If Your Friends Hated Everything Like They Hate Sports

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Lilly Markus : Thing is, people ACTUALLY say this about me when I write or read

Who's There? : My parents forced me to breathe as a kid. I'm just not really into the whole breathing thing. Oooh oxygen its in the air! So what.

The Spectral King : I have no issue with sports. but the fanatics...

Christopher Crane : Hahaha Love it!! Especially with all these butthurt people complaining about sports in the comments!!

ishingo69 : The thing is, this IS how many people feel about these topics. Politics, literature, tv shows, current events, arts and crafts, comics, video games, movies, and so much more. Basically, once people start talking about things other people don't like or can't contribute to, they check out of the conversation. I'm not a sports fan, but I try to listen when people talk about it, because I wouldn't want someone shutting me down when I talk about who would win if Superman fought Goku.

TheChemistryShack : Yeah I would get interested in drinking water, but everyone does it-- I want to be different!

Voldycat : Okay but if you're asking us to respect people who love sports (which is fine by the way!!!) then you have to respect people who are passionate about other things as well. If I loved sports as much as I loved cosplay then it would be fine, but because I'm passionate about something that's not as 'popular' then I will get laughed at and criticized all the time, double standards people!

Sage Maneja : What ? You like %SPORT_NAME% ? it's just a bunch of dudes chasing/hitting a ball !

Bhekinkosi Ncube : I think now you should do one about "If Your Friends Liked Everything Like They Love Sports!" I think that would add quite a lot of balance.

Rui Arruda : Spectator sports are a way to create drama and resolve it, just like movies and video games. You can root for a character in a TV series to stay alive, and you can root for a team to become he champions. The reason movie stars and successful pro athletes get paid so much is because they are part of a tiny minority that entertains millions. Anything else you guys "don't understand" or think is "stupid"?

aarongtr180 : The difference is that topics like science and voting are actually extremely important while sports aren't, and art and music can have massive cultural and even political impacts that sports just never do (with a few exceptions, such as the introduction of Jackie Robinson into the MLB). The logic behind this video is horrible. It's still funny though!

jmendii : i like sports and i don't care who knows, from shooting hoops to the super bowl

Jayton Hawkins : My hatred of sports is well founded. Most topics get a "slice" of public attention that is comparable to their importance. The arts, such as drawn, painted, sculpted, played, and photographed media, make up our current and past history. Big slice. Politics are the foundation for the how groups of people are governed. Big slice. Education topics and media devoted to knowledge are what fuel innovation and evolution. Big slice. Religion and Faith are what we use to explain the unexplained. Big slice. Media like television and comic books each take up a small slice depending on how big the fandom is. Medium slice. Social media interaction is quickly becoming our main source of communication. Medium slices. Hobbies and pastimes usually attract small groups of specific people. Small slices. And then there's sports. No expression or creation of any artistic form. Mostly uncomplicated. Needlessly competitive, repetitive, and costly. Considering the lack of impact that sports have in the real world, and the tendency for most of them to be absolutely dull and unrewarding, why does the sports industry get a MASSIVE SLICE OF PUBLIC ATTENTION? I'm not saying sports are useless. Physical fitness is important, as is social interaction and competition, but sports shouldn't have this massive following. And no-one should ever expect another person to participate in the viewing or competition of a sporting event simply because the status quo demands it.

Fernie Canto : I don't get the humour. I mean, this is the stuff I hear in real life every day. From sports fans.

Allison Foster : I formally apologize. I have been a jerk.

9ineRunner : wow, I've never seen so many gifted nobel prize winners, grammy award winning musicians, oscar winning directors, pulitzer prize winners and world leaders gathered in one comment section.

Stacy Mado : I only hate sports fans who are so territorial they will start a fistfight because your favorite Elephants player bats lefty. Or you wore the wrong colors on your sleves at the game. Its just idiotic.

Jose Dominguez : It's fine if a person is not into sports, not everybody is going to like the same thing, but it's stupid when they act superior to those who do. It's just like saying "oh look at me, I don't play sports therefore I'm smarter and better than the mongoloids who play football or whatever,". It pretentious. The same goes for people who think they're better than others just because they don't like rap, pop music, modern television, and any other thing that's popular.

DaaaahWhoosh : I say about sports what I say about politics: it's nice when it's on, and I see the appeal, but I'm never going to learn everyone's names. 

Resetti's Robot Wars Replicas : Did you see the game last night?  The guy hit the ball and then he ran around the bases, and later on, another guy threw the ball, and after about three hours, one team won, and the other team lost!  It was so exciting, and so different than baseball games from other times & places!

RighBread : People throwing a ball around on a field for the entertainment of others is not the same thing as furthering the field of science to help mankind prosper and advance. Half the criticisms on this video are inaccurate equivalences.

Dion7 : I don't mind people watching sports, but the commentators seem completely insane to me. When for instance a soccer team wins a game they talk about it like they just won a battle of life and death.

Josuke Higashikata : If sports replaced war, then I'd get interested.

Julianna Kopa : Parks and Rec!! So good!

AstroZombie420 : IMO sports are kinda like video games, they are fun to play, but boring to watch other people play them.

Jason Ranger : Me in a nutshell 

AudaciousGecko : I get why this is annoying as well, but it's hard not to be salty when people constantly forced you into them/ to watch them as a kid when you hated them. Plus, sports fanatics are crazy, and to be people who don't like them, listening to people discuss sports is like listening to people discuss math. It's just super boring. However, unless you're an asshole, you wait until they're finished, and then talk about something else.

PixieoftheWood : I'm like this about sports but...I'm not actually sorry. I'm just amazed that there's literally anyone else in the world that feels this way about sports, because it seems like everyone is crazy about them, and I think that's the reason some people become so vocal about it. There's a certain frustration that comes from people acting like something is the single most important thing in the world when you can't even understand why they like it that doesn't really happen with movies or other forms of entertainment. What I'd really like to see, though, is if people talked about everything like they talk about sports. "I know he beat the child within an inch of his life, and the kid is currently being kept alive by machines, but kicking him off the chess team is just too harsh. I mean, he's just too talented to throw that kind of thing away." "I know he punched out that woman and dragged her off by her hair, but did you read his latest book? He's way too awesome to really hold that against him!"

SUNKEN SATURN : did you mean: Hipsters?

GuciiLePristine : Sports work to strengthen bonds between people as well as different countries, whether your the one playing or not understanding the sport and being able to use the knowledge in conversations can really help someone become more social. Just my input

Newt Train : Sad thing is, most of these fit me perfectly.

Mark Potts : i don't see what's so fascinating about people hating on sports. i mean, it's just a bunch of people complaining about what other people do that doesn't affect them at all.

Über : what ever happened to dan? i liked him.

Bethany James : Leslie and Ben getting together doesn't affect my life? First of all, *how dare you.*

Andrew Greydays : Sorry, didnt work. Still think sports are for douches.

Miles Wood : Lol and people still come here to hate on sports. Jesus you guys are lame and sensitive who cares its just like any other interests. People enjoy it, whether it has value to you is pointless, its a form of entertainment and exercise that's healthy for your brain. you may think what you're saying is different from this video but its fit right in. People like competition and these athletes are very talented, intelligent and hard working at what they do. What is Micheal Bay "accomplishing" when he makes a transformers movie? No one gets up in arms that he's rich or if someone tries to start up a conversation about the movie

Black Phantom The SJWeeb : I don't like professional sports because it's basically making a game more competitive than it already is. You start taking it too seriously and it's no longer fun. You start wanting to murder a teammate for a mistake he made (he/she is only human, nobody's perfect) because a shit-ton of money is on the line instead of pointing it out and saying something like "Hey, no worries it's just a game". Imagine how much I dislike professional gaming in that respect...

HeathenBenny : In fairness, the student government kids _were_ the biggest douches in my school.

Patrick O'Ryan : I don't mind people not liking sports, I can't stand people who insist on vocalising that they hate sports.

Kirill Koopa : I don't hate sports, but I don't care much for them either. However, sports are a form of entertainment. While it's true that some of these things are incomparable to sports in terms of importance (e.g. medicine), you cannot say the same for forms of entertainment. There are people who don't watch TV, people who don't see movies, people who don't listen to music (maybe), people who don't care for poetry, people who don't go to the theatre, people who don't read books, people who don't part games, etc. Sports is just a form of entertainment, guys. You don't have to like it, but you can if you want. Just as long as you don't criticise others for liking it, everyone can keep being entertained in the ways they like best and all will be good. I think what this video was trying to say was not to criticise people and the things they like just because you don't like them.

Chris Leonard : How can people actually not like sports?

awesomejasonsel 1 : YES. Leslie and Ben getting together DOES affect my life

Eugene Tumusiime : Breathing is so overrated. I have no idea why people do that.

Roshir : Collegehumor, umad

Scipionyxsam : I don't think that things like politics, medicine or engineering, which have an immense impact on what our daily life looks like (and in case of medical progress might very well be the reason you didn't die in childbed) are on the same level of importance as the names of men who kick a ball into a rectangle... I know this is supposed to be a joke, but when you try to get a pun and message across which is logically ulitmately flawed, the pun kinda loses its drive.

Aidan Yandere : If you don't like sports (like me) find friends that are the same so you don't talk about it

Kathleen McDowell : Parks and Rec does affect me its my life

Taliyah Addict : All i know is that the blond girl is a BOMB. :D

Julia Herdegen : It's funny, because people DO say a lot of these things about my non-sports interests.......

Ariella Szczupakiewicz : This puts things into perspective. I'll try to complain less about sports.