'BAD REMAKE' - Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer (Shot-for-Shot)

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Joe Smith : Trott is the most camp cowboy ever.

C : hatfilms always askin us to join for money but they got the budget for like 40 horses smh

Sebastian Dynamitea : love to see even after 9 to 10 years they still got it. going back to their roots in with trailers and highly edited comedic videos. *This is old school Hat Films*

Emerald Breeze : The shot of all the Trotts at 1:29 is my new wallpaper

Karma Wolf : Holy shit this better go viral

ggscv : Why is every single crowd character Trott 😂😂😂

WitcherGeorge : 1:25 aha

Bob Marley : I cant believe that reposting a trailer for RDR2 is considered content by you guys

John Doe : Love that shot when 20 trotts all look at the camera simultaneously

kuro : 1:28 is this what heaven looks like so meny trotts 😍

Varin : Man, a lot of the people back then looked like Chris Trott!

yDiafol : I mean I’m sold.

Selem Bradly : "Elegant, 10/10" -IGN

zel1123 xxx : the horse riding... got me everytime XD

tylersashrimp101 : Did i hear someone say bad remake series?

Vildhund : Hopefully this sucker helps revive Hat Films! Excellent spoof!

Shanemain1991 : Pause at 1:31 Turn speed down to lowest setting. .... Enjoy.

Mandrid Hugh : At the end it just turns out to be a gorilla reading a book.


casualgamerguy : I'm not even going to watch the original one, It couldn't be better than this one anyways!

Ranranroo : 10/10 best thing i've ever seen

Ewan Adams : Just called the chief he said this is it

Sock Badger : So Hat Films have been breeding Chris Trott's! Have they no care for what effect it could have on the ecosystem of Bristol to breed this many?

Colin Helpio : This is... This is actually really good

LeadAndPaper : The room full of Trottimie is my perfect fantasy

FPSLeader : I’m surprised with how good quality the editing is. And with the donkeys 💋

Ethan : I love the shots where there’s 20 different versions of 3 people

Parris : Was this taken down? Nvm it's back :)

Architect11 : This makes me want the game more than the original trailer did.

Keaton Habeck : plz do this for more trailers!

Lenky Lad : Oops, forgot the sound in one clip!

rml : advanced music.ly

FishLip : I love how 1:45 is only Trott in 7 different outfits

haseaopk : I did not know I wanted this but I am glad I got it

sipster 1265 : SO THIS IS WHY NUGGET APPEARED ON STREAM all makes sense now

George Bowyer : Reup? Guess I just gotta watch it again

Chinced Homie : This is why i come to youtube

Legendary Olly : A little bit more effort with keying and actually being in the shot and it would have been epic :D

RAPIDRYAN2003 : This is too good , even more hyped for Friday now

vito mc : back today for my daily rewatch

That one British guy : Nothin means more to me than this gang

LewieBot : 1:47 for turd express

Tigerhates Tobi : Alright guys, now this is awesome.

Darnell Estephane : You've done it again boys! quality video

iPhoneeditor : Most detailed game I've ever seen!

Isak Isak : *It’s...beautiful* 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Kayla : what

Sheeep_ish : The sound and lip syncing is actually really good!

YellowDumpling : Blown away with what that can-do attitude can make, boiks!

mdp MIKE : How did you pay for all those live horses