Fortnite Battle Royale in 2017 | Trollzous

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Trollzous : I really enjoyed making this video, I hope you enjoy, worked pretty hard editing it so lemme know if you want more like this :)

Skeptical.bricks : I'm sexually attracted to camels And boys with sexy blue hair;)

Jadejaceharp : There Is a glitch on fortnite by lonely lodge where you break a little cabin and there's a hole that goes under ground inside of a little hill and you can shoot out

Mattooee : Did someone say ChIckEn RuN (2000) VHS?!

LMO : how to upload like trollzous... Don't

zero : Make more fortnite videos!

Pineyy : Fortnite is DLA PUBG.... It was a joke I play both.

Liberty RePrimed : Title is accurate, I saw a shield potion and you didnt pick it up.

Panther : Weeb PUBG

Lucky_10113 : Roses are red I have a hostage woman arested for masterbateing in walmart with a john dean sausage

Custard Karim : What's the music from 0:00 to 0:32?

Isotopy _• : Trollzoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooousssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! upload more!

Bond : Where's that BEAUTIFUL facecam? 👀

saintzey : Leave a like on this vid if u fall asleep to YouTube

fcon : wrong i clicked because of tesco

Giannis Antetokountipetakopunteanelmeutetompo : Durv made a song on his new channel, please destroy him.

BALLADS1000 : Player Unknown's Battle Royale

thegaming spider : *sees trollzous video notification* * clicks at it so fast like flappy bird *

Jack Eves : Standard British weather warning

Tempez : hi daddy

razorsharktooth : I said 123 all the kids bully me, but they're not so cool so I shot up a school yeah.


Astrial Xema : smurf nut is the best nut

tacmate : I like video games you like underage girls.

The Krusty Kwab : Demonetized

Taizer : Anyone vote more fortnite?

lolnoob95 : Of course you lose when you're using a multibutton mouse; unless you're playing StarCraft or a moba that mouse is useless.

F r a n c l : I’m still inside my mother and i got 23 wins combined...

LMO : Zous has blue hair da bu di da bu I WANT TO DIE

Sam Bayliss : Sweet boi

Owen Ayers : Little did he know this would become so popular

kata : I thought your room would be in the closet.

mr pzo : Like the video so he will do more

Itz da Mills : Make this into a series

gory tho snool : THIS KINDA CONTENT IS LIKE WHAT YOU DID A WHILE AGO AND I LOVE IT, you don't have to do it all the time but doing this once in a while is a treat


Alban Fernandes : Sushi ass nibba

HauntedFire : Holy shit I was the 5,300th like

Alice Stoneham : Really liked the gameplay video. Content's getting better keep it up :)

Kayleigh : sushi asssss ;)

ItsWeece : Sushi asssss

holly is bored : SUSHI ASSSSSSSS

- Olo : Just stick to gaming pleaseeeeee

_Nuk'D_ _Norway_ : Best way to win. You don’t need to maximise your kills you need to minimise your deaths

Gruntwill : 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

Alexander Samuel : 1:41 song??? anyone?

July the Bunny : Hot and I haven't even watched it yet

Insite Majestic : My Pegu is bob

FUZZZ : Wana cowab

Gary and Leo : *B E S T Y O U T U B E R E V E R*