A Place to Stand (1967)
A Place to Stand 1967

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This video, produced by Christopher Chapman for the Ontario Department of Economics and Development, premiered at the Ontario Pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal. Featuring the iconic soundtrack composed by Dolores Claman, the film’s innovative editing technique earned it the 1968 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Subject. It includes shots of natural resource development, manufacturing, landscapes, and recreation activities in various locations across Ontario. Cette vidéo, produite par Christopher Chapman pour le ministère de l’Économie et du Développement de l’Ontario, a été présentée pour la première fois au pavillon de l’Ontario dans le cadre de l’Expo 67 de Montréal. Le film, qui comprend la musique devenue emblématique et composée par Dolores Claman, a remporté l’Oscar du meilleur court métrage de fiction en 1968 grâce aux techniques novatrices utilisées pour le montage. Il présente des prises de vue montrant le développement de ressources naturelles, les industries, les paysages et les activités récréatives de divers endroits en Ontario. RG 9-136-1-4-1 ontario.ca/archives This archival video does not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of Ontario today. Cette vidéo d'archives ne représente pas nécessairement l'opinion du gouvernement de l'Ontario d'aujourd'hui.


trainluvr : This had to be one of the greatest attractions of Expo '67. People surely waited for hours on busier days to experience this in its full, large screen, surround sound glory.

neilmory : I love the quality of this! I don't know why but this film and jingle makes me emotional and I'm not even originally from Ontario and was born 10 years after this.

Easy Sounds : Thank you very much for sharing this! I ended up here because I was googling about the so-called "multi-dynamic image technique" which was invented by Christopher Chapman and first used in this film of his.

MisterBassBoost : I look forward to more videos.Keep it up!

stevie d : I've been waiting to see this again. This is the Ontario , Canada I grew up with. Great memories. Heritage film. Golden! Thanks

Joe Sween : So happy that a good quality copy of the film has finally been put online! This film and its rousing music are as fascinating today as ever. The multi-dynamic image technique premiered here (as concieved by Christopher Chappman) had a great influence on so many productions in the following years, yet this groundbreaking work has remained obscure. Thank you for makng this available!

Gum Chewing Pegasisters : I'll be 15 in two weeks so may I still say that *IM 14 AND THIS IS DEEP*

Jane Cartwright : Who else noticed that everyone in Ontario was white back then ?!!!

Justin Fencsak : What movies were shown with this short

brettfavreify : The tree-hugging Liberal Party of Ontario today would definitely not approve of this.

Dansden : I find this the most moving rendition of this song. I had first seen the film when it was shown at our school back when I was in grade 2.

Guy Service : WTH happened in 50 years... in debt/ corruptions/ crowdedness/ welfare/ 3 rd world status