The Most Emotional Clip We've Ever Filmed - Penguins Mourning

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katie r : And people say animals have no emotions, this just proved them wrong

Coconut Productions Central : Oh my lord. Oh my lord! Do you see this? The other penguin was comforting the one that was looking at the frozen baby. Awww......

Bowser Bros : Happy Feet? No... you mean Unhappy Defeat

morturaries : these amazing little angels are so special. animals feel just like we do. bless their little hearts... i'm so sorry you lost your baby.

SAK- SOON : Omg... I can feel their sadness 😢😢😢😢

Karolin Austen : Human or animal, a mother is a mother 😢😢😢

Precious Moments : Omg! This made me tear up. Makes me sad that the mom lost her precious baby. 💔

MyNameIsBen : This is so sad, Alexa play despacito.

Gabe Foundation : Dad - why are you crying so loud Me - uhhhhhh onions Dad - -_-

Princess Princess : I can't stop crying 😢😢😢. .

xohillary : And with david Tennant narrating makes it even more emotional

Eddie : This sound like David tenant the 10th doctor.....

Catherine Gernetzke : that’s it I’m crying.

Betsy Baah : I immediately thought of Happy Feet

Daniela Reyes : I don’t remember happy feet being this sad

ɴɪᴄᴋ ɪs 2ɴᴅ : Penguins will always be my favorite animal

God King Darius : its like my sisters penguin toy that my mum wash but I put it in the freeZer

Russian Bot : this is why we need global warming #PenguinLivesMatter

Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man : 🎵Let it go, let it goooooo🎵 Get it? Cuz its frozen.

Jim B. : *Happy Feet - alternate ending* 😔

Kats Corner : Beautiful animals, god bless her baby ❤️

BeautyBySajida/ قناة ساجدة حسونة : Who’s cutting onions

Austin Taylor : I regret clicking this instantly

Jolie Prezeau : I'm not crying you are

Yeong Lifestyle Josie : Penguins actually care. Geese are frickin jerks.

TheEggHead : Oh my gosh..😢

spicylemons : Holy shit why did i still click Well i guess its nature you know. Shit happend but at least this baby will maybe someday bring new life somewhere else.

Francheska Maree : I’m crying

Captain Blue Sock : And you guys just filmed it and didn't help them.

yikes TM : this isn't how I remember happy feet

thomas den bos : Why does the person filming this doesnt do anything

Theerawat Ratree : I am crying.😭😭

Claire Baire : I had never really paid much attention to death of young animals.....but...I miscarried last year and now I feel a mother's's like a curse

La patata Kawaii : I never thought that in 1:14 minutes I would cry :”(

Dredyn Cade : Even in the animal kingdom, penguins show more emotion than some of the humans I've seen, real talk.

Evangelia Bona : Why didn’t the people who were filming help out the poor penguin 😞

latifa alloo : Aww poor baby😢.

Emily Fandino : Im fucking crying

Maxwell Adams : That was the saddest thing I’ve ever watched I’m crying

InflatablePlane : Dang it! Who’s cutting onions in here?

distracteddawnyy : i actually cried omg

たんそたんたん : very sad

Sophia Halkias : This is Like sooo emotional but the movie benji omg i ❤❤❤❤❤❤ dogs and my cousins wached the whole movie and told me benji was the most emotional thing on earth and i didn't believe them so i wached it and when thay said it was emotional trust me it is it started and i saw and i turned it off right away crying next time i will trust my cousins and this is emotional too but benji omg no just no stupid people this shouldn't be a kid show omg ok sorry if i was being rude by saying stupid people

A_M_ R : I'm speechless...

Tugg Speedman : Unhappy Feet.

r a l i ' i x a v i e r o : *NOOT NOOT* 😔

boneless books : AND David Tennant's voice?!?!!?😭😭😭

ally idk : I forgot penguins existed tbh. This is so sad though :( Theyre very intelligent creatures

Марк Шумахер : 😵😱😿so saaad😭😿😢🙈👼🙏