Potter Meets His Maker

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Joshua Peterson : Legend has it that if you comment HAPAX LEGOMENOM on a just James video you instantly get all the likes on your comment

Yannick FC17 : 'Beautiful girl' 'Absolutely, I still would!'

James Carmichael : Daniel Radcliff looks high constantly in interviews.

slushpuppie19 : Really liked him before this interview but it's a shame to see how fame has changed him :(

MOB Smokey : Don’t stop making videos

Spagbot : *Hapax legomenon*

joe moore : I sucked David’s mum and Range Rover at drama school, I only wanked off Roman Emperor tho, good times

Joshua Peterson : MANCHESTER

Lillian :] : Hit me

Obnoxious Otter : "HIT ME!" "THIS IS EXCITING!-" "This is creepy"

JP : Daniel Radcliffe was a Daniel Radcliffe

Shtuff83 : Hapaxus Legomenus

James Barrett : Brilliant 😂

Choking Mr krabbs : Oh god I'm dying. These videos are legendary. What are they supposed to be talking about originally with the gay thing?!

John H : Would have been funny if he said “hapax legomenon” as a spell!

Hello There : Hit Me

Mr Flibble : "Have a seat!" *HIT ME*

Drew Wilson : Sooooo funny 😂😂😂

Luke Grey : Another class video! Love it

Joel Macis : Yes James!

aasmund_ks : Oh my word, this format is incredible

camron lee : I think I'm tiny cause I'm an owl *hehehehehehehehehe*

Josh Wyer : 40 years, 40 years behind bars

kadensoi : When I hear any of the songs from Harry Potter I start to tear up. The nostalgia is just too much.

StarTuber : 2:05 HAHAH ROFL LMAO!!! AND J.K'S FACE!!!

XJokermanX : Avacado

Edd the alien : *H A P A X L E G O M E N O M*

Nik : 1:41 - 1:44 was so fucking hilarious

Tracer : "Range Rover"

Sir Klopp : *HIT ME*

RiisK : Lol

Drew Wilson : I love just James

J A C O B . W williams : Lmao zero dislikes... Well done

Aimee L : 0:29 I choked

- - : Hapax legomenom

Umer Raja : *_H I T M E_*

HollyStar26 : This is absolutely amazing

Irish Rebel : 299th like, someone do it.

Ellie Lewin : Easily my favourite

Will Parker : The interview 😂😂😂😂😂😂

MoistOvenGaming : James you have done it again

Oisín Condron : I'm a simple man - I see a Just James video, I press like

James Major : Keep these vidoes coming

jackb2809 : *Long pause* .... Hit me

jackb2809 : Nice

YalniF : He’s a tiny owl

Jonathan Gibbons : You keep on delivering mate ;) 'I would' keep making em

Stacey Staser : These are amazing! Please make more 😂

Aydoss : original video?

Ben_b99 : YES