Feeding Humphead Parrotfish | Blue Planet | BBC Earth

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Converse 87 : So we go to the beach and sit in 💩 lol ok

Mr Dank™ : Sand is actually fish poop good to know

Munde Rex : *When you click the create random character button*

Some Booty : where can i go to donate some toothbrush and toothpaste for them?

Ramonerdna : Does anyone else think they look like Nigel Thornberry? SMASHING

Hello Lol : It looks like it tried to put lipstick on in the middle of a earthquake.

Becky s : Sand is made of poop and soil is made of bird poop and waking up to the reality that most things you know and love are made of poop...☺🙂😐😑😒

Barry Copithorne : "Just keep swimming, just keep swimmi.." "AHHHHHHHH!! Poop in my eyes!!!!" :|

YouTube5000 : If you were to put sunglasses on this fish it will look like a geek 🤓

Cactus Nr.1 : Thank you ugly sand pooping fish?

zimmerman84 : for a moment I thought this was about my ex girlfriend 😐

A BC : all these time we've been walking on fish poop .. well done mother nature

RunningWild : ‘The Book Of Parrotfish’ Verse 1 Fishy 2 4 “Long long ago, the earth was once a big blue sphere of vast oceans, inhabited by coral reefs and parrot fish. These majestic fish fed on the rocks and corals of the reefs and the parrot fish would then disperse of the waste product which was a fine sand. Over time this sand would build up and create islands. Once the lands were created then the mighty populations of parrot fish used their majestic mouths and mystic powers to create plants, bugs, birds, reptiles, you and me.”

CallardAndBowser : I wondered where all the worlds' sand came from. LOL I'm never laying out on the beach again!

Harbluia : Those are the derpiest looking fish I've ever seen.

jorge santiago : poop islands?

rosewater : I learned on a snorkeling trip in st. croix that parrotfish poop really soft sand and they produce 200 pounds (I think, can’t remember if it was 200 or not) of sand a year. I thanked every parrotfish I saw on that day. OvO

Wy123 : Looks like Japanese

CactiCostumes : oh great every time i go to the beach i play and sometimes get a grain of poop in my mouth is that right?

kadaga : why does this fish look like me

no1bandfan : “You scoundrel. Is that brandy?” “Oh No sir, just water.” “Oh water? Never touch the stuff. Fish ****** in it.”

Skinny legend : And now kids here we have the Nigel Thornberry fish that can poop sand

riverajasmina41 : can we eat that fish

3Amer Mohamed : سبحان الله

Simon : Smashing!

LemonQueen : Lil pump is on the discovery channel

Ryuha Zancii : I misread the title and saw "Feeding Humped ParrotFish"


Tatsusama : - sigh - From now on I'll be making fish-poop castles...

Sharmake Omar : They look like they from England.

_iiixizel Vlogs : My life is a lie

Yung Bleach : They really going to poop all over each other's faces huh?!

UncleFriis : Well, now we know what the dork fish looks like.

Marc Herman : Tropical beach: alternative fact. Poop beach: hard fact.

Arslan Bhai : *What A nature*

ÀlmÒmNì aBoOd : #سُبحانكـ #ما #أبدع #خلقكـ

Aries G. Raymundo : Nailed it!! I knew some fish causes some rocks to become sand!!

R. D. : This fish looks like it evolved from a baboon's ass

mrbrianroche : kinda looks like Nigel Thornberry lol

Paolo : * crunch * * crunch *

Freshe Derek : Dory.?

Julia cardassian : look like they making a funny face

Hebisan : Before the video: *wind blows* "Aaah, the sand is hurting me." After the video: *wind blows* "Aaah, Poop is hitting me."

nakoma hontas : God has a great sence of humor

michelle le : Their teeth should be brushed.

Slime Queen808 : human: do you want food? humpback fish: yeth

Hutcheson Thervil : Even the black fishes got grills.

Toasted Fan Art : Times must have been tough when these things evolved 😥

Finley Castello : I did not give consent to be filmed in this video!

dicecop : SMASHING!!!