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Veridian : When's Yellow Dino being introduced to the Avengers?

Gamma Hamma : Got here from Jacksepticeye

Flame of Udûn : Ethan sends his regards, Papa Bless Also, this mascot looks like Woodstock from Peanuts crossed with Fat Yellow Bastard from Sin City

Ghost : Dear Netflix, please turn this into an original series. Thank you.

Anderson Helms : Tricky people might, for instance, dress up in a funny costume and pretend to be your friend.

Shiba Inu : Jacksepticeye sent me here

Mike Oprisi : "YOU"RE JUST JEALOUS CAUSE THE KIDS LIKE ME!!!" Best... Line... Ever...

Devon Palmer : 1:03 leave Jiren to me

Rob B : Why does he want the pictures?

Black Rick : This turns into an episode of law and order or some shit like that 57 seconds in

Zarcon : 1:05 I can’t take this serious with a big yellow dinosaur going all Lethal Weapon

sonic fan gaming : Im here because of jacksepticeye.

goltoof : Cockblockasaurus

Digeridude : Y O U ' R E F I N I S H E D ! ! !

Neporian : I ain't a pedophile, I'm a tricky person.

max no : they actually showed this at a school?

LandoT : Hoooolllyyy shet. This went 0-100 real quick

Adam Gagan : "THE PICTURES" ohhhhh god I can't stop laughing

Sentient Android : when cool cat and yello dino gonna collab

Weird Al : That evidence wouldn't be admissable in court

Kawaii HoneyLemon : Jacksepticeye anyone?

Fish : Kinda looks like Chris Hansen. The pedo, I mean.

Dustin : Wait, safes and combinations and... this is way too nuanced and nonsensical to ask a child to derive something from this. All I'd leave thinking is white men are creepy and some of them have rare yellow dinosaurs that randomly show up in their presence. Which would kinda make me think I should probably hang around white men in sweaters if I ever want to meet a yellow dinosau OHHHH I get it now. That was the point!

B WB : Yellow Dino's got his work cut out for him in Hollywood.

Mad God Morgoth : I never knew how much I needed this in my life, almost every time I watch this my laughing gets progressively violent and my eye are filled with tears

glitterandash154 : Isn't that woodstock with extra feathers?

Tek Rekts : He looks just like Benedict Cumberbatch

Flamestarm19 : "I'M TALKING TO YOU LIZARD!!!!" When are we going to talk about the freehand use of the slur "lizard" in this movie! How dare you use such terms as if you grew up on the Galapagos island! It's a damn travesty the classism reflected here as Charming sits and the "lizard" is forced to walk away!!! I won't stand for it, oh no I wont!!! It's 2018 for Christ sakes!!!

Benjamin Finch : I remember watching this in school as a kid and finding it so confusing and scary.

Bruce Cran : What the hell was that!?!

The Mr. Friday Show : That went from 0 to 100 real quick

LaserDroid : Cheapass Pedo makes kids pays for their own candy in his office. Book'em Dino! 1:06

Michael Romero : This is a favorite

Jorden Steffler : Better than Cool Cat

Cosmic Sheep : T R I C K Y P E O P L E

Logical Reason : Carmen's hot. Anybody got them pictures?

hiphopaddict007 : Is the Pedo’s fly unzipped at the end? 😆

G_Boy : Top 10 Greatest Characters Developement in Anime

NintendoGurkan : *You* think you're *so smart*

JWitt30 : Everyone should see this masterpiece

mudjmc : Man, I want to see more of these. If I was in your class, I'd just be laughing historically.

Geoffrey Evamy Hill : calling red letter media!

Jari M : I want to see Yellow Dino on To Catch a Predator

Matthew Ireson : Hi reddit

Meme Boi : You can't fool him

Jesus t : Dino S W O L E

It's ya boi YT : I think that this should be a superhero story and should be a Netflix original show and should also have its own comic and toy line anybody else

-Jumping - Jack- : “Carmen, take lirec home.” - Yello Dyno.

doge 101 : its like when bruce wayne is in a press confrence and then turns into batman afterword

Jay Hayes : What's he going to do with those photos?? the cops wouldn't take that as evidence, he probably beatin the meat tbh