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issa twaimz : still a better love story than twilight


The Real Albs : Having satanic voices playing in the background will never replace Bo pretending to suck satan off.

Mr. Man : Oh hello satan! *excessive deep throating of microphone*

Trinity Brock : I love how Bo ties real issues with humour

Rob Dyke : If I ever meet a primitive tribe that hasn't been connected with any form of modern society and they ask me to describe pop music, I will show them this.

Achatun : It's funny how this is released 4 years ago and still reflects the current pop music. Except there's way more talking about butts today.

Depth Perception : *Repeat Stuff* Hmm G U C C I G A N G

Hans Fertrig : My favorite part of this video is how many little touches are in it that you usually don't notice at first. Putting on a burglar mask before going into the girl's house at 0:20. The guy on the left bends down to blow Bo at 1:08. Bo looks like he's about to attack the girl while the screen is red but he and the color quickly change at 1:48. Bo looks like a stalking predator for just a second at 1:55. Bo continuously moving right while the girls on the left keep shifting with cuts 2:00. Bo and a girl staring at the camera 2:22. Almost everyone at 2:28 is in the same position as when it turns dark. Illuminate symbol on the magazine 3:46. A Hitler speech is played at 4:28. The girl has really odd posters of Bo on the walls 4:36. 14 subliminal messages appear throughout the video: imgur. com/a/HZ1bS Any I missed?

Patrick Cowles : I get chills at the end every time. This is not the work of a stand up comedian, this is the work of a genius. It represents everything that we strive for as a society. Also, the contradiction of the upbeat music with the brutal actions at the end is honestly visual storytelling at its finest.

Nicki Taylor : I know this song is a jab at the industry as a whole, but I totally feel like it's specific to Justin Bieber's, Baby. The beginning instrumental... the way he's dressed and the way some scenes are shot... "baby, baby, baby" = "repeat stuff, repeat stuff, repeat stuff."

L Stone : The 2.5k people who disliked this are those type of girls and are mad because you just put their life a plate and handed it to them

Ainsley's Life : Plot twist: she was planning on sacrificing him, but he got to her first

Katie Bruce : “I’m in magazines full of model teens, so far above you, so read them and hate yourself, then pay me to tell you I love you”

Kainenrox :: Sahbastion Hopson : I don’t have 2 arms on both sides of my torso, I have 15

KSic Gaming : This video was so romantic :')

Cherry Trèe : The contacts make him look like hes supposed to be a hot disney villain like is anyone else getting that vibe. Like the contacts make him look evil but not evil enough to be a real villain just a disney one idk lmao

Falling Jack. : Person: Who’s your favorite sociopath? Me: *Bo Burnham*

Garvinator : The chord progression to Despacito before Despacito was a thing

Loserrr _shocked : Anyone else find themselves really turned on by Bo with everything that he does in this video?

Evan Edinger : A+ would sell my soul 10/10

Dog : "God died in 1993" "Accept convinience fees" -Subliminal messages in this video

Arsenal Ayres : Even after 4 years, this is so relevant..... I lose hope in humanity due to Bo's truths

modern Icarus : This song has such a good meaning and yet here I am, drooling over Bo in those awfully beautiful contact lenses

A Ninja : Ok something's weird... i buy this song on iTunes, listen to it one day, and it sounds like it has a slightly different beat and Bo sounds slightly different. So I come back to listen to the original BUT IT SOUNDS THE EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE ONE ON ITUNES. Is there something wrong here? Or is it just me?

schmoyoho : new vine theme song?!

i love haz osterfield !!!!!! : whenever he says "oHH nOO" i always think of "OHHh BO"

Rawr ! : The real horror is that these bo products aren’t real

Alter nity : When I see the demon stars and theheart stealing, I realized... *_This is me in my own world._* *_Androphonomaniacal, Bloodlust, and Demonic._* *_H A I L S A T A N ._*

SchizophrenicDolphinz : Dissent is death Michael Clarke Duncan is alive and living in Ames Iowa This is all a simulation God died in 1993 Accept convenience fees

Lasercorn : My new favorite music video. #swag

Midnight C-137 and Septic Eye Sally : Who thinks he is hot?

Terra1998 : Suck it one direction! You know before they broke up practically almost their entire discography could be described using this song

Natalie -The Dragon Nerd : *O h* I've.. I've found my type of humor...

BritBaker _ : I cant wait till my schoo, does talent show im eaither gona do this song or Left Brain Right Brain

Charsept : The demon wink at the end is so good (things you didn't think you'd say when you woke up this morning...)

George YT : This is a try not to laugh Challenge. You laugh you re-watch. But you know how the thumbnail of those vids has like, Eminem with a slight smile, to Eminem with no smile. This one just has a really famous person smiling, still smiling, somehow still smiling, inhumanly smile. *Demonic Voice* FINGER YOU

Riley Hylton : *Oh, Satan, you taste so good*

Morgan Tee : At the end between shots it flashes “Accept convenience fees” and “god died in 1993” “Michael clakie Duncan is alive and living in Ames iowa” and “dream big” and “dissent is death”

Payton Carmack : I'm connor the android sent by cyberlife

Girl Pants Productions : It's mind-blowing that Bo Burnham is just now being noticed for this song. It's been around for over 2 years and it's never NOT been fantastic. C'mon people, get with Bo, yo!

Katie Bruce : I just randomly started singing this because it was stuck in my head and my 10 year old brother was in the room and he kinda just looked at me

Adam Svamp : 4:48 God died in 1993

Katie Bruce : I love how Bo makes funny songs that actually have a deep meaning ❤️😂

Mail Man : 1:10 is he getting sucked off by his manager???

SpaceHamster : hahaha, for real.

Loserrr _shocked : “Micheal Clark Duncan is alive and living in Ames, Iowa” “This is a simulation” “God died in 1993” “Accept convenience fees”

Lilac Wolf : Is it just me, or does Bo’s head look huge 😂

Mark Harris : "Michael clahfe Duncan is alive and living and living in Ames.Iowa and god died in 1993 and accept convenience fees." these are hidden messages

specticular entertainment : I like how both his live performance in what and this music video both are different and surprisingly stand on their own and both are funny in different ways.