7-year-old Malea Emma absolutely crushes the National Anthem before LA Galaxy vs. Seattle Sounders

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Naga Boy : Way better than Fergiee😂😂😂

RiPPAN : The "Thank you" in the end is so cute. How can something that powerful come out of something that small. Amazing

James Kyle : Sign her up for the Superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OfficialMalmberg : U know u r good when Zlatan approves.

justoneserb : Zlatan is like, "that 7 year old sings really good, just like me when I was 3"

Mel's Fitness Journey : She crushed it!!! Love her voice!!!

J Contreras : roses are red violets are blue there's always an asian that sings better than you

Cristian Burgess : Zlatan approves

Roy Mchunter : Tjandrawidjaja? Is she Indonesian?

launderground : she zlatan'd that anthem.

Jonathan Hernandez : Must be nice to sing that good can’t relate😂many artists need to take notes from this little girl

drsizzl : I think she hit 3 octaves.

Paul Son : Little Christina Aguilera fan!! That was powerful!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

cmandc301 : 7 years old? WOW !!!

ruesa : she made all the past national anthem singers look amateur lmaoooo

BATAK KARO sapa sy dgn Mejuah-juah : I LOVE INDONESIA

shainshad kp : She is so cute and talented

Nilesh Rana : Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. 7 years old. Fergie from black eyed peas. Sorry love, but that's how to sing a national anthem. Jheeeeeeeez 🔥 🔥

Roy Perez : Way better than Roseanne

Zuni Aprio : i want to hear her voice in lakers opening game

Christian Orlando : She Destroyed Fergie

Alex Vieira : I cried.

Riromanck : She’s awesome asf

Martin Chest : Christina Aguilera influence

Nicky Newsway : Girl got talent and ZLATAN knows this . Amazing voice young lady. Her parents must so proud

Yerzhan T : Gonna go research everything about her now. I expect an appearance on Ellen too.

Sandra Gutierrez : I have no words 😢. Loved it!

ProudXaymacan : Such a pro! Brought tear to my eyes.

5 Min Keto : Omg

Carlo Zabbia : She didn't crush it. She NAILED it.

frank simba : Sings like a diva (but says thank you like a beaver, LOL)

Hasan san : Christina aguilera fans

Theyaku 11 : The young girl from INDONESIA


Gabito : This litte girl inspire me

XxDabmaster14xX : this little girl broke the world record in singing this

Theresa Perry : What a gifted singer - gave me chills - sung like it s/b with love & understanding its meaning.

Ugandangirl : Wow... Go Wells Fargo

Chiggins : This little girl is showing those dirt bag NFL players how it's done!!

Nazri Hoszaini : Wow beautiful rendition of the anthem

-KracN- : Just shows how much rightful pride Americans have for their country. Stay strong America, for you truly are the only Land of Free!

I C O N I C : gave me the chills

Healthyfoodtasterdotcom : How awesome is that 😍

manifest 73 : Gives me the chills

D O : here comes the phone call from Ellen Degeneres

bret Hitchcock : she has the lion for sure!

Eric Ramirez : marvelous!

Alfa xieno : Indonesia young girl

birado rado : malea emma from indonesia

Hardanu maulanadi : And she is from indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩😍