SPECIAL REPORT | All 12 boys and coach successfully rescued from Thailand cave

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Nathan Ventura : With so much awful news these days, it's a nice refreshing change of pace to see the international community come together for something like this.

PowerOf One : FANTASTIC JOB. RIP the rescuer who died. Respect all. Now make it so this should never happen again.

Zcypot : A lot of brave men, this was such a sad story, glad they made it out. I hope the diver that lost his life gets a lot more attention.

Cute Cat : Kuka tuli Roni Backin videos?

Weeeeeeeeeeee : Yes let us all thank God and not the people who got them out. Oh do not forget to thank God for taking the life of the Thai navy seal, but hey, God works in mysterious ways right? Well done to all the people who managed to get then out and we must not forget the one who lost his life. Rest in Peace :(

Charles Yin : Great to hear that this story has a happy ending. Separately, to nitpick, @ 1:27 in the video, the expression should be "hard to OVERstate," not "hard to understate"

Drew West Press : Whoever downvoted this is sick and evil.

Hank Kellerman : They need to close this off before it happens again.

brdlju3 : Such a Wonderful outcome. Thanks to all the people and parents for their faith and hard work! Prayers are answered.

PapaBear : Imagine if governments spent this amount of resources on the people that didn't get themselves stuck in stupid situations

Nick Langley : the kids have been in darkness for 10 days awnd the divers shine torches in their eyes lol feelsbadman

Thomas Piccoli : Thank GOD for this 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

weird science : Cave cave cave cave cave cave cave cave

Brian Ngoma : Shh, yah hear that? That's the whole world breathing a collective sigh of relief. Glad to see that they're all okay.

fridaynightgamefilm : "It is a tremendous moment, here in Thailand... hard to understate"... you meant "hard to overstate"

THE OPINION PLACE : Coach got some splanin to do

invalidusername : Inspiring stuff

TheBrookian : I blame Trump! He used the US weather machine to flood the cave because he's a RACIST!! (/end sarcasm)

THOMASPUMP : la france est en finale

AMFxCful : matt would get it tbh

headamuse : Looks like someone forgot to turn off the overexposure zebra feature

Master Z : I needed this

Fixing Tiny Tedious Things! : How can someone dislike this news! Heartless people

Rob Simpson : Death to Trump!

Shmenge : How come it's not raining ?

Joey Man : Why isn't Michigan on that map

loutiscrive : 12-1

BRofessor87 : How did this happen in the first place?

sgonged : Where were all the women in harms way rescuing?

Epic Beard : i farted

hattie nuff : PRAISE THE LORD ! GOD BLESS all the brave rescuers who got them out safely, clearly one of GOD'S MIRACLES without our LORD they might never have been found. RIP to the brave Navy SEAL who lost his life in the rescue operation, deepest sympathies to his family.

John Davila : God is evil and all the the nuts who believe in religion ,WE ARE FOOD FOR THE WORMS,Do the right thing and stop believing in fairy tales and prayers.What logic dicktates thats its ok to save babies and have them get killed when they grow up and go to war?