Real flamethrower vs. “Not a Flamethrower” by Elon Musk.

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Daniel Romero : Holy smokes! I've never seen an actual flamethrower, that thing is terrifying.


Versaucey : Well it does say "Not a Flamethrower" and I guess Elon wasn't lying.

Strelok Audio Design : elon made it so it's perfectly legal for anyone to buy, numbnuts, if it was as powerful as a military grade flamethrower then he wouldn't be abe to sell it to the general public, is just a fun cool looking thing, is not supposed to be used for mass destruction

ItsNotTrue : DriveTanks guy: "That's a real flamethrower, that's how we do it in Texas: Elon Musk: Hold my blunt. Shows up with a rocket engine.

Eric SOM DUTT : So those intelligent gentlemen compared a flamethrower with a *not flamethrower* and conclude that the *not flamethrower* isnt indeed one... Hats off gentlemen...

Flutor : Elon Musk said that it is a very cheap roofing torch put inside the body of an air soft rifle, so it really isn't a flamethrower

DLDmaster : Comment Section: People taking a video of a guy who took Musk's jokes way too seriously way too seriously.

Notice me Senpai : Those Flamethrowers make me feel *HOT*

Jaminator : Hans get ze flammenwarffer

Nasser Feed : You can't compare a flamethrower with Not-flamethrower

Last Dollie : For people who have never seen military flame throwers in action, this video shows the difference. Not everyone knows how they scale up to the NAF. And come on, lots of people on the internet call it "Elon's flamethrower" despite its name. It does throw flames and people will call it that especially since it looks like a gun. Just like how many people mistakenly call magazines, "clips".

Life Hacks & Cool Products : Result is as advertised

Obi Wan Kenobi : Personally I think an iPhone charging cable is far more effective

Bubba Senior : Well, of course there's a big difference, one of those is "not a flame thrower"

Krazykov : It's not supposed to be a flame thrower to set things on fire, its just a cool toy, a dangerous toy but still mostly just a toy.

GΔUZE : Probably the worst comparison I've ever seen. Let me compare airsoft and nerf with real guns. And think I'm top shit.

Bennet Eckardt : 1:06 how long did this foam sheet fly!?!?

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : As expected of Elon, he didn't lie, the product is just as advertised

Sparq : the comparison isnt fair, you compared not a flame thrower to a flamethrower, its like comparing a tricycle to a bugatti or something along the lines of that

Not just a mushroom a fun guy : “That’s how we do it in Texas” think I’m going to throw up

Nick Rehn : I never thought *NOT A FLAMETHROWER* would be outperformed by a FLAMETHROWER.

PhycoKrusk : Well, Musk was telling the truth, at least. It’s _not_ a flamethrower. It’s an extra large crème brûlée torch

II II : Damn i can imagine the fear in the soldiers when they saw the flamethrower

Blyat : HANS, u know what to do

Case Dorsett : That's litterally just a weed burner attached to a nerf gun lmao.

Ziplain : *not a flame thrower* Everyone who buys it: What?! This isnt a fucking flame thrower?!??? I want my money back!" Elon: I literally told you it wasn't a fucking flame thrower and you still bought it.

Timothy Honeycutt : The use of that flamethrower in the Vietnam war makes me sick. To think that there were people covered in flames with one of those. It's unbelievable how inventive humans are when they want to kill other humans in the worst ways

Josuke Ruins Everything. : It was a very hot day that day.

Surftons official : Hondurans, good luck with Texas 😁

노무현부랄볶음면 : Warning: Elon Musk asskissing fanboys raging in the comments.

fullm3tal90 : On the next episode “B.B. gun vs desert eagle” followed by “fireworks vs tomahawk missile”

Lisa Montgomery : You thought there was going to be a comparison between a flamethrower and not a flame thrower? Intelligent

Yamamoto Genryuusaii : katon gyukaku no juts!

Exzenzia : Hans get the flammenwerfer

Kamen Neikoo : The Boring Flame thrower is more of a joke product, it's not meant to be used.

SevenSixTwo : Elon Musk has much better flamethrowers. It's called the Falcon Heavy.

killox : New item: Not an RPG just a ranged demolition tool mechanism

Señor Lechuga : Ok flamethrowers are scary af

Ryu Luca : “Flamethrowers.” “We’ll burn em out.”

Anton Ardehed : He is not legaly allowed to sell a real flamethrower casualy. Sadly that is the reason that it is more of a gas tourch.

nerdxone : If the cumulation of all of humanity struggles were measured by how well we can light fires. I believe we have taken a step back

live and let live : Ummm why is nobody else asking where I can go pick up my M9 flame thrower..........btw I'm sitting in my truck waiting for a reply!

Brown Llama : That ceiling fan

Nessie Andrew : I mean, it's clearly NOT a flamethrower.

Shonem : It is legally not a flamethrower

seth : Hmm... Rice cooker...

Artur Martins : They don't make them as good as they used to, that's for sure

AgentZ430 : I hate it so much gimme like 6