Real flamethrower vs. “Not a Flamethrower” by Elon Musk.

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Daniel Romero : Holy smokes! I've never seen an actual flamethrower, that thing is terrifying.

Life Hacks & Cool Products : Result is as advertised

Aj H : thats why its called NOT A FLAMETHROWER. Typical texan

Drindian Drindian : Weird to compare two flamethrowers to something that is clearly not a flamethrower. Next you should compare two machine guns to an iPhone or a slice of bread.

Matt Frazier : Woah! That foam stayed in the air for 4 seconds. @1:02

killmaster : No shit... It is a roofing torch with a gun casing. Elon Musk has stated this. He made this for shits and giggles.

azalru : Now do a comparison against the SpaceX Falcon 9.

internet person : so what youre saying is those are flamethrowers....and elon's is not a flamethrower

Nick Rehn : I never thought *NOT A FLAMETHROWER* would be outperformed by a FLAMETHROWER.

Donovan Uhlman : Amazing video...Really, guys!! I can't wait for the rowboat vs. the USS Nimitz .

Stealthought : You are comparing a TOY with a machine of war... this video is pointless.

Andrew : Not sure why you're comparing the boring company's product with these flamethrowers, It very clearly states right on the box "Not a flamethrower."

Adlin Ling : 1:25 That is the biggest ceiling fan I have ever seen.

Burt Fuggin Reynolds : this has to be for click bait, i refuse to believe these guys really thought it was a flamethrower ...

Jacob : For those who are unfamiliar, the reason it's called "Not a Flamethrower" is because it's... not a flamethrower. It's not a joke. The Boring Company's "Not a Flamethrower" is just a roofing torch. Hence why it's literally named "not a flamethrower". Because it's not one. ;)

IUNFE : I have a video recommendation for you since you love doing this shit, compare a BB gun to an m16.

Michael Pham : Damn I thought the 2nd one was already dangerously great... that third one is a fucking beast.

John : Anyone see the flame the Falcon Heavy shoots out? Now that's how we do it in California, specifically at SpaceX.. Lmfao x10

Aaron Darwish : 2:46 Is basically the evolution of Charmander as he grows bigger his flames get stronger.

Frothar : Flamethrower made as a joke is meh. Flamethrower made for fun is pretty good. Flamethrower made for war is pretty good

Ricardo Urrutia : 3:40 "when you gotta set someone on fire "?????? WOW

Zippy1415 : I'm liking that third one, the M9. If you're going to throw some flame, best not to fiddle around. Thanks for the comparison!

Nate DeFrees : 40k Salamanders: Heavy Breathing intensifies

_ : Comparing flamethrowers to not-flamethrowers.... Can Texans get even dumber?

mongke : Cool camera angle. Why are you calling a product literally called "Not a Flamethrower" a Flamethrower?

julio garcia : kind of a boring flamethrower eh

Jacob Tran : Can you show me Texas military Spaceship Vs. Elon Musk Space Ship?

kiDkiDkiD12 : Its almost like its "Not a Flamethrower" Oh wait, that's literally what it's fucking called. No paperwork needed for the "Not a Flamethrower" but how much paperwork for a real one?

Reuben Hopper : Now what's the price difference?

Reuben Stern : That's "Not a flame thrower", it's a really cool lighter.

Nathan Lee : Now which one can you fire up in the office (as Elon did) without setting off a smoke alarm?

viperstrike0 : pretty good for it not being a flamethrower.

carl johnson : Yeah, but it COULD kill people. Thats why its such a cool toy, the mere fact that the possibility exists. a little danger + a little safety = fun If you have too much of either one it stops being fun real quick 😁

demon212 : i mean duh

checkacola : Elon Musk 's device is a torch not a thrower

Tree Daddy : It’s just a roofing torch re-housed in a gun stock format according to Elon.

Skywaller : This video is cringe material. How did they miss all the signs saying it's not a flamethrower, yet still compare it to a flamethrower...

Waleed Wahidi : Teslas owner came out with a cologne, it was called elon's musk.

the__ 1995 : That's what scared the shit out of the Nazis.

dat boi : Funny this stupid texan calling elon how to build real flamethrower and comparing them with a product that say not a flamethrower... Bruh.. elon build a fcking rocket go to march.. those rocket flame can burn you from the moon lol

Nick Langley : Why are we even comparing not a flame thrower to flame throwers? Its like comparing a car vs. a bottle of ketchup, theyre different things completely.

garnster : that's a lot of nice toys you got there.

Brayan Rosales : Every body knows that's a cool toy, I don't see what you're getting at. The name? It's a sales stunt. Instead of discrediting musk, you discredited yourself by pretending to think it was meant to be a real weaponized flame thrower.

no : Next let's compare a 50 cal barrett vs a german luger vs an airsoft pellet gun for an equally useless video.

Roy Hernandez : Tune in next when we compare a .50 cal and a toy watergun!

rhinocrates : Did none of the people complaining about an unfair comparison bother to look at the name of the channel or watch to the end? I will clue you in it is as in their business is you can go to them and drive a real tank and at the end he says you can use the real flamethrower there too. It is an advertising video to those who thought the toy "not a flamethrower" would be cool to own, but hey you have tried the non flamethrower come here and try the real thing.

Beardface87 : And those were used on people?! that is horrifying!

zompanda39 : Reason why its called Not a flame thrower. Really not hard to disparage what is t.

J M : You can buy a weed burner at harbor freight for $15 that will do a better job...

Jonathan H. : butt hurt Musk Thumpers not understanding this is a visual representation of the differences in power between varying flamethrowers, and highly informational.