That Mitchell & Webb Look - Bronze Orientation
That Mitchell amp Webb Look Bronze Orientation

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Bronze Orientation for stone-age chippers and tie-ers. A sketch from series 2 of That Mitchell and Webb Look.


Dennis Vance : I saw bronze coming and pivoted from chipping to tying. Best move I ever made.

DaveDexterMusic : Cracking.

Evgeni Brosvik : Smelter? I barely know her.

Nonya Bizz : Good news for the chipper. Bronze needs molds! Without a mold, you can't form bronze into something useful, and the chipper who cn make the best and most reusable molds suddenly becomes the most important guy. After all, melting bronze ain't that hard.

Wolf6120 : "Tribe in the valley who have lots of jewelry all of a sudden."

Sam Hall : I've definitely worked with people like that. Even worked with one person who didn't want to use email and for a while insisted on posting in his worksheets.

Olvirki : I love this bit, but I got good news for Big-Feet. They still needed chippers in the bronze age because bronze is made out of 2 rare metals that have to be traded from far away for most people in the bronze age. Thus bronze was a high class item, your every day man would still use stone items, ensuring some employment for chippers until the iron age.

silfreemnn : "zeitgeisty"

Steve27775 : The Bronze Age Olympics was rubbish because everyone came third.

FloraWest : "Zeitgeist-y" has worked its way into my every day vocabulary.

Martin Kadlec : 2:37 How has nobody noticed the helmet on that helmet?

Bob Thenob : 2:05 Well I won't lie to you, that "AHH" from David caught me a bit by surprise

Maceta : Bollocks! The community should implement some kind of regulation to protect the job of the poor chipper! Sure, they will miss out on bronze making their lives so much easier by reducing the time and effort to be spent in many tasks. They will also be in military and economical disanvantadge regarding other tribes who implemented bronze. Those new jobs at manufacturing bronze armament and tools will never be created... But hey! At least it saved the poor chipper's the effort of learning a different skill!

Gymon Starfunkle : We used to make obsidian here. Real, homegrown stuff---none that cheap 'iron' crap. Now all the Indo-Europeans are moving in and takin' our jobs. No way, Hosiah. I'm telling you now, come the Sabbath I'm shippin' off to Yucatan.

Shah Auckburaully : This is the clip which inspired the creators of the upcoming animated movie, Early Man.

lancer D : There's more than a few people working in fossil fuel industries that should watch this.

svigo0 : Cab drivers vs Uber hahaha

Land of Rock 'N' Roll : Well, he's not very chipper is he?

Nakadu : They'll steal your stone axes and then throw them away coz they're rubbish.....howling!!

Dylan Thomas : Solar/wind energy versus coal.

Sohan Dsouza : 1:15 Extra points for the Cerne Abbas Giant on the helmet.

xen0g3n : The helmet decoration (for those mentioning it in the comments) is an actual engraving of the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset, England. The original is a real geoglyph carved into the hillside there, so it's not a made up design for the show just to get laughs ;)

John Edwards : I love that he's got the Cerne Abbas Giant on his hat.

Gregory Ashton : How they fitted this into a clip under 3 mins is astounding - comedic gold.

rutger5000 : In the transition period from stone to bronze tools, I'd still chip my bronze axe with stone to make it sharper. Find it hard to believe the already figured out how to use whetstone and other sharpening tools

Doc Daneeka : Bronze: it's zeitgeisty and slightly shiny.

Nobody Uknow : The chipper should set up an "Artisanal Chipping" service and charge 5 times as much, he'll have more shiny pebbles and furs than anyone else in the village! Don't sell the steak, sell the sizzle! ^_^

Wolfpack3305 : The plot of early man

Scipio Africanus : Back when stone Chippers were being disrupted as their business was being creatively destroyed.

MrBanausos : Flint is needed to make fire. Sure they could buy oil lamps or vases full of tar from the Phoenicians. But that oil and tar won't last forever. He could also become a mason or a tool maker. Bronze is finite so it's best just to use it for warfare, war production and nails for trade ships.

mudshark jones : the prequel to game of thrones just doesn't have that bite the original did .

Nyar 23 : I specialise in the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age, and I am dying with laughter everytime I see this.

J Engelmann : Coal miners, the new chippers.

Yonael : Bronze age people used flint arrowheads so the chippers were fine!

WHU Forever : Interesting little detail - the figure on the bronze helmet is in fact the Cerne Abbas giant, a famous ancient figure carved into a Dorset hill! I live nearby, and we even have a brewery in its namesake.

NuncNuncNuncNunc : 44 chippers still bent.

forestsoceansmusic : Does this mean we should embrace A. I. ??

Nemo D333 : 1:15 nice logo on the helmet

Social Experiment : they should make an entire show based in this time.

Aydin Biber : Me when Riot shows me the rank I get after my placement games.

David Hughes : After the stone age came the copper age then bronze which contains copper but is harder when alloyed with tin. Bronze was much more useful than copper which wasn't much better than stone but you could at least make shields, pots, cups, anything really its flexibility was its key. Then the iron age replaced the bronze age since iron was more abundant than copper and tin plus it's a single element not an alloy.

Redzool of Nozdenburg : Don't worry stone chipper, you can become a stonemason instead

Dylan Thomas : "Place we go when we get hungry", "time when sun is hottest", "clearing we go to sometimes", "ZEITGEISTY" lol

dolly drill : Bronze needs sharpened


brett knoss : Bigfeet then in anger throws his chipping rock at the shoe, discovers that if's shiny, and finds that you can use a chipping stone to polish bronze and sharpen axes.

nagualdesign : Haha.. You've gotta love the word 'zeitgeisty'.

Gabriele Riva : I bet most Americans still don't believe in Bronze.

Obomgo Lambaba : Those windows wouldn’t work very well