"Shia LaBeouf" Live - Rob Cantor

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Pimpeaux : A timeless classic

duskkstone : i forget the production quality of this every. single. time


Immortal Elf : Kinda want this turned into a movie lol

NitroAssassin524 : “4channer who leaked Shia LaBeouf’s criminal records goes missing in woods”

Phoenix Raney : Shia Surprise at the end was the best twist ever.

Ethan Ford Ford : This is going to make a reapearance soon...

Jeremy : How much did this cost

Nicks& Hits : *Shia LaBeouf goes insane* *_SHIA SURPRISE_*

CriticalMass 21 : Rob Cantor literally made a song about a meme... And he made it no joke...

I like suga In my tea : I just love SHIA SURPRISE

This Guy : Back again for my daily dose...

Zum1UDontNo : Doctor: you have three minutes and twenty seven minutes to live Me:

cadence : this is one of those things that doesn’t even feel real... after watching it you feel like you’ve entered an alternate reality... did u even watch this or was it all some crazy drug trip

Fu Fu Mc Cuddly Poops : I want a full broadway play of this music done by this man

Scott Manley : This is undeniably a work of genius.

Gamingvampireking : Who else is still watching in 2018

Elizabeth : Who else caught the Citizen Kane reference at the end? Anyone? Okay.

Mitchell Powers : Citizen Kane.

Faisal Abdullah : THIS IS MASTERPIECE!

Connor McClory : Me: I wonder what comes up when I search Shia Lebouf on YouTube.

Dinoclaire101 : Friends: Oh what type of music do you listen to? Me: plays this #Notanoriginalcomment

Fiona Rebecca : Best plot twist since the sixth sense

GuppyPal : I remember seeing this when it had 2 million views and being totally blown away. Couldn't understand why it didn't immediately blow up. This is a masterpiece.

Clorox Bleach : Don’t claim to like musical masterpieces if you don’t know this.

Top 10 Archive : Stab him in his kidneeeeeyyyyy!

Marryn Walker : 0:35 “My God, there’s blood everywhere!” When you are on your period!

the_real_johnny_boy : I started crying from laughter when Shia LaBeouf starts clapping at the end

irlrp : I rarely do standing ovations for youtube videos but i did for this one.

ükui 42 : If you ever receive this video from me........ Your either my next victim, or we're friends

Ready Up Live : I have watched this so many times.

boneycarl : eATiNg AlL tHE BodIEs

SunFox 792 : I have been deeply moved

LilyEvans27 : I've probably seen this about 40 times and yet I still have the urge to watch it again every few months.

Chef Excellence : How do you sing and dance this with wait a straight face

Cartoon Hangover : Everything about this is beautiful. Everything was Shia and nothing hurt. 

TwentyØne Crybabys at the Disco : I was singing this in school with my friend and I accidentally said “But you can do Jiu Jitsu, *SuperSlam BodyStar Shia Leboeuf* .... Wait XD THIS IS A SHIA SURPRISE XD”

Emma Hoffman : At the beginning is mentions the choirs. “The gay men’s choir”

_chimin_95 : *just a normal Tuesday night ma dudes*

tardi66 /tardi88 : *Fastly claps* 10 out of 10 quality content!

Magali Lopez : Me: Trying to open the fridge in the middle of the night without waking anyone up. Kid: "Quiet quiet".

abradolf linkler : This... This is where that meme started. My boy has made a meme so proud

arkspeli : all memes aside, this song is actually really beautifully composed

Zac the Kitten Lord : Shia surprise is just the best part even at "but you can do jiu jitsu" part and just best song ever i just listen to this when i'm bored or when i'm doing something.

DiamondHero8 : How do the people do this with a straight face

- : I'm... blown away.

guy 83728 83728 : This is even better if you know about HWNDU, when Shia ends up living in a log cabin in the woods

Shirai : this is a timeless masterpiece

Hunter Glaim : Shia LaBeoff is at my door... he has pasta sause on his face. I'll just let him in.

Mattia Lombardi : Three years and a half and this is still a masterpiece.