"Shia LaBeouf" Live - Rob Cantor

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Scott Manley : This is undeniably a work of genius.

Alex Sheehan : Is no one talking about the production value of a song made as a joke?

James : "legendary fight with Shia LaBeouf" "normal Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf" Killed me that did

peblezQ : I'm 100% sure this guy woke up from this nightmare in a cold sweat, and immediately wrote it down and turned it into this.

Meredith Bradford : wait he isn’t dead S H I A S U R P R I S E

Magali Lopez : Me: Trying to open the fridge in the middle of the night without waking anyone up. Kid: "Quiet quiet".

marina del rey : Honestly this is what i picture art schools doing with their free time

Noah Beeri : I love it when people put so much work, money and effort into producing jokes. The world needs more of this.

Nick Mitchell : I really like how they actually got Shia LaBeouf to be here.

Polly Crowder : I sent this to my friends They all doubted me But once they had seen it They were Shia surprised.

Grohlvana : "Normal Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf" is the best lyric I have ever heard across any song. Ever.

Kyle ColdRain : For you, the day you met Shia LaBeouf in the woods is the most frightened day of your life. But for Shia LaBeouf, it was just a normal Tuesday.

Trine Petersen : honeslty, this is what the internet was made for

Juuzou Suzuya : My favourite pass time is sending this to random contacts at 3AM

The Crispy Lad : *body slam superstar Shia LeBeouf*

Jon Gomm : This man has turned viral videos into an actual art form. He is sculpting the internet, we are his clay.


Im a unicorn : Shia just like "yes, this is art"

Literal Trash : I remember watching this back when it first came out as a 5th grader and I legitimately though shia labeouf was gonna murder and eat me

sophia martin : If they went on tour and just sang this I’d buy a ticket tbh.

WayTooManyLlamas : By far one of the most incredible things ive seen on YouTube

Boogan : The funniest thing about this song is that we could all see shia committing these atrocities. " MY GOD, THERES BLOOD EVERYWHERE. "

Andy B : I have no idea how I found this performance. I have no idea why I'm watching it, nor can I justify why I've now watched it about eight times in a row. It's probably... just... Where did this come from? Why was this made? Who thought this was a good idea?! It's majestic. It's a work of art. I love it.

FrapVoss : Let me tell you, last night at work I was having a shitty day. (Literally had to clean a whole room covered in shit) and I was in my last area (the hardest area too, shit or no shit) my headphones broke so I was listening to Google music from my phone speakers. The connection keeps dropping and further making the night frustrating. Then suddenly, this song comes on perfectly and at first I don't recognize it but as soon as the first whisper happens I loose it, my mood was totally lifted. 10/10. Thanks.

Madison Baker : Somehow, no matter what I came to YouTube to watch, I always end up here.

Pimpeaux : A timeless classic

the hood : I'm going to perform this at my school talent show.

Maria Soto : What a triumph of culture this was.

DragonSlayer6710 : This meme never dies

Galaxy potatoship : My teacher showed this in class as an example of situational irony

Anne Marie : "Shia surprise!"

BlueBerry -Sauce : Whenever i study for a test i listen to this song. It just helps me focus for some reason. Maybe it’s the fear that i will get eaten by Shia himself

why : *Normal Tuesday night for Shia lebouf*

TrapsAren'tGay42069 : I've ignored this video for almost a year now but I just had to watch it. I don't regret a thing

Sydney Cottrell : *normal Tuesday night for Shia lebouf*

EnderHannah : in my opinion, this is one of the best jokes I've seen. not because it's a meme or anything, but because it's being presented like a serious work of art. this took talent and effort to create and for that, it is the funniest state it probably can be in. half assed "🅱️oneless pizza" memes are nothing compared to this. (well, they're nothing to any decent joke but you get my point)

SciGraphy Top5 : They should be on America's Got Talent

are you feeling it now mr krabs : why is this more intense than most movies. i love it. such a shia surprise

zip IT! : why can i picture this so vividly

Schizo Phoenix : August 2018 anyone? I’ve been coming back for years...

velkoon : If someone asked me, "what's the greatest work of art on earth?" I would show them this.

FragileDragon4 : I don’t know why but keep watching this over and over again.

skeletor the mighty : You're walking in the woods, there's no one around and your phone is dead, out of the corner of your eye you spot him; Shia LeBeouf

F.G.A. Olvera : 2018 anyone?

loudlighting : I wish I could watch this for the first time again

Top 10 Archive : Stab him in his kidneeeeeyyyyy!

Christian Deepe : For anyone who plays Dungeons and Dragons, Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf has a stat block and it’s the most amazing thing

Trollim : Hi all, there is my translate to Russian: Ты идешь по лесу. Здесь никого вокруг и твой телефон разряжен. Краем глаза ты замечаешь его. Шайя Лабаф. Он идет за тобой, в 10 метрах позади. Он опускается на четвереньки и срывается на спринт. Он несется на тебя. Шайя Лабаф. Ты ищешь свою машину, но обернувшись Он почти возле тебя и ты можешь разглядеть... Кровь на его лице! МОЙ БОГ, ТАМ ВЕЗДЕ КРОВЬ! Убегай, ради своей жизни, от Шаи Лабафа. Он размахивает ножом, это Шайя Лабаф. Скрывается в тенях Суперзвезда Голливуда, Шайя Лабаф. Живет в лесах (Шайя Лабаф) Убивает ради развлечения (Шайя Лабаф) Съедает все тела Действующий каннибал Шайя Лабаф. Стемнело, и, похоже, ты потерял его. Но ты безнадежно потерял себя. Загнанный убийцей Ты тихонько крадешься через подлесок. Ага! Вдалеке светится небольшой домик - надежда! Ты незаметно двигаешься к нему, Но твоя нога! А! Она попала в медвежий капкан! Грызя свою ногу (Тише, тише) Хромая к домику (Тише, тише) Теперь ты у порога, Внутри сидит Шайя Лабаф. Точит топор, (Шайя Лабаф) Но он не слышал как ты вошел, (Шайя Лабаф) Ты подкрадываешься сзади Душишь суперзвезду Шайю Лабафа! Дерешься за свою жизнь с Шайей Лабафом Отбираешь нож у Шайи Лабафа, Бьешь его в почку Наконец-то спасен от Шайи Лабафа! Ты хромаешь в темный лес Кровь сочится из твоей раненой ноги Ты победил Шайю Лабафа. Стой! Он не мертв! Шайя - сюрприз! Ружье направлено тебе в голову и смерть в его глазах. Но ты знаешь Джиу-джитсу, Сбиваешь с ног суперзвезду Голливуда - Шайю Лабафа! Легендарная битва - с Шайей Лабафом, Обычный вечер вторника - для Шайи Лабафа. Ты пытаешься ударить топором Шайю Лабафа, Но кровь пошла быстрее из твоей раненой ноги. Он уклоняется от каждого удара, он парирует слева. Ты контратакуешь справа, ты достал его шею. Ты срубил его голову, Ты просто обезглавил Шайю Лабафа! Его голова упала на пол. Без эмоций, ты опустился на колени и перевел дыхание. Ты наконец-то спасен от Шайи Лабафа.

Simon Crawford : Did anyone else think at 0:18 he was going to start rapping? I sort of wish he did.

bilakos1987 : Why is this not an American Horror Story episode yet?