Janet's Void: What Actually Happens When * BING *

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K M : Is this hell? This is hell. This is hell, right? Gaaaaa! This is causing me all kinds of anxiety. Move. Move. Move. Move. MOOOOVE!!!

intrestedinallthings : When she boops out, shes out for like 22 min. Which is about the length of an episode

dudess : I hope D'Arcy was paid generously for this hahaha

Charles Cohen : Are you guys out of your forking minds??!?!? What a complete waste of time. 5/5 stars.

Angry Raisin : **Studies six hours for an exam** Exam: easy My brain:

Ruishu Wang : When I clicked and she stood there I thought it was funny, and laughed at the screen for 30sec, then I saw the progress bar and got scared

John Diehr : This might be boring for us but Janet gets automatic updates of everything happening in existence in the void. So really should could be going over any conversation in history or listening to anyone anywhere. I’d say her perspective must be the best one in the house/universe.

MzShonuff123 : It’s hard to believe she spends this much time in the void considering how often someone is calling her for help. If it’s not Eleanor, it’s Michael. If not Michael, it’s Chidi, Jason, or Tahani.

Djuna Pellis : Give this woman... I mean this Janet a Oscar

guigosul : Next, 5 hours of Mindy and Derek watching Cannonball Run 2

Brisa Esteban : honestly I don't know what I was expecting 😂😂

Solid Water Cress : If i had to pick a favourite part... it would have to be at 3:24:36, classic Janet!

Erwin Rolls : There is just something about watching queen D’arcy look around and stand in nothingness for 5 hours straight that makes me think everything is gonna be okay

Someone :/ : When she bings out, she’s out for approximately 20 minutes. The length of an episode. Well done

Mohammad Usman : She bings out at 1:15:00 as an example

Chinta K : Lol she just stands there for hours?

Bre DiLaurentes : Peformance art, your favorite show could never!

unitron2005 : We've spent 5 hours with a being that knows almost everything in the universe and we learned... nothing. Actually, never mind, this is absolutely realistic. :)

ginette martin : I was so lonely, but now Janet's with me for 5 hours. Thanks youtube.

Arey Maan : I just wonder how much was she paid...lol

ci ci : So uh... D'Arcy can you just stand there for 5 hours and just do nothing please? Thanks.

İdil Sirius : this video convinced me that everything's gonna be okay

Gonzo Bean : Pure Genius. Horrible. Awesome! Waste Of Time. Independent And Strong. Boring. Fascinating. She Has The "Who Farted?" Face. Very Athletic Thighs. Bad Fashion Sense. Clear Pores. She Represents Representative Representation. Beware Of Time.

YouTube Dudes : Watch from 0:00 to 5:00:23 really cool things happend between those 2 times

guigosul : Jason and Pillboi chillin in a broken hot tub drinking malt liquor for 5 hours.

Julia Lunetta : minimum derek :(

Sebi The Hunter : It reminds me of Poppy

Comrade 269 : #BlockRicky For everyone who wasn’t there for the live chat, Ricky was a guy who kept spewing racist and anti-Semitic bs.

That Random Guyーさん : Was this happening at EST or Jeremy Bearimy time?

Egotastic FunTime! : How dare you be so amazing!

Vidita MorePatil : This is so forkin' peaceful..

Pancakes and Pizza! {Zeus has taken over} : At 4:19:22 She Bings out And comes back at 4:41:23

Jade Nguyen : This wasn't long enough.

syoma fukasaku : Now I want a full version of the 500 something questions with Tahani

The Man With A Million Names : Here 5 hours after streaming

Emerald Earth : *Teacher* why did you not do your homework? *me* :

Moorland : She is wearing apple airpods and binging on netflix.

Shan .L : #blockricky will live on. Love you gays!

Mary Alice Clark : No Derek?!

Maruf2021 : 5 hours of nothing 😂 why was this even uploaded!?

ur dad Smith : #BlockRicky if you know you know

Dale Sharpy : What about Bad Janet? :$

Raul Corrêa : 14:49

cynthireyla : Is this the next Poppy video

Helgali : I want to believe that under that hair she has an ear piece with some e-book playing.

Guy Stewart : When the camera angle changes her hands sometimes instantly move from the front of her body to the back. This is especially noticeable at the beginning of the video. For example, at 1:17 her hands are in front and at 1:18 in back. God works in mysterious ways.

Daniel Sanchez : Damn I watched this for one hour I didn't know it was that long

Beach Girl : The livestream didn’t make sense until I watched “Janet(s)” last night. Too bad the chat devolved due to Madi the homophobe.

Nikhita Gowra : I actually had to double check if I was seeing the time length of this video right. Was it 5:00:23 or 5:23?!

Phlegethon : Good way to spend an afternoon