Mike Shinoda - 2019.03.10 - One More Light (Live at the London Roundhouse)

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Hope the original recorders of some of the videos don't mind. I mashed up a lot of fan videos together to try and capture the beautiful moment that Mike Shinoda played One More Light in London. It was a truly moving moment. Video & audio sourced from: OhcantonaGigs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY3WEhQqjhw Qwerty95k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJiVBiGd6SQ Allie_H https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVEt2WuacPg owenstone100 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL_keiEQTA8 Mihael Cholakov https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ydf4sLXMsZ0 morlin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8g6jbkY2GM Joyce CheukHei https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xDqxDpHYHc & Myself

Comments from Youtube

Crimson KMG : I couldn't believe i got to hear this live myself, there wasn't a dry eye in sight

E. M. Walker : That smile from Mike when the dude screams Chester. That pushed me over the edge. Beautiful video.

BorderflyTV : That bro yelling "Chester" at 3:14 ❤️ perfect timing

Eve Lesse : Лучшая песня , спасибо Майк за исполнение .... Честер, как тебя не хватает :(

AstroKai : We love you all guys. From Russia ❤️Who cares? Well we do!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tess1061 : There were a few brief moments where you can physically see Mike struggle to maintain composure -- but the crowd, the LP Family, so visibly lifted his spirits and gave him the strength to muster through this song. So many complicated emotions during this song, for all of us. But we are ever-powerful when we lean upon one another and support each other. Together we are powerful and unstoppable. Together we can overcome any and all things.

Kris 8813 : Rest In Peace Chester your light will never go out in our hearts ♥️

stecherino : it‘s just so cathartic seeing mike playing this song again

dalurin zinia : it's 2019 March, why am i still crying ?? :')

beam kd : bet chester's smiling out there somewhere...

Anilan Hirasen : This was s freakin therapeutic and beautiful! I felt Mike's love for Chester in this ♥ #MakeChesterProud

GameVerb : I was actually there and the crowd were louder than shinoda on mic...i got goosebumps

Maggy7187 : crying! 2 years I still can't take it...MIKE SHINODA YOU ARE GREAT

ROP : “Who cares if OML goes out, in a sky of a million starts, well I do!” We all do! For Chester, Chris, and all those who passed away! We will remember you!

ReddersJr : Thank you for making this and sharing. That show was amazing. Couldn’t stop crying when Mike started singing 😢 #makechesterproud

frank unodostres : oh no he didn't o.O mad respect to mike for being able to pull this off

FreakinFuzz : Idk how he keeps it together playing this. I tear up just heating the song start.

MARKO : I'm not crying. You're crying!

DjDarkD : Thank you for saying his name, still such a humble guy. One Love Mike!

matthew safarz : The bridge to this song always brings tears to my eyes 😢

Farhah Umairah : It's beautiful. ❤ You always #MakeChesterProud, Mike. Thank you for sharing this!

supanut chumpol : I'm crying, miss Chester so much. I'm glad that you sing this song again and I trust you that LP will be rised again. You are a Legend. Mike.

Tee Pee : Fantastic video and edit. Thank you.

TEIKURU 実況ch : チェスターが居ないのってこんなにも寂しい事なんだね… でもいなくなってしまってもLINKIN PARKは最高なのに変わりはない

Soleil Tounsi : I smile every time I watch this. So beautiful. Thank you Mike so much! 👏

Brenda Sherrington : I was there and couldn't believe I was actually listening to it, tears big time.

valenzhorn : One More Light was a song written by Mike for a friend who died. When Chester sang the song after Chris died, it gave the song a whole lot more meaning for him. Now that Mike is singing this song after Chester died, it gave him a whole new set of emotions to fuel the song and made the lyrics more meaningful for him since he wasn't only singing the song for the friend he dedicated the song for but also for another friend he lost. I noticed at the end he refrained from mentioning Chester's name and instead said "his name." But Mike, you are so strong for singing this and we got your back always. Thank you so much. #MakeChesterProud

Владислав Богатырев : Да очень жаль, нет голоса Честера в этой песни

NayNay : This video was truly beautifully done. Thank you for making it and sharing it with us. And thank you for waiting to cut off the end. I'm happy we (those who weren't there) got to hear Mikes comments after the song. It was SO moving!

Ricky Miranda : Man mike I don’t know how you hold it together man keep it up !

The Lion : Amazing. Simply.. Amazing..

ThE-UnKO-LeMa : I could hear tones of Chester’s voice in the chorus. Pre recording backing or is it just Chester’s spirit living in through the crowd ?

Marcus Fenix : Anyone here 2019: #MakeChesterProud 😢💐

Luiza Gazetto : I love Linkin Park. Brazil here. Chester is etern.❤❤❤

Bakkar Wibowo : R.I.P. Chester Bennington, Legends Never Die!!!

Marisool Elizalde : Nos tenemos que levantar poco a poco Duele como la chingada pero tenemos que salir adelante por mike

Елена Фудина : Всегда плачу под эту песню. Не хочется верить,что нет Честера. Спустя столько времени...

nikhil lokhande : Thank you guys for posting this up.... I wish LP for once travel to india.... Chester we love you...❤

Ulrike 1978 : Omg iam crying 💔😢! Thanks for sharing this with us. What a beautiful Version. 😍❤

Shane Morgan : Just a lil rough patch 💚💔👀

Dustin Hammond : The guitarist who played made me actually pause it because he appears to be Chester playing along and smiling as Mike and the amazing crowd sing a beautiful song which will always be Chester’s farewell to us all... We miss you brother but you will always be with us in our hearts and we all know you are looking down on us!! #makingchesterproud #fuckdepression320

Urska Pahor : I started to cry the first second of this video...

Sharon Rehfeld : This was a beautiful edit job. Thank you for sharing it with the LP family

Denver Miner : The crowds reaction to that intro ❤️

Евгения Е : Okay fuckin miss u Chester. Thank u Make, ur voice is amazing love u xxx

Sandtrooper : I'm not crying! You're crying! "Thank you for saying his name." <3

Carly Fox : I have goosebumps. I miss Chester far too much. But Mike is killing this song ❤

Andre Marc : Passa um filme na mente, pqp! Como ele nos deixou!?

Jaeyoon Sul : Mike is real man. I respect him!