9gag's Meme Rock | #SmashTheStone

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RobDoesRips : Back in the Stone Age is this what my ancestors had for memes

Ernest Lam : Limestone is the Snapchat of stone carving

Pelinal Whitestrake : Fucking normies

MantisYT : Spanish Anons, do your duty.

CrAzYgIrL : Seriously, trust 9gag to make a monument out of one of the most reactive stones out there.

Punished Creepswork : when the earth, the moon, and the sun are all gone.....cringe will exist, so long as one person still remains to witness it.

Otto Halmén : BREAKING NEWS: Newly discovered ancient stone tablet proves aliens may have had direct influence over our culture.

t3hgraemek : limestone is probably one of the shittiest most soluble stones they could have built this out of, not to mentions the engravings aren't that deep either. I'll give it 150 years tops sitting under ground and being eroded before it's illegible. there's a reason why limestone caves form and cause sink holes, it dissolves easily.

wowpaul : Quote from 4chan "To dissolve the rock completely they would need 12,000 gallons of 10 molar HCl, vinegar is like 3% acetic acid so... more than currently exists on earth? To dissolve the surface off of it, figure you only need to dissolve 3 inches off the face, the thing looks to be about 5 feet thick, so 1/20 of the acid, so 600 gallons of muriatic acid, or 5% of more vinegar than currently exists on earth. plus you would have to dig it out and build a containment vessel around it, just pouring acid on it will lose the vast majority of your acid to the surrounding environment."

Assassin Frank. : Lat: 36.9461641173823 Lon: -2.4090152978897095

Capitan Kaktus : 2 words. Bunker Buster.

nicholas ross : Kek team six.....your mission is a go. You know what to do....

Dimas Terol : Goddamn. I live in Spain but 460 km away. What should do? Let the normies do their thing or sacrifice myself for the cause?

Luís Ribeiro : Random fact, vinegar in Spain is quite cheap actually.

Enthused Norseman : "Highly relevant memes" Dude... it's a fucking rock meant to be dug down for hundreds, if not thousands of years, the meme lifespan on the net isn't exactly fucking relevant. :P

E;R : You're gonna want to buy the vinegar once you're in Spain. They won't let you through an airport with the gallon jugs. Just an advisory for anyone thinking of vacationing there.

The masquerade Boi : Gonna be going to Spain in spring 🤔should I smash the stone for the clout?

Abobo : Latitude: 36.9461641173823 Longitude: -2.4090152978897095 You're welcome

Da Squirrel : Bill Nye the Transgender Ice Cream Orgy Guy

223forme : Cry laughing at the under 4 hour detection time of 4chan, kept laughing for Shill Nye the Science Lie's name tag!

Dank_Blunt : a new video? is this heaven?

Liam Fields : What is the music

medhathobo : Yeah I was going to avoid this video because it was obvious that the rock would be full of unfunny over used memes because 9gag is just a cistern of old outdated crap, but it's good to know that some spaniards will see this and fuck that rock up.

Vicarious : Let’s get some vinegar and let’s do this

Monster Mandy : You know what to do lads.

Mr. Duubsteep : I live near there... i could be the stone smasher... could this be my reason to exist...? Nah

Shane H : wtf I love vinegar now!

NeeP : To be honest I find 9gags idea hilarious

Zedikai : While I like your video, couldn't you have picked someone other than Bill Nye. He doesn't really have any scientific merit to stand on anymore.

enigmaxaero : Lat: 36.9461641173823 Lon: -2.4090152978897095

Kishibe Rohan : Dad's back for the new year guys

Moving Parts Gaming : "Recommended for you: How I got Clamydia" Intorian, is there something you need to tell us?

Chance Becker : Smash the stone seems really petty to me but I love how the internet was able to find it still

Dominic Maca : Just ask es/pol/nyoles to do it.

Diego Ortiz : You know, I live in Almería and extremely close to that mountains... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The Mediocre Artist Fer AXAG : When you portray a Spanish person with a mariachi hat.. *OOOOOOOOOH*

JimJamCereal : Ahhh 9gag, the lesser reddit, aka the less sjw tumblr, aka the normie 4chan.

Jessie Penning : 4 chan is more dangerous than the fbi and the cia

Unamused Rohan : Just carve Goatse on the top and call it a day

Niels Heldens : I was about to go to bed, then I saw the notification *sleep deprivation intensifies*

flareon : Pool's closed due to pedo's and aids

Shayla C : Why do you care about this stone? It just seems to me that you and these 4chan users want to ruin anything that anyone else does. Everyone had the chance to vote on what was put on this stone. If you didn't vote than that is your problem.

Tommy Jackson : How much vinegar would that take?

Joseph Vanas : dang, anons are getting good at finding obscure places using video evidence and weaponized autism

IneptOrange : Can we not just goof some dumbass into launching an ICBM into the middle of the spanish desert?

Anthony And Comics : really? you want to break 9 gags stone? thats a legit dick move. people were paid to do very hard work on this thing and for what? a bunch of weirdos to travel to Spain to smash it? thats a serious waste of time. "ya! we broke a lime stone!.. now what?"

FettFrosch λ : Don't drag iFunny into this

ArgonFreakinBorn : I'll be honest, as much as I dread that stone, the idea pouring vinegar to ruin it or to cancel it... it kind of reminds me of what ISIS did with historical monuments to cause outrage. I know all those shit memes don't represent the internet. I know it's not historical and means nothing but cringe... ... but on the other hand I keep thinking that it was something that represented 9gag. Maybe, just maybe, if it was presented as something that defined 9gag (and, ugh, very accurately it seems) then it would have made sense. They presented it as something that represented the internet as a whole, and that was disgusting in my opinion: it describes YOU, 9gag, not the chans or youtube or facebook or steam or whatever. Whoever finds it after civilization ends might not even think it was the internet. No, they probably won't even know WHAT was an internet. And on that thought, have we any right to ruin or smash something that will probably be misunderstood anyway in the distant future? Something for which was put effort in to a certain degree, as awful as the content chosen might be? In these years, even if ISIS is on their last legs, we saw the destruction of monuments that had actual meaning, history, pieces of humanity's past, now gone because of an extreme ideology. "But we could do the same for a noble ideal this time!" Oh yeah? What if we erase more awful parts of our history from our books, or from our landscape? Like Hitler's concentration camps, or the Berlin Wall, or anything remembering the deaths of soldiers at the hands of inept commanders? History is written by the victors after all, so who's to say all that we left standing, to remember something bad in the hopes of it not happening again, isn't worth getting ridden of? That rock is shit, but destroying it would only prove one thing: that in Western society, some people approve cancelling opinions and views on any subject, as stupid or as retarded it may be represented or misrepresented. And that's terrifying to think, especially the consequences. I would suggest we made a similar monument that represented the internet as a whole in fairness, but that would be a titanic task, and would be like saying "hurr no go maek ur own", but in a way, I feel likenot harming 9gag's idol would be the best course of action: show the world, and hopefully the future if our descendants interpret it the right way, that we respectfully disagreed with 9gag's stone, but allowed it and decided to provide our own version, just like better people hold contrasting opinions in today's debates and in society.

Google/Youtube privacy sucks goat ass : Not cool man. Historians do not interfere with history. Totally unprofessional. Not saying I'd be mad if someone actually acted on this, just saying i expect neutrality from a multiple PhD. having historian of your caliber.