9gag's Meme Rock | #SmashTheStone

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AlexReynard : The way you say "and triangulated the bushes" caused me to laugh implausibly hard.

Enthused Norseman : "Highly relevant memes" Dude... it's a fucking rock meant to be dug down for hundreds, if not thousands of years, the meme lifespan on the net isn't exactly fucking relevant. :P

CrAzYgIrL : Seriously, trust 9gag to make a monument out of one of the most reactive stones out there.

FlyingPaladin : I am convinced that 4chan could have found Osama bin Laden in less than 48 hours

Blue Firefly : I live near there... i could be the stone smasher... could this be my reason to exist...? Nah

Charlie C : What if this is literally what stonehenge was. Neanderthalic ancestors carving cringey cavemen memes into stones with the hope to 'heckin troll those future noobs ecks dee'

Jessie Penning : 4 chan is more dangerous than the fbi and the cia

pokefan548 : This just in: Spanish quarry used for nuclear warhead test.

Cheerleader B. : It's here? In Spain? Give me a shovel. NOW. I had enough of this normie country anyway. I'll accomplish this duty, my dudes.

Dick Trickle : Autism will never be defeated. We are the ubermensch.

ThatDudeWithBoobs : Carry the vinegar Smash the stone Carry the vinegar Smash the stone Carry the vinegar Smash the stone *CARRY THE VINEGAR* *SMASH THE STONE*

Diego Ortiz : You know, I live in Almería and extremely close to that mountains... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Vebrik : We need to make our own stone... a 13 pound, hollow block of obsidian, containing a USB drive. Inside that USB will be 100 torrented copies o Minecraft, and a 10 hour MP4 of Howard the Alien.

Big Mac : It's funny because 9gag users live under a rock.

TripleQuasar : With a group of individuals that possess much toxicity and dedication as those from 4chan, you’d imagine that they would’ve actually booked a flight to Almeria to actually smash the stone. I’m kinda disappointed that this story ended the most mundane way imaginable.

Joseph Vanas : dang, anons are getting good at finding obscure places using video evidence and weaponized autism


The Moon : Well, it's 2018 now, has anyone smashed the stone yet?

Uncle Piccolo : Limestone : "it's reactive"


223forme : Cry laughing at the under 4 hour detection time of 4chan, kept laughing for Shill Nye the Science Lie's name tag!

Amir Bayesteh : This makes me wonder if the pyramids are ancient memes

Moving Parts Gaming : "Recommended for you: How I got Clamydia" Intorian, is there something you need to tell us?


WarBear : my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

Zandrie Elliott : Quite simple really, Hire an excavator and truck depending on the size of the thing say its for work on your house and drive out to the desert, in one night as not to arouse suspicion dig up the monolith and chip away the sides. Then use a pickaxe to destroy any remaining inscriptions. Rebury or Spray paint swastica and kekistan flag then lay low, job done.

The Mediocre Artist Fer AXAG : When you portray a Spanish person with a mariachi hat.. *OOOOOOOOOH*

TheVoid : Guys, those memes where funny at one point. If we had used actually funny and relevant Memes today, in a few months we would want to still smash the stone because they were unfunny

Maximo Greppi : Hey! Philosoraptor used to be decent... Back in 2009

Punished Creepswork : when the earth, the moon, and the sun are all gone.....cringe will exist, so long as one person still remains to witness it.

Shane H : wtf I love vinegar now!

fortoxals : why didn't 4chan just rig the voting like they usually do?

flareon : Pool's closed due to pedo's and aids

_FortuitousSeedling_ : The keyboard cat is the only meme who deserved to be inmortalized He died some time ago also, bye bye music kittie

Hill Sniper : Guys you're doing it wrong. Vinegar(Aecetic Acid) is a weak acid and it was said there isn't enough of Vinegar to drown the stone. Sulfuric Acid however, will do damage. Sulfur Oxide happens when coal is burnt, mix it water and you get your Sulfuric acid. You can either let nature take its course and let the Sulfuric Acidic rain(can someone confirm Spain has some coal factories?) Or the "Autistadors"(thanks to the person in the comment section) will have to make their own sulfuric acid with chemistry and dig a hole. Make sure you dig or else the ground will act as a filter before it reaches the stone. Or for all I know I am late and the stone was destroyed.

Sir Billius : That’s it. Dump vinegar onto Spain!

SkyHazel : OMG I get it now!!! "Philosoraptor" is a Velociraptor who uses Philosophy!! I can't wait for the future to see this!

Lorenzo Sanabria : *t r i a n g u l a t e* the *b u s h e s*

Capitan Kaktus : 2 words. Bunker Buster.

The reality you fear : Not cool man. Historians do not interfere with history. Totally unprofessional. Not saying I'd be mad if someone actually acted on this, just saying i expect neutrality from a multiple PhD. having historian of your caliber.

Bep Mir : The Mexican (not Spanish) hat at 2:31 triggers me

Despacito Fours : 40.463669,-3.749220 in case anyone was wondering what the coordinates were at the end of the video

Ollie J. : Aren't there any spanish 4channers lol

RobDoesRips : Back in the Stone Age is this what my ancestors had for memes

trekfall : carry the vinegar _smash the stone_ *carry the vinegar, TODAY*

Tompoller : Lol, im from Almería xd

Limebattery : option one: dig up the hole, bury something with it that gives future generations a better idea of us option two: vinegar for days option three: limestone is ridiculously bad to build something like this, something you want to last for generations, out of.. chances are, 9Gag will be foolish once again and we don't even need to do anything...

Theoretical Physics : Actually, i learned navigation from astronophysics, I think I know a way to find the stone's location! However, it will require knowledge of the date as well as the angle between the block and the hypotenuse formed by the block and its shadow (this is the zenith angle of the sun). From this, we can calculate the positions of the sun from the zenith angle and the hour angle Hsun (found from date) (local time = 12 + Hsun) to find the declination and right ascension of the sun, which can finally be used to find longitude and latitude. Luckily, we already know the time zone and general location. The problem is that there will still be error and the search range is still going to be quite large. Even better would be if there's night footage, since we could then just use the angle between the north star and the horizon to find the exact latitude. EDIT: Oh wait never mind, we know the coordinates already

Niels Heldens : I was about to go to bed, then I saw the notification *sleep deprivation intensifies*