A Place to Stand (1967)

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Guy Service : WTH happened in 50 years... in debt/ corruptions/ crowdedness/ welfare/ 3 rd world status

trainluvr : This had to be one of the greatest attractions of Expo '67. People surely waited for hours on busier days to experience this in its full, large screen, surround sound glory.

primovid : My father worked on this film at Film Effects of Hollywood

MisterBassBoost : I look forward to more videos.Keep it up!

Easy Sounds : Thank you very much for sharing this! I ended up here because I was googling about the so-called "multi-dynamic image technique" which was invented by Christopher Chapman and first used in this film of his.

Justin Fencsak : What movies were shown with this short

Jonathan White : While this is wonderful that there's a better online transfer of Christopher Chapman's Academy Award winner short film compared to the abysmal scratched 16mm cum VHS cum digital transfers available so far, this transfer is far from perfect. It's full of severe scratches and the sound is often overmodulated. Chapman's groundbreaking multimedia film ... which had a lot to do with the creation of IMAX deserves better. Please give us a pristine transfer from the original 65MM negative.