Potter Meets His Maker
This guy reorders clips to make them totally different to what they originally were and its hilarious

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Uncut exclusive footage of Harry Potter meeting his creator.


Spag : *Hapax legomenon*

Otter's Vintage All-Sorts : "HIT ME!" "THIS IS EXCITING!-" "This is creepy"

Ashbridge Industries : Daniel's Cocks: David's Mum The Basilisk Roman Emperor My Mum My Dad The Potter Fanbase Star Wars Star Trek Range Rover A Sort of... Stick

thisusernamehasbeentaken : Legend has it that if you comment HAPAX LEGOMENOM on a just James video you instantly get all the likes on your comment Edit: omg this is true

MOB Smokey : Don’t stop making videos

Amelia Bettina : "I still would" I'm actually crying

John H : Would have been funny if he said “hapax legomenon” as a spell!

James Carmichael : Daniel Radcliff looks high constantly in interviews.

J-P M : Daniel Radcliffe was a Daniel Radcliffe

slushpuppie19 : Really liked him before this interview but it's a shame to see how fame has changed him :(

Shtuff83 : Hapaxus Legomenus

Lily x : Hit me

thisusernamehasbeentaken : MANCHESTER

Josh Wyer : 40 years, 40 years behind bars

XJokermanX : How many have you got? 10 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Choking Mr krabbs : Oh god I'm dying. These videos are legendary. What are they supposed to be talking about originally with the gay thing?!

camron lee : I think I'm tiny cause I'm an owl *hehehehehehehehehe*

Mr Flibble : "Have a seat!" *HIT ME*

Kevin Lewis : _my cock’s quite famous_

HelpI'mObsessedWithTheBosnianWar : The last time I was this early, hapax legomenom was hapax legomenom.

General Grievous : 2:05 HAHAH ROFL LMAO!!! AND J.K'S FACE!!!

Naean Howlett-Foster : "For 90 years, Daniel has lived."

oli’scrapchannel 2 : Thanks for making my dad gay (or whatever it was) made me put my drink across the room

Plato : This is so brilliant. It far deserves more views.

Martin Lee Lomax : I love the long awkward pauses. Hit me 😂🤣🤣

RougePanda : This is my favourite video on the internet

Maisie Sullivan : Solid gold? Well my cocks quite famous

jamie o'brien : "Solid gold I hope"

Max Yates : 2:04 I’m wheezing 😂

PhelnoxGaming : “How much I have to thank you, for my dad being gay.”

violetinestan : When I hear any of the songs from Harry Potter I start to tear up. The nostalgia is just too much.

RougePanda : H I T M E

Pred 300 : This channel is so underrated, quality content right here 😂

Izzy Davy : Can anyone find the link to this actual interview please😂

Andrew Smart : I didn't realise this was an edit to begin with, took me off guard 😂

Towlie : Best one yet 😂😂

General Grievous : "for 90 yrs, Daniel has lived"

Luke Grey : Another class video! Love it

jackb2809 : *Long pause* .... Hit me


Jonathan Gibbons : You keep on delivering mate ;) 'I would' keep making em

Hello There : Hit Me

HollyStar26 : This is absolutely amazing

Tara Freeman : Luv u binge watching

Dylan E : Hapax legomenom

Mr. pooples : Let's get the likes to 666

MoistOvenGaming : James you have done it again

Stacey Staser : These are amazing! Please make more 😂

Ellie Lewin : Easily my favourite