Drukverdeler & DJ Bim - Into The Vortex (Serenity Flux Remix)
DRUK amp DJ BIM Serenity Flux psytrance 2017

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YSE - DEP 066 Drukverdeler - DJ Bim - Serenity Flux - Ellinio Burning Spear EP Beatport: http://bit.ly/2gMFzIF Beatport's free streaming service: https://www.beatport.com/yellowsunshineexplosionofficial Trance music news: http://www.trancemusicnews.com/ Website, Facebook, Twitter: http://www.yellowsunshineexplosion.com/ https://www.facebook.com/yellowsunshineexplosion/ https://twitter.com/yserecords YSE is proud to release a very special EP this time. Burning Spear is a collaboration between 4 artists from 4 different European countries: Drukverdeler (Netherlands) - DJ Bim (Germany) - Serenity Flux (France) and Ellinio (Greece), for sure they form a real European union. Together they created this EP with 3 tracks in different styles, influenced by each country's different taste. Burning Spear is a journey into the deepest soul of these artists and as varied as their personality. Together they keep a strong line between light psychedelic and warm trance music - how it has to be. We are pretty sure that these tracks will hit a sunny open air floor like a burning spear. Massive - warm - and filled with light. 1. Drukverdeler & DJ Bim - Into The Vortex (Serenity Flux Remix) 2. Serenity Flux - Senses Expended (Drukverdeler & DJ Bim Remix) 3. Ellinio & DJ Bim - Burning Spear


Marco Schröder : 👊😝Ƭɦคหƙƨ❣️բơչ🐝էԋìƨ🍄ԾʊէʂԵαɳδἶɲʛ🤖მՈɗ😎ƁɾĭℓℓἶăռԵ👌🏽💎💃🏻ƥ𝓼ƴ🌈էɾ∂Ոςϱ✨🗣🚬💣🙉🔥ჩó૦ᵒ૦ò๓ც💥💨🕊

Marco Schröder : 💪🐝ìԵ🙌🏻ƨ♫∂💃🏻💦բใơóɾ🕉✨🔫♫Ƙἶℓℓɘɾ💣🔥ც𝑜☞૦ᵒᵒ💫👈😳👉🔊💥💨🕊૦ᵒᵒ૦☜ò๓ც🙋🏻Ɠɾĕễէȥ👊&😜Ɠ☯Թԋεคδ💁🏻