Cali Swag District - Teach Me How To Dougie (Official Video).mp4

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chance the fapper : still better then the quan, whip and naenae tho

The Black Nostalgia Nerd : its crazy watching this knowing two members of this group is dead now RIP M-bone and JayAre

Colton Reid : who else watching in 2047

Dachief : Just found out this guy died last year. RIP

LIL DEmOn : Who is watching 2020 were kanye is president and 80% of the US is gone cause of it

Iron Mike : White folks just know learning how to Dougie.

Lord Clarke : Always been amazed how these dudes turned a old 90's dance into a "new age" hit

mexbrown : Sounds like beats from the jungles in congo.

sajan chowdhury : No one from 2016? LOOKS LIKE I'M THE FIRST.

Keno Carl Reyes : Never gets old

Ezekiel Elliot #21hunnit #ZekeTheFreak : RIP M-bone

ooohgumdrops : This still slaps....

Deshaun Watson : Year 2017: still don’t know how to dougie either

REBEL MONK : rip , its sad that a rapper dies and everyone assumes its murder, these dudes clearly made some great party music and that what the real dudes back in the 80s were all about, i hope wolf blitzer shouts out an rip, he knew the dougie ;

*GÊLAWDÊOWŠ* : dayyyum brha , 5 years?? WoW....I miss my high school years ..., R.I.P Jayare and M-Bone .....

goodmood3 : They rap like Too short.

GTA SA Greek Community : Greetings from Greece!!

Nick Townsend :  bruh texas been started this way before cali did

Miracle Child : still a banger even tho it came out in 1912

slyonme : R.i.p JayAre

Maya Sakamaki : this song was the jam back then I was killing this dance

D2X : What sucks is that nobody can dougie like M-Bone. #RIP to him and JayAre, for real.

Oceano : The hype when they played this at Grad-Nite 2015

HAARD Done : I usually don't say this but....This song is going to be a classic you know why because everybody dance to this song at parties, weddings etc because its a dance song, it never gets old R.I.P to the ones that passed away it's like they're curse or something tho.

70awseds : RIP JayAre

Hot_coco _80 : this song is so gud

YoungGeezer_ : I still dougie when I party till this day; never gets old

J TW : R.I.P M Bone , JayAre & Simone

Izella Jones : Rip jayare. I will be attending the funeral

Mikey30856 : Which One Was Killed?

Kristie Jefferson : RIP JAy Are & MBOnE

Deinish ™ : I thought at first its souljaboy

LAD Fan : 1:04 right bottom corner. lol

Pretty GirlXRated : R. I. P. JayAre 😇😩

jodie williams : I like it

Jaylivingla vidaloca : R.I.P Thanks for teaching me how to doggieee!! 🔊🔊🔊🤗🤗🤗

Szilloh : Co-optional...

Kala Lee : Rip jayare and mbone

George Back : The wedding ringer :)

Jay Renee : Two of them are dead.. it's crazy smh

Raymond D'Alessio : If this song wasn't made, Kate Upton wouldn't be famous. So stop hating.

Veinxs : 1:12 why that look like the female version of absoul

Sᴇᴀᴍᴜs É. Kɪʀᴋʟᴀɴᴅ : +Mathias Køhler Teach me how to dougie, broh =w=

Maikai collier : Cried watching this video.. I couldn't watch it when I first found out bout M-Bone and JayRae I love them so much..R.I.P babies💞😷

Rovax : 2018 and still not old

Joshua Codd : ★☆R.I.P. M-BONE★☆《★R.I.P. JAYARE★》 2016

idk fgt whaddup : I swear, that kid at 2:15 is probably like 13 xD

Marissa Torres : Throwbaaaaack !!!!

Oscar Romero : I'm watching in 2016..

Jacobie Johnson : Jacboie 🏋🚵⛹cooll