Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce - Minecraft Note Block cover
I covered Through the Fire and Flames in Minecraft Note Blocks

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my biggest project to date, made over a couple of months, i spent over 50 hours in Minecraft Note Block Studio writing the music out, mostly by ear, but using some transcriptions because the song is hard lol i tried to make it as correct as possible to the original song, also i hope you enjoy it


Nikhil T : finally someone who actually did it well great job man

吳錫芳 : Why are such a great work with so few views?

TFX Razor : Incredible job Keep it up

Dannehood : Good job man. I looked through most of the note block versions of this song on youtube and yours is definitely the best one!

thatepicwizardguy : incredibly impressive. well done.

BlueGame012 MEMES : I am gonna play this over an invasion of the country next to mine in minecraft

Jimbo Slice : Now this is a reason we should invade Iraq

clomean : dope

Lazarus A59 : Fantastic! Love the way you pause the minecart to not get ahead of the music

frogger7frogger : Really sick!

the epic isopod : gamer

Speykious : How do you bypass the minecraft 2 octave range limit ?

Filip Carlén : "Song generated by the Minecraft Note Block Studios". Did it take 50 hours to install the program?