Real flamethrower vs. “Not a Flamethrower” by Elon Musk.
Real flamethrower vs Not a Flamethrower by Elon Musk

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How does Elon Musk’s “Not a Flamethrower” compare to a real M9 military flamethrower? Or even to the XM34 flamethrower? We bear the heat to bring you the most definitive testing on the internet! Click here to order a The Boring "Not" a Flamethrower today (free shipping) at


Callum Ronan : Nobody: Texans:AND THATS HOW WE DO IT IN TEXAS YEEE HAW

Thomas H : 1:05 is this man magical? Took so long for that foam to return to Earth from whatever galaxy his superhuman wrist flung it into

Jimmy Joe : It's literally called "Not a Flamethrower," and even Elon Musk himself said that it's not just a joke name, but that it is literally, *not* a flamethrower. Obviously a real flamethrower would be much better. Flamethrowers spit flammable liquid out, when Not a Flamethrower is just gas.

Quasar TG : Elon did say "It's just a roofing torch with an air rifle cover"

Daniel Romero : Holy smokes! I've never seen an actual flamethrower, that thing is terrifying.

DatBoi_wild 12 : Elon musk. Pissed. Says hold my beer. Pull out falcon heavy engine thruster.

Silent Human : *They're in the trees!* Flamethrower dude: Hold my beer 2:32

Akhi Has It All : He thought "not a flamethrower" was gonna be like an actual flamethrower and it's funny how he had to walk all the way towards the stack to burn it xD Conclusion: Elon Musk is family friendly

Lil Nugz : This is why real flamethrowers are a war crime

Nick Rehn : I never thought *NOT A FLAMETHROWER* would be outperformed by a FLAMETHROWER.

Dank Potato : I Fear no man but that thing ..... 2:33 it scares me

#1 White Male : I am the lorax and i speak for the trees *And the trees be speakin vietnamese*

Garrett M : Germans during WWII: shotguns are inhumane and shouldn't be used in war. Also Germans in WWII: HANS GET ZE FLAMMENTHROWER!!

SpectreMuffine : the "Not a flamethrower" is clearly the best one.

melkisedeck : Well, now I know why the usage of flamethrower is a war crime.

Aayush : American soldiers when the trees start speaking Vietnamese: *OwO*

NextyWexty : Elon musk’s: nerf gun The cool shark thing: straight satisfying The Vietnam one: almost an explosion

James Caine : "When you gotta set someone on fire"

fullm3tal90 : On the next episode “B.B. gun vs desert eagle” followed by “fireworks vs tomahawk missile”

Nicholas Hughes : *Gets flamethrower ignited* “Alright! Here we go!” *Shoots 2ft flame* “Ah ok.”

Your sociopathic Friend : It said on the box it wasn’t a flame thrower, what’s u expect

Apple User 193 : Good to know it’s not a flamethrower.

UltraSeb : UltraGraphicGaming : sees elons flame thrower: hey thats pretty cool i want one sees the actual flamethower: holy shit

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : As expected of Elon, he didn't lie, the product is just as advertised

Exev : I'm glad pyro doesn't have the range of that last one.

the random guy : "When you gotta set someone on fire" Only in America

Randy Wiggins : Nice video. Volume on this video varies. Camera man needs to get closer.

Cameron Kidde : Came for the memes, got your average Texan, American flag on wall and multiple tables in his garage, and guns on the walls

Cool Products : Result is as advertised

Plague Rat : Ozone layer? Who needs it!

Bevans : Now I know why people have Vietnam flashbacks

sathya muninathan : making world a better place to live, less fire 🔥 less smoke less pollution - Elon's view

Rodrick La Rosa : Not a flame thrower is perfect for defrosting on cold weather clearing driveways and such

No this is patrick : The "not flamethrower" really lives up to its name of being not a flamethrower

Alex W : As Elon Musk has said himself: The Not a Flamethrower is just a roofing torch in a rifle body.

lance_b5 : Not a fair comparison as one of them wasn't a flamethrower.

Cod4 Wii : N.A.F. = haha XD XM42 = wow :) M9 = Nope...O_O

Pasha Soro : Jesus after I clicked on the video I thought you would have 1 mil subs but only 2k? You deserve way more! You just earned a sub. Guys help this man out 🙌🏻

Kierr Mendoza : 2:56 Charmander, Charmelion, Charizard

Mr Key : When ya pull that cracker at least is a surprise... Ya'll just bought some merchandise.. ya should have bought a "this is not a cap" at the same time and been unable to wear it... Musk is laughing and rightfully so

Black Sunday : Was Elon Musk's not a flamethrower meant for harm?

Guilherme Pascuti : *Flashback from "Meet Pyro" intensifies*

Stock Photo Asian Man : No one gonna take about how long the foam took to fall?

ItsNotTrue : DriveTanks guy: "That's a real flamethrower, that's how we do it in Texas: Elon Musk: Hold my blunt. Shows up with a rocket engine.

Comrade Lennin : My favorite was the maybe a flamethrower

Vyrkhan : Sure, I'm ordering my 'Vietnam flamethrower edition' on Amazon... Oh, wait... I can get a FREE Shipment with PRIME and it will arrive before Christmas! :O

Preston Boasythong : 3:39 "when you gotta set someone on fire go for the real thing" ......... Oh yeah! The m9 is perfect, since I have that problem everyday.

CIA - Central Intelligence Agency : I'm simple guy,.... when i see "elon musk" i clicked

Jaminator : Hans get ze flammenwerfer