EXTREMELY RARE!!! Fearless Male Lion attacks Buffalo Herd, ALONE!!!

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Captured by Anton van Loggerenberg Manyeleti Reserve, HoneyGuide's Mantobeni & Khoka Moya Camps SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE Send us in your incredible wildlife footage and earn!!


Boxingsfinest13 : 2nd Lion: Aye bro, do you need any help? 1st Lion: Naw, i got this. 2nd Lion: I was talking about eating it😂😂😂

Guilherme Ribeiro : bufalos are so dumb, if all of them worked together they would smashed the lion.

Mad Titan : That's how my last project went. I did all the work and the last moment my "partner" came in for half the credit.

OarsmanPower : The Buffalo is wagging its tail, soooo I’m pretty sure he’s having a good time.

thooke222 : Interesting how he guarded against the Buffaloes front leg so he couldn't trample him

Andrew C : At 1:00 you can see the buffalo trying to stomp the lion, and the lion using its rear leg to fend off the stomps. That is black belt Brazilian Jiujitsu right there. Royce Gracie would be be in awe.

Mista _Wo : 1st lion "oh I thought you said you weren't hungry" 2nd lion *looks around* "well I dont see nothing else out here to eat" 1st lion "THERE WAS JUST A HUGE HEARD OF...nevermind"

Clay Robert : Those buffalo tried to flex on him but he was having none of it..

Cam W : Future Alpha, hands down

Matoub Lounès معطوب لوناس : 7k tiger fanboys dislike the video

Doomsday : Pride of lions: nobody has the balls to go after that herd alone badass lion: hold my beer...

Antonio Padro : The 6.5k dislikes are the buffaloes that ran away instead of helping

xX 503 ESA 503 Xx : That lion is a gangster idc what anyone says😐

Timothy Thaiday : Everything is brilliant about this video (condolences to the buffalo family) 😖

rhyjie ponhalban : looks at the camera man Lion: you're next b*tch! Just keep rolling

Wanderlust89 : I wonder if they took enough photos

maxwellfan55 : Immense strength of the male lion, image a human coming anywhere as strong as that?

Zak K : 2nd lion: What the hell, that joint we smoked was crazy bro. 1st lion: I know bru, here... have some chicken.

MaskMediaEmpire™ : That my friend is why he is considered the KING OF THE JUNGLE!

James Mackey : 2nd lion , let me know when it's time to eat.

bigcrabrob : He's showing off for the camera's :)

Nate : Ran up in there solo... Respect 🦁❤

Brandon Mbih : Looks like aged buffalo's. Some young ones would have shredded the lions and kept his remains for his partner.

Rius Smith : The Marathon Continues R.I.P NIP🏁

YouTube5000 : Second lion is like “you passed the test now lets eat”

abdi1983 : The amount of times I heard people say a single lion can't take down a buffalo 🙄

JASQNT xXx : It’s like watching the last McGregor fight!

pat phanhsackdy : That was awesome! And the other lion coming out of no where just strolling while his coalition partner did all the work was funny to me lol. 💪🦁

MadeAUsername : Buffalo "Some assistance here guys?.......Someone?.....Anyone?..... FML..... :(" Just a joke guys, I know, it's nature.

DDAA : You know you’re a badass when you can make like 30 bigger animals, run away in fear just from seeing you

No Bozos : That was impressive. Watching this apex predator at the height of his power is powerful. Now you know why a male lion gets to eat first, even when he doesn't make the kill. He earned his place.

Ishh Q : I LOVE BEING A ♌️!! I LOVE LIONS!💯✊🏾🦁

Lass Slasher : 2:15 look at the buffalo eyes damn getting choked to death

Vankruze : You can see it was even countering the buffalo hoof with it's leg. Only a true veteran lion will know to do that, many lions lose their kill by not doing it. To sprint into an entire herd of wild buffalo and land a perfect bite on an adult and wrestle it down solo is rare indeed. The true definition of a "Lion King".

Marchin LootinKoon : cow: "fuuuuck, wish I was raised on a farm right now!"

JMG90 : The Lion said we eating good today:) lol

Tiger Strike : That’s the Heart of a Lion. Fearless and courageous.

cyber link : Wow it's really amazing wonderfully filmed by the cameraman you guys are also amazing Thanks for uploading

3KBS Channel : 2:32 Hey let me help you eat that after I totally didn’t help you hunt it

newest bear : What a force. Crazy how he did that on his own. Alpha doubt.

big slim : The way that lion protected itself from having his guts stomped out was amazing.

Nick Coudounellis : This lion is the true king of beasts. Can't say much about his brother though

Julian Adams : The other lions bitched all day about being hungry and he finally got tired of listening to it and said “FINE”

Peter Griffin : The most badass lion I've ever seen.

Armando Bermudez : Me taking a nap after a hard days work and my whole family trying to wake me up🤬until i bone rush somebody

prakaash misaal : 1st lion to 2nd lion, dude you are late, so now you wait.

Riley Bell : 2 in the morning. Hello YouTube

dondi ibnob : 0:43 you want some of this?? 0:44 uh oh!! Run!!!!

Razer_ Ruben : That lion was giving that buffalo a major hickey