"Shia LaBeouf" Live - Rob Cantor

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WALTERRIFIC : His cameo makes this video.

God of Beans : This is the second best thing ive watched on YouTube while shitting Edit: I've finished watching this is the best thing I've watched on YouTube while shitting

Brian Ruel : Shia LaBoeuf has been such a rich source of memes over the past few years. We had Shia walking down the red carpet with a paper bag on his head, we had the “Just do it” video, we had his laughable fight with the cult of kek, and we had this. What glorious meme will this man give us next? Only time will tell

Jae Bedo : even now after 4 years, i'm still wondering where the fuck did this idea come from

Saikou210 Number1 : “Wait! He isn’t dead! Shia surprise!” And “Normal Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf” are my two favorite lines.

Scott Manley : This is undeniably a work of genius.

The Ritual Kings : All the dislikes, are probably from people who lost love ones to Shia LeBeouf.

Solar _ : This will never not be amazing

DomOwens : Who else is still cracking up over this in 2019?

Chaitanya Singh : (best part) wait, he isn't dead *SHIA SURPRISE*

Jon Gomm : This man has turned viral videos into an actual art form. He is sculpting the internet, we are his clay.

Jefferson Juno : “There is no perfect piece of ar-“

Umbra Obsquro : You walk through the woods, wandering aimlessly about. You finally see a familiar sight. An old beaten pickup. You open the door and sit down, wondering how you plan to drive with your stump leg, when you notice something. You look in the rear view mirror, and you can see his face. His eyebrows go up in shock, but no emotion reaches below his eyes. As you slowly reach for the door, without breaking eye contact, you notice something odd. His face is in front of the front headrest. You realize you haven't seen him blink. You then realize that that means nothing where Shia LaBeouf is concerned. You slowly turn your head towards the door, and so does he. You reach up your hand to touch your face, and so does he. You jump out of the car and look in the seats. He is no where to be seen. When you look in your side mirror, you realize the truth. You are Shia LaBeouf.

Pascalle Z : I all of a sudden remembered the existence of this out of nowhere from a few years back and damn i still know its lyrics

Lps Aquaverse : If you think about it, this might be the biggest inside joke, considering the multiple choirs, the band, the dancers, the choreographers, the designers and creators of the masks, the sound developers and directors, all had to be in on this big joke

Grohlvana : "Normal Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf" is the best lyric I have ever heard across any song. Ever.

Apeksim : There ought to be a horror movie with Shia Labeouf as a crazed ex-star terrorizing anyone who crossed into his woods.

Super Nerd : *Play This At My Funeral.*

oh boy it's me : My Sixth period art teacher showed the entire class this at the beginning of the semester and I swaer I treat him with SO much more respect than he deserves.

mark feygin : not enough love for my husky 8 year old self who says "quiet quiet"!!

Magali Lopez : Me: Trying to open the fridge in the middle of the night without waking anyone up. Kid: "Quiet quiet".

Queen Rosecat :3 : This The fact this was made by a dude from Tally Hall The fact this is a joke song that has an orchestral arrangement plus a bunch of singers and dancers The fact that the lines "Wait he isn't dead! Shia surprise!" and "Normal Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf" exist thanks to this thing This performance is what I live for

Thelonius 84 : To me the most amazing thing in all this is how everyone managed to hold their laughter.

Paige Tsubaki : This is an expensive meme....

alienorbiter : How did I miss this until late 2018 ???

WayTooManyLlamas : By far one of the most incredible things ive seen on YouTube


Georgia Brand : To imagine, that this had been in my feed for months, and that I had iGNORED IT.

West Los Angeles Children's Choir : This really goes down as one of the crazier assignments we have EVER had (so far!). THANKS AGAIN, ROB!! xox The West Los Angeles Children's Choir

Melaney Brown : I know this is a joke, but this was very well executed and I'm confused.

Anne Marie : "Shia surprise!"

I'M DYING : *tries to watch TV at 4:30 A.M. and it's set to 100 volume* Kid: Quiet quiet Edit: Thanks for likes, it's rare for me to get more then one like.

Ashtarte : I don't know what is better, the song itself or the hilarious choreography.

Leech based cure for the plauge : "Shia surprise" That is all.

Alyxandrea Jade : Why, why is it almost 2019 and I'm only just hearing this

Top 10 Archive : Stab him in his kidneeeeeyyyyy!

HIghestRailway : Why did i spend half an hour learning the words to this

The Chaotic Fox : This is the kind of shit that the internet was invented for

Catherine Dousa : If I die, you know who it was.

Dionis Leev : man the memes are getting out of hand with production quality 🧐

Nelson Sweatyballs : "Normal Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf"

Creme Puff : I like how they got a whole children's choir but they only have 1 kid actually say anything

LPS Shadow : Help I think I broke my replay button.

Frog : It's an actually good song tho.

CloudIdiot : I don’t know why but keep watching this over and over again.

mia l : 6th grade me was shook when this came out

Jordan Pallotta : I have to admit its pretty catchy

Hannah : When this song will make a worldwide tour?

Ikiri Cross : Rob Cantor went from Tally Hall to this. Not disappointed.

EnderHannah : in my opinion, this is one of the best jokes I've seen. not because it's a meme or anything, but because it's being presented like a serious work of art. this took talent and effort to create and for that, it is the funniest state it probably can be in. half assed "🅱️oneless pizza" memes are nothing compared to this. (well, they're nothing to any decent joke but you get my point)