ARCTIC FOXES in the Snow
Arctic Foxes during a snowfall

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Arctic foxes playing and enjoying the first "big" snowfall in Montreal, this year. I'm starting to practice filming and photographing animals in the winter. Had so much fun at the Ecomuseum filming these foxes. One of my favourite mammals in Quebec! For more videos, be sure to subscribe here: SUBSCRIBE ▶ FOLLOW ME Instagram ▶ Facebook ▶ Twitter ▶ My FULL Gear List ▶ My Main Camera ▶ My AMAZING Gimbal ▶ WILDLIFE Lens ▶ WIDE-ANGLE Lens ▶ MACRO Lens ▶ My 85mm ▶ Vlogging Lens ▶ Variable ND Filter ▶ Polarizing Filter ▶ GoPro ▶ Where I Sell My Footage ▶ YouTube Analytics ▶


CashueaVesbeni : Beautiful Fox! Hard to get good pictures like that.

Keaton Wicherski : Hey I was your 100th subscriber just thought I would put that out there this is probably the clearest I’ve ever seen a fox thanks

Steven charter : WOW Amazing footage.. Thanks for uploading this... you have a new subscriber thanks...)

Bluemoon 287 : I wish people wouldn't kill them for ANY REASON! They are beautiful and amazing!

フルーツジュース : It's a wonderful picture, such animal isn't seen in Japan.

Susan Gero : I love ❤️ arctic foxes 🦊 🥶

Bloodmoons gamers : Fox's are breath taking they are so cool cute and unique

Danka Kešeláková : I like so much arktic fox. It's beautiful animal!!!😊😊😊💝💖

Joshua The Silver Fox : It's like a furry angel 💋🦊💕

Seven Seconds : OMG that's beautiful! Just found you on camera conspiracies channel, new sub from Italy :)

Cheiko Sairin : Really awesome footage, the arctic fox looks so cute. 👍😀👍 Big LIKE from Singapore

The Wild Report : Beautiful cinematography man! What was this shot on?

Maria Florencia : Waw. nice pictures!

Geoff Cooper : Wow - such gorgeous foxes 😊

X-StanD1nG0ne-X : it's so cute

DisneyTimeLord : 0:10 Queen Elsa, is that you?

Personal_ Nap : I absolutely Love these animals 😍

Papa Romes Outdoors : Amazing work Stefano, great job and producing is spot one brotha.

MoWCreator *Violet* : Did NOT except hetero-chromia! Beautiful!

YogaCandi : Wow, Stef, this is shot so beautifully, what a magnificent animal 😍 Would love to see them in the wild!

alson ovando : EPIC!! nice editing... btw

Wayward Waggs : Beautiful animal. The two different colored eyes are really cool.

Victor L. Fazio III : Wow what a Beautiful animal. You got the shot!!!!! Vic

Toxic Tabasco : Great video content. Those are some amazing animals.

Reynard : Amazing footage

pantsuck11 : 🌨🦊🌨

Shoken TSURUMARU : well filmed