10 Times Cartoons Predicted The Future

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Alltime10s : *Which of these did you think was the strangest coincidence?*

Balsamic Memes : Did they predict the future or inspire the future?

Darrell Rhora : Jenner “woman of the year” he wasn’t even a woman for a year.!

Guillle77 : #1: Inspiration is not a prediction.

HolyBookProductions : He was not "savagely attacked" ... the animal tried to save the man because he had a stroke and tried to carry him off stage ... like a cub... but the animal can not know that humans cant be transported by their neck....

TrickyLover : Cartoons don't predict the future, people take the ideas and make it the truth

LlewelynReswald : you have put the Philippine flag behind Pia in the wrong orientation. the blue part should be on top. The red part will only be on top if the Philippines is in a state of war.

The Casual Gamer : Flintstones not remaining popular? What idiotic world do you live in?

Francis1989ers : 9/11 attack plans was intercepted in others countries particularly the philippine intelligence; warned U.S about that but they ignored/belittled the info.

Laura Gallaher : Number 3: Wow two guys that abuse animals and exploit them for entertainment, eventually getting attacked by said animal? What a shocking and unseeable prediction!!!! But seriously, too bad the tiger didn't finish him off

John Dawson : I don't think any predictions about technology can be determined as predictions there more guidelines or ideas people designed actual products from

Khalil Pontikes : The South Park one about the confederate flag isn't a prediction. There were people like that back then as well.

Renaldy Azhari : 9/11 Never Forget the Inside job :'(

Nosaima : More like, Stolen ideas from shows.

Johnny Kiehn : I think the real conspiracy here is Alltime10s constantly sneaking in stock images of people typing to brainwash viewers into commenting on the video 🤔🤔🤔

Alexandria Wright : I was watching the family guy episode the other day and found it super funny how they predicted the caitlin jenner thing. but also how infuriating that "she" won the woman of the year award, erasing the progress of an actual woman ???

J4KE : His name is bruce jenner and only bruce jenner

Rhett Having a Vietnam Flashback : Joking about a Trump presidency in the Simpsons predicted his presidency? No, he was running to become the elect when the episode was made.


sharifah : You should not be so quick to dismiss conspiracy theories. Rich and powerful are a lot more devious than you think. People are chess pieces for them, and blindly believing everything you see on media is playing there game and letting them do what they please. People asking questions could actually have stopped multiple events from happening.

Goþ. Banger, DER EINZIGE. : wouldnt get me in a tube mate, r u fuking joking mate

AlkisenSuper : I should've expected it, but I'm very disappointed about the transphobia in the comments. Whatever your thoughts are on Caitlyn, we should never scare people off for identifying themselves how they please, since they get enough harrassment daily as it is already.

Ryan_n : IT'S BRITNEY WAOWCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Voltz : You wrote: *10 Times Cartoon Predicted The Future* This means that you _only_ talk about _one cartoon_ because if you don't add the "S" to the end of a forwarding word to emphasize more than one, then that word only means in literal terms, "One", however, what you should of wrote in you're title is this: 10 Times Cartoons Predicted The Future!" You guys seriously need to prove-read.Cheers, ya wanker(*S*) _lm*F*ao_ =]

Here For The Comments : Isn't it more likely that Elon Musk got the idea from Futurama, not that Futurama predicted that Elon Musk would build tubes? A common mistake these lists keep making.

RantingRamsay : The Hyperloop is a LOOOOONG way off from being viable, let alone practical. They can't even keep their 1KM test track from rusting... The Hyperloop is one hell of a joke.

Night Walker : I predict these cartoons to predict

TheGloomining : there's an old wb cartoon that allegedly predicts 9/11 long before Iron Man, The SImpsons, and many other cartoons. i believe it was a bugs bunny cartoon from it's early years.

Mayank Gupta : Nuclear attack in Tokyo in 2020..how true its looking now

EleCtroN : At 5:06, the Philippine flag is upside down. The blue should be on top and the red on bottom. Otherwise, the inverted philippine flag means that the Philippines is in war.

james Fra : 10 times future predicted cartoons.

l1998 : JEWS, they plan all this stuff.

jose miguel pascual : just saying but the Philippine flag is upside down, the red field means the country is at war and the blue field means the country is at peace, and just putting it out there but we're at peace

Neiot : 1:12 Those aren't lions, though.

John Sheffield : Of course, Osama could have been a fan of the Iron Man cartoon. I hope neither Trump nor Kim has never seen "Akira."

David Alexander Forde : Anyone who hasn´t finally realised, that cartoons are generally, satanically-orientated and Zionist-fake-Jew-owned, should perhaps, wake effing up, accept some responsibility and, seriously care about their children´s future!

??? ??? : Bros the Filipino flag is upside down because if the red is on the top the Philippines is on a state of war so showing that shows your declaring war to the Philippines

Chris Shipman : Elons tubes have been proposed before in the 1800s and it still won't work.

Dimitra Papapetros : Why is the arsenal fan from football daily there at the end?

Jonny2myren : The "Hyperloop" wasn't invented by Elon Musk or predicted by Futurama. This idea has been floating around for decades, and no, it won't become reality this time either because it's simply not feasible.

ThePipLad : *he would appear on Vanity Fair

N H : Its pretty stupid to call it predictions when they made thousands of episodes and 2 or 3 things happens.

Ryan Sace : 5:06 uhhh pls change the flag, that is not how its supposed to be shown If the flag is shown like that, it means war**

Steve Von Doom : something like Rosie(alexa/roomba) is not too far off. your robot maid can be initialized to vacuum on command(kinda). Also , X-files spin-off the lone gunman pilot episode in march of 01 portrays a hacked plane being overridden and used for said predictive purpose....

Temothy Homecillo : 5 people are first... how does that happen?

Timothy Jacobs : 5:05 the flag is upside down. If the flag is upside down that means the Philippines is in war

finalfantasy2484 : What happened to fact wars?

Relo : People have tried making the "hyperloop" for a good 60 years now, still always failed because G forces are still a thing and creating large vacuums are real dangerous. Unless you'd either like to die from your own bodyweight or crushed because there is a minor in the piping of course, just to name obvious issues.

Leze : Actually Ramboll service was first one who thought building hyperloop (on Finland)

Osvaldo Torres : Please come back to FootballDaily