \m/

ATLANTA-BOY-1985 : Bad ass!!!!

Michael M : This is so cool!!

Jerry Quiroz : Awesome!!!

Sylehu : Wow. And this does not mean World Of Warcraft😊

carlos perez : Bravo maistro 👏👏👏

MeshKat / Déjà Entendu ? : Spooky-wooky !!

Cannot be Tamed : Great cover!

madmomentsgo : Wow Sounds Good

christopher bawden : Do the Terminator theme.

michael dyer : This is awesome. Could you do the "Sanford and son" theme next?

Matt Productions : I love it !

StygianTraveler141 : Do The Thing next, please!

Gorand007 : When you are playing dead by daylight and get the pale rose map against Myers. xD As for the cover itself it’s incredibly atmospheric and sounds great!

Deep_wolf : Good theme, I also did that one ukulele solo, pretty creepy stuff!

Francis O'Connor : Impressive. Most impressive. I'm definitely going to check out this documentary.

Fahad Lami : nice

Robin Block : This is just the best!!

HALO 2304 : Awesome! It's funny, another YouTuber I subscribe to, Brandon Tenold, is also involved in the same project.

twistedmindsex : This Hallowe'en Michael has 4 victims on his list.