"Shia LaBeouf" Live - Rob Cantor

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Phoenix Raney : Shia Surprise at the end was the best twist ever.

Anne Marie : "Shia surprise!"

TheBgamer BB : Best. Song. Ever.

R8-TV : *Quiet, quiet.....*

Cristi Ceruleanu : The effort put into this whole video is the joke

noobslayer135 : **SHIA-SURPRISE **

Caty Grey : Wow

Magicpanther : Friend: hey dude, have you heard of Hamilton Me: yeah Friend: it's pretty good, right Me: nothing compared to what I have seen Friend: what is better then Hamilton Me: *plays this* Friend: *tear rolls down eye*

DiamondHero8 : How do the people do this with a straight face

Connor McClory : Me: I wonder what comes up when I search Shia Lebouf on YouTube.

Uniturtle : My name is really similar to shia so everyone calls me that

MrMighty147 : How did I find this just now?

mutha russia : Explain this one atheists.

Liam McDonnell : To this day the 'quiet, quiet' kid's classmates refuse to let him forget this

Pimpeaux : A timeless classic

Ronnie : *Normal Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf*

Buzzcutbob : I like to believe that Shia forced them all to do this and would hunt anyone that messed up their part

Lil Knucks : BUT YOU CANT DO JU JITSU Shia suprise, your dead

Kai : I have watched this video an unhealthy amount of times

Greenskull : I have watched this so many times.

Anthony Michael : I can't believe how many times I've watched this without noticing the drums say "LaBeouf" or how the production is so quality but the Shia heads are so visibly taped on

pablolino : I challenge you to find a more polished work of art than this on Youtube. Also, you'll never be as cool as that bassist.

Nucl34r Fus10nz : june 2018 anyone?

Myokui : I haven't heard of Rob Cantor since this song, I guess Shia LaBeouf ate him.

Top 10 Archive : Stab him in his kidneeeeeyyyyy!

The Throwing Channel : Look. No matter what time it is, no matter how tired I am or where I am. I always jump up and get all hyped with "BUT WAIT, HE ISNT DEAD"

TimmyC : 1:56 Top 10 Anime Plot Twists

Dan R. : So this is what sent Shia LaBeuf over the deep end. Seriously though it's amazing how you can paint such a vivid picture of such a silly idea for a horror movie.

Anthony Castillo : It's sad that most of our world doesn't know how badly it needs Tally Hall back.

Magali Lopez : Me: Trying to open the fridge in the middle of the night without waking anyone up. Kid: "Quiet quiet".

Diet Pizza : *quiet quiet.*

grace murray : this has been recommended to me for 2 years now and i finally watched it

Soepie7 : S H I A S U R P R I S E

Sunny Earthling : Oh wait, I'm watching this on a Tuesday... is it normal?

Cartoon Hangover : Everything about this is beautiful. Everything was Shia and nothing hurt. 

Cole_Truax_175 : Still don’t know what I just saw.

Killer Penguin : "But blood is draining fast from your stump leg"

Ava Devald : *Shia Surprise*

Molly IsTotallyNotAwesome : How do you not smile while doing this....

Scott Manley : This is undeniably a work of genius.

Wilbur Spoon : Watch every Tuesday night in honor of legendary fight

Ethan Fisher-Perez : Showed this to my Japanese transfer student. She cried.

Rin Kagamine : I haven't heared this is many years. But I woke up today with this song in my head, singing it over and over like a weird mantra. Wth?

Misbah S : Hahahaha i love Shia!! I met him and i just uploaded a video about how he really is in person!

the_real_johnny_boy : I started crying from laughter when Shia LaBeouf starts clapping at the end

empty water bottle : No matter what I do I always find myself back here

Musical Trash : I was listening to meme music on Google Play and this came on so I decided to look it up and I am in no way disappointed

ryan50ryan : Normal Tuesday night for Shia LeBeouf.

Smuddy : Just a normal tuesday night 😂

- : I'm... blown away.