Angelo's Mom Reviews Mother! (SPOILERS)

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Sharon Davidson : The movie received some terrible reviews, I guess your mom was right. This was a funny review. Love to your mom! ❤️ She looks fabulous. Thank you for being such a good son.

Daryn Scott-Harper : I thought the movie was genius but I can totally understand why a person would hate it lol...I'm probably never going to watch it again

xxbigkisses : your mother looks good

Joius : I fully agree with her!

Lefto26 : Boy, your mom knows how to cut a promo. Great rant.

Catseman : guess she's not a big fan of the bible

i 6tir : What mather watch for hor keeds! Man that was a hilarious review :'D

Allie D : Take her to see IT

Mohamed Adam : "The fans kill the baby!" LOL ur Mum is joke dude, I loved the movie but everyones entitled to their opinion.