DaddyOFive Still Uploading with Manipulation and No Remorse (FamilyOFive)

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Amanda the Jedi : As I had stated elsewhere, any of the minimal amount of money made on this video is being donated to a charity that either deals with child abuse or child mental health initiatives. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

Nerd City : Mike thinks editing playful music over his kids screaming is the alchemy to turn it into comedy. It reminds me of "Stuck in the Middle with You" scene in Reservoir Dogs. The juxtaposition of emotions makes it even more jarring.

Karuna Satori ASMR : In 2015 I lost both of my children due to physical neglect. My son was 2 and my daughter was almost a year. I was extremely depressed and had family watch them constantly. I let go of my house, everything was a mess. They were never physically abused, I just wasn’t there for them mentally. Again, it took for the state of PA to remove them for me to realize something I was doing was wrong. I did not see them for two years. It took an intense life changing process before I got them back. The state of PA rarely, if ever, returns children to their moms. I changed for my children and myself and I got them back. My son is five and my daughter is now four. They are thriving, beautiful kids. I’m very open about my story, my past drug addiction, etc.. the reason for me telling you this is because after watching “do5”, and then turning into “fo5”, after the entire internet, their family.. everyone trying to confront them that their actions were abusive and not normal, they refused to change. When you cant see you’re hurting someone else, even after being confronted about it.. when you can’t put yourself in others shoes.. that clearly shows something is mentally wrong. I am happy their channel went under finally. These people in my opinion are a danger to themselves and their kids. I truly hope they will be able to change someday, as every child needs their parent. Thanks for this video. I just subscribed. xo

IzzyGoneCrazy : YouTube needs to ban these people for good.

Amanda the Jedi : Yes, I very badly dubbed 'consent' over the word 'concede' twice because of a slip up I didn't catch until I was editing. Had I known this was going to hit Reddit, I might not have done such a piss poor job of it. Thanks for watching!

Donut Operator : Amanda, awesome research on your part. That guy is trash.

saya : "I dont wanna be terrorized today" that part crushed my soul..

Pearmeep : The familyofive channel was officially terminated today.

Drift0r : Thank you for putting the burn back on this guy. He should actually be in prison.

J Films : The worst one was that little girl being tossed about after she begged not to be harassed. Who would upload that and like that?

Alex Berish : That poor girl begging not to be tortured jesus :( Subbing to you because you seem like a good person and that deserves support

Colonel Slapstick : The clip at 5:39 hurts so much to watch I can't believe they ever filmed that and uploaded it. It's sickening.

matt22blaster : I didn't realize how bad they were until I saw the little girl in tears begging not to be terrorized today, seconds before she's thrown in a chokehold and thrown to the ground. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Julius Mincey : Awful garbage person who has no knowledge of being a parent. That dude is awful. I still want to throw him in a fire. I'm glad he didn't get away with it because of that DeFranco guy.

MegamanNG : How did this video get age-restricted... seriously. That's messed up.

James Ferraris : Good news their channel got TERMINATED! haha! Youtube finally done something right, they should have done it a year ago since the "Cody Situation" started.

Jamen Vigsco : You're on the front page of reddit rn congrats

Xur : Just ripped his whole channel. Will be sending this to CPS in his area.

Mareritt : The parents (of you can call them that) don't care because they are narcissists. I'd put good money that a clinical psychologist would classify one or both of them as having NPD. And now that the two scapegoats are living with their biological mother, at least one of the remaining kids (I'm guessing the smallest one) is the new scapegoat. [Edit]: I think he's lying that his therapist wanted him to start his gaming channel back up. Pretty sure his wife did, but any therapist worth their salt would realize that he has NPD and he feeds off the attention from the viewers. Sure, most people feel pretty good when they're doing something online and people recognize the work being put into it, but then again most people don't abuse children (or goad their children to abuse the smallest children) and then put it on social media as if to say, "Look at how funny this kid (who is showing clear signs of distress) is when *HE* does something I don't like." A good therapist would have known this is one of the worst things that could be recommended not only because this is what got him in trouble in the first place, but also because he has clear signs of NPD, shows no real remorse for *hurting* his own children (more on remorse and two youngest in a moment), and like a crack addict going back to a crack house, streaming would cause him to "relapse" (for the lack of a better word) right into abusing whoever is left, and then posting it on social media all over again - the thing that got them in trouble in the first place. Amanda made a real good edit showing how "happy" everyone was. *We* can tell his kids are *not* happy, so why does he remember everyone being happy? Because he was happy. He was happy inflicting pain onto his youngest children and then he was even happier when sick people came out of dark corners of the internet to encourage him to do more. For a narcissist lacking both a moral and ethical compass, this is a wet dream. *This* is why he remembers everyone being happy.

Matt Snyder : Came from Reddit and subscribed. Thank you for informing me about this.

Parle : You should archive this and send it to Philly himself or their police.

Neltins : Found this on Reddit, it breaks my heart how strangers on the internet have no sympathy, empathy for kids just because its someone else's family. How heartless and cruel the internet has made people. Kids are being abused physically and mentally so people can make profit, and 100,000s of people apparently find this to be good entertainment... I have no words.

Smurph : Using depression to garner sympathy after what they did... oof what a jackass

SerpentGameplay : You probably CAN punch someone in the face if they consent to it, right? BDSM is also a little bit in a legal grey area, but you can pay someone to punch them in their face, probably. Kids on the other hand...

MrRiggyRiggs : Don't know why the authority hasn't stepped in. I don't get. The Justice system is a joke.

arkonomus : That guy and his wife should be in prison

LordIron : Hey Amanda just wanted to let know of something, Phillip DeFranco essentially just shouted you on the PDS PreShow livestream, giving you props for this video and bringing this topic back to light! And that he also just recently started following you.

Wolverineplaysps4 : It's tough watching the clips you show. Let alone watch the channel itself. All the people who watch are just as guilty

GoldSabre : I hadn't fantasized about sinking my thumbs into somebody's eyeballs before, but that filth really makes me want to show him what it's like to live in his own hell.

Leader2light : It's not hard to understand. He does it because it's his only source of money. He is selling out his kids. How has youtube not banned him?

The Chloe McGurk : You done such a good cover on this Amanda. They really should not be allowed a single child.

Sir Pinkly : Some people shouldn't be parents. Christ.

Lucifer : After watching this video, the first of you that I've seen I must admit, I feel very strongly that a comment is in order as is viewing more of your content. I believe that spreading awareness for abominable happenings such as this, and exposing it for the evil that it truly is, is very important. It pains me to know that people so downright ignorant, arrogant, stubborn, violent, manipulative, and repulsive are out there indoctrinating their children to believe this behaviour and state of being is acceptable let alone proper. To know that there are those who support these cretins and stand firmly behind them in defense of their blatant wrongdoing is utterly detestable. Amidst all this negative feeling though knowing people, such as yourself, are out there to spread awareness and say openly "This is wrong and needs to be addressed if not stopped entirely" brings me hope. Thank you for taking the time, for going out of your way, for going above and beyond the actions of the average person, to make this video and shed light on this vile exploitation of defenseless beings. You have my utmost respect and due to this I will most certainly see what else you have taken the time to create.

Andrew Nicholson : This girl is smart and exactly on point. Subscribed.

ChrisAwake : ohh man... not this guy again... F... awful... :/ Nevertheless - Informative video, Amanda. Thanks!

Dear Melinda : Rose, the mother of Cody and Emma Martin asked me to tell you 'Thank you from the three of us"

Teddy : REDNECK FAMILY VLOGGIN YEE HAW lol I died when she said that...

Carl : What can we collectively do to get them banned from Youtube all together?

Mike S : Email the companies who's commercials pop up on their videos.

eufi : My parents don't even let me and my brother speak condescendingly with one another or bad mouth eachother. We're not involved in each other's punishments whatsoever. I can't even comprehend what it would be like if my mom told me to hit my siblings or bully them.

RoboGameBoy64 : To everyone who wants to ignore that what these people do is abuse and try to play it off like its normal sibling behaviour, you're all pieces of shit and are no better than the abuser. There should be zero tolerance for abuse of any kind.

kevshorty : I just have no words on how crazy that couple is. I used to fight with my siblings. But it wasn't encouraged by my parents. My parents broke up the fight and were actually doing good parenting and teaching us that's not the way to resolve things. And we face consequences and learned not to do that. These people are beyond me for not only encouraging it, but filming it and thinking it's still ok in their minds and that they didn't think they abused their kids. Those kids are pleading to not be abused. But the parents just makes things go round and round into chaos. That just blows my mind watching them doing this to their kids. I feel so sad knowing the reality of the kids once they enter into adulthood. They didn't get the proper care and coaching and parenting in life to live a normal life. They will suffer mentally for the rest of their lives if they aren't saved from this

Jacquetta Williams : I actually came to report you because Jake on ig was making you seem like a bad person but I completely agree with you and I understand your viewpoint and where your coming from

HibHab69 : We need a Content Cop on this. Somebody call iDubbz.

Franco : Thanks for condensing their videos down, cause there's no way I would give them views just to see more abuse.

Lilbebee07 : When we say land of the doesn’t mean free to beat the hell out of your kids...

Eris Aesel : This means they will most likely go to prison now. Or preferably a mental institution. Since they clearly have some disorder(s) that make them incapable to functionally live in Society. It is America, so whatever punishment they get is still horrible and wrong. But revalidation help and mental help councilling isn't really a thing over there like it is in Norway for example

TADugan : The "guilt plea while maintaining their innocence" thing is called an "Alford Plea" in reference to a case out of the US Supreme Court: North Carolina v. Alford. It's pretty much a way to get cases resolved in plea bargains where the person doesn't want to admit they are guilty, but want to accept a plea to a lesser charge because the risks of trial are too great. reason for posting this other than to spread that information :D Source: I am a Criminal Defense Attorney :)

Mercsblog : As Someone that was very vocal against the familyofive stuff they really don't desrve to be on youtube and monitised again. I'm surprised their probationary officer hasn't shut them down yet

2500 de QI : How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man ?!