ARCTIC FOXES in the Snow

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Keaton Wicherski : Hey I was your 100th subscriber just thought I would put that out there this is probably the clearest I’ve ever seen a fox thanks

CashueaVesbeni : Beautiful Fox! Hard to get good pictures like that.

DisneyTimeLord : 0:10 Queen Elsa, is that you?

SoloMatt : Those eyes 😍😍😍

Toxic Tabasco : Great video content. Those are some amazing animals.

The Wild Report : Beautiful cinematography man! What was this shot on?

Wayward Waggs : Beautiful animal. The two different colored eyes are really cool.

Joshua The Silver Fox : It's like a furry angel 💋🦊💕

Maria Florencia : Waw. nice pictures!

pantsuck11 : 🌨🦊🌨

Victor L. Fazio III : Wow what a Beautiful animal. You got the shot!!!!! Vic

Honey Girl : I like so much arktic fox. It's beautiful animal!!!😊😊😊💝💖

The Spiffing Reynard : Amazing footage

YogaCandi : Wow, Stef, this is shot so beautifully, what a magnificent animal 😍 Would love to see them in the wild!

Papa Romes Outdoors : Amazing work Stefano, great job and producing is spot one brotha.

Personal_ Nap : I absolutely Love these animals 😍

alson ovando : EPIC!! nice editing... btw

Seven Seconds : OMG that's beautiful! Just found you on camera conspiracies channel, new sub from Italy :)