Real flamethrower vs. “Not a Flamethrower” by Elon Musk.

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Daniel Romero : Holy smokes! I've never seen an actual flamethrower, that thing is terrifying.

Versaucey : Well it does say "Not a Flamethrower" and I guess Elon wasn't lying.

Kierr Mendoza : 2:56 Charmander, Charmelion, Charizard

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : As expected of Elon, he didn't lie, the product is just as advertised

Hex : You look like a reverse fireman


Jaminator : Hans get ze flammenwerfer

Thomas H : 1:05 is this man magical? Took so long for that foam to return to Earth from whatever galaxy his superhuman wrist flung it into

Obi Wan Kenobi : Personally I think an iPhone charging cable is far more effective

Jimmy Joe : It's literally called "Not a Flamethrower," and even Elon Musk himself said that it's not just a joke name, but that it is literally, *not* a flamethrower. Obviously a real flamethrower would be much better. Flamethrowers spit flammable liquid out, when Not a Flamethrower is just gas.

Señor Lechuga : Ok flamethrowers are scary af

Silent Human : *They're in the trees!* Flamethrower dude: Hold my beer 2:32

Notice me Senpai : Those Flamethrowers make me feel *HOT*

Trydodis : Well it isn’t called ‘the boring company’ for nothing

Strelok Audio Design : elon made it so it's perfectly legal for anyone to buy, numbnuts, if it was as powerful as a military grade flamethrower then he wouldn't be abe to sell it to the general public, is just a fun cool looking thing, is not supposed to be used for mass destruction

Sparq : the comparison isnt fair, you compared not a flame thrower to a flamethrower, its like comparing a tricycle to a bugatti or something along the lines of that

bob boberson : Texas is scary

Donut Mochi : You have machine guns, army flamethrowers and tanks but man that ceiling fan is amazing. Are those helicopter blades?

apple user 184,285,789 : Good to know it’s not a flamethrower.

Cool Products : Result is as advertised

Tupac1996 : best way to kill cockroaches.

TheAwesomeOne685 : Thank you so much for not making this into a 10 minute video! i swear i stopped watching a lot of yt videos because everyone is trying to make a career out of it nowadays.

Dank Potato : I Fear no man but that thing ..... 2:33 it scares me

James Caine : "When you gotta set someone on fire"

fullm3tal90 : On the next episode “B.B. gun vs desert eagle” followed by “fireworks vs tomahawk missile”

Schlomo freemarketstein von zionistein : HANS, u know what to do

Stock Photo Asian Man : No one gonna take about how long the foam took to fall?

Nick Chan : Merlin 1D engine is the real flamethrower.

live and let live : Ummm why is nobody else asking where I can go pick up my M9 flame thrower..........btw I'm sitting in my truck waiting for a reply!

Nick Rehn : I never thought *NOT A FLAMETHROWER* would be outperformed by a FLAMETHROWER.

Mack Lee : That flamethrower's terrifying. I can't believe the military actually used those on people

Moss Fett : Why that one would make a great barbecue starter without burning down the neighbor's house

patrick schmidt : Hans.... Bring Flammenwerfer

Dario .M : damn imagine breaking inot his house and he pulls out the flamethrower

SevenSixTwo : Elon Musk has much better flamethrowers. It's called the Falcon Heavy.

Simon Calabuig : Elon musk had nothing on the market one, which had nothing on the vietnam thrower

Vyrkhan : Sure, I'm ordering my 'Vietnam flamethrower edition' on Amazon... Oh, wait... I can get a FREE Shipment with PRIME and it will arrive before Christmas! :O

Neo2266 : 4:13 that has to be the coolest shot I've ever seen

chance golightly : You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about

Eric SOM DUTT : So those intelligent gentlemen compared a flamethrower with a *not flamethrower* and conclude that the *not flamethrower* isnt indeed one... Hats off gentlemen...

Mystery Man : 2:32 Imagine how many viet congs died in Vietnam to that thing. My gosh what a way to die

Leopard 2A6 : Well they are right, it's NOT flamethrower

Tuna The Pro : You know its a civilian flame thrower We all know diesel flamethrowers are way powerful

viewbob : “not a flamethrower” actually looks like a toy gun and even comes in a toy gun box

ItsNotTrue : DriveTanks guy: "That's a real flamethrower, that's how we do it in Texas: Elon Musk: Hold my blunt. Shows up with a rocket engine.

Pasha Soro : Jesus after I clicked on the video I thought you would have 1 mil subs but only 2k? You deserve way more! You just earned a sub. Guys help this man out 🙌🏻

Captainmakis 952 : But the name says it it's not s flame thrower! Its a propane torch!

Fleam Floogie : I wish I had a tank.

Rocketman : Is that a BigAssFan© in the background?