Episode #6 - I wasn't expecting this today. It turned out to be the worst day of my life

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Joe Joe : The support from everyone is overwhelming. Thank you so much everyone for your comments and encouraging words. I know I was asking a lot of questions but I was in a panic thinking she didn't know who I was. This was the first time I realized she might not know who I am. All I wanted her to say was she knew I was her Son, but those words never came out.

tankmaster1018 : I visited my Grandmother today at the nursing home to try to surprise her for Easter. She has had Alzheimer's for a few years but I had no idea how far it had progressed, and experienced one of the biggest reality checks today so far in my life... She had absolutely no idea who I was, and even more devastating was the fact that she seemed scared by me since I was just so much larger then she was. I tried to go for a walk with her outdoors and she just started crying uncontrollably repeating she "just can't do this anymore" and telling me to leave her alone. It fucking snapped my heart in two man... I literally had to get a nurse to watch her while I went to the bathroom and just lost it for a few minutes. The feeling of watching someone who used to love you and know so much about you just look at you completely blankly, with absolutely no recognition or even worse, fear is just the most heart wrenching thing I have ever gone through in my 24 years. And this is my grandmother... I can't even imagine if being your mother. I thought being buried alive or drowning was my greatest fear. Not anymore, now its developing Alzheimer's myself or ever worse, having my parents develop it and watching it strip them of everything that defined them until nothing is left. I am so sorry man. I can't even imagine the strength it took to record and post this. You have my never ending respect man and I hope you are doing okay. Never realized how devastating Dementia related conditions were until it happened to my family too...

Stefan Vasic : "how did we meet?" "in school?" Man.. that is so sad ...

Jamie Kate Adoc : I'm sorry you have to go through this. I am a nurse caring for dementia patients and it's heartbreaking for me to see them decline. I see them on their good and bad days. But to see it from a family member's perspective is more heartbreaking. I'm praying for you and your family. Stay strong :)

Blackwood : "Crying is not a sign of weakness. Since the day we were born, crying was always been a sign that we're alive." Stay strong my friend! This video touched my heart...

SmarterEveryDay : It took great personal courage to post this video. It also helped me, so thank you. I have a family member with dimentia and this made me realize I might not have as many good days with their mind left as I thought. Thank you, and I'm sorry for your loss.

Amie S : your mom might be forgetting who is who, but she's a smart cookie. she knows when her son is lying to her

Holly Hocks : Even though she can’t quite remember where you fit in her memory she still feels love towards you and reached out several times to touch you. Memories are like chasing smoke for people with dementia. You are a good son

Summer ThymeGonzalez : She knows you are her baby, a part of her essence. That’s why she keeps telling you she loves you so much. She just doesn’t understand the concept of son or father or sister for that matter. It’s more of a language problem she is having trouble with. But believe me, how can she ever “forget” you? You are a wonderful person.

Ashley Caissie : Omg I feel so bad for u... I cried while I watched this 😢

Gina Darling : Fucking hell, man. My heart breaks for you. But please understand that her heart still remembers that it loves you dearly.

Dana Kocourková : Holy moly. I was crying through out the whole video but when she reached for your hand at 21:00 to caress you when when you were sad....that just broke my heart. Although She cannot process it, she loves you.

Cara Michelle : My heart goes out to you and your beautiful mother. This was one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever watched. You can see the love she has for you in her eyes...hold on to that because as the dementia takes her brain, you will never lose her love.

Slava mih : Держись мужик

sandraenglandful : This was really hard to watch, bless all of you❤️ it makes me miss my Mommy so much😔

patrickJMT : Oh man, I watched the whole thing. When she started rubbing your arm at around the 21 minute mark, I lost it. Hang in there brother. I hope you both stay strong. Cherish the love and memories that you have and know that she still loves you, there is no doubt about that.

Cody Cahill : WoW This is so heart braking. I have to give it up to Joey for being such a strong individual. But I can see the pain and hurt in his eyes.

Mary Carlone : I’m having a Molly day. I miss her. Now she knows who you are from Heaven. 🦋

Инко гнито : мне 25 лет, я смотрел и плакал :( Бедолага парень

lulabell 79 : Dear sweet Joey, I know exactly how you feel. My mother was a young 54 years old when early onset dementia reared it's ugly head! And we saw it happening slowly, but we wanted it to be something that would pass or something a doctor could fix. I buried my mother at the young age of 61 years old. She passed away on Christmas Eve in 2015. There hasn't been a day go by that I didn't miss her and long for her to be alive and well. When I dream of her, she is always the "normal mom," in good health. Breaks my heart all over again when I wake up. I urge everyone that reads this to enjoy your time with your mothers while they are in good health! What I wouldn't give to go back and spend more time with my mom. Joey, bless you for your love and dedication to your mother and going along on this journey by her side. Your commitment to this cause to spread awareness about dementia is a beautiful thing and I believe it will make a positive difference in many many lives, helping those affected by this disease to better understand and cope. Rebecca "Becky" Lou Wagner. July 3, 1954 - December 24, 2015. Rest in Heaven sweet Mama. You were the best Mama I could've ever hoped for. You'll live on in our hearts forever! I love you and I'll see you again one sweet day. ~Laura

GamerForLife : I'm gonna be honest, I usually don't care about ppl, I care more about animals, me and my mother don't get along at all but this hit me, this hit me like a sledge hammer. This is the first time I cried for a video regarding humans.

Sam Jacks : Брат. Привет тебе из России. Мы с тобой!

Death Ful : Whoever dislike these video you are a heartless fool

Liz Payroll Queen : 66 is so young

Annette Crifasi : Even in her condition she still shows emphathy asking if your crying....and that shows your mom is still in there.

CyberDog : Держись. В России тоже тебя смотрят. Hold on in Russia to you watching.

OloLosha : я взрослый мужик но я плачу каждый раз как смотрю твоё видео! держись дружище. у тебя большое и доброе сердце. очень жаль что это происходит с твоей мамой!

L L : Dear man, she knows she loves you so much. She said it. The brain is just confused, never the heart.

Ромашка ТВ : Господи Боже. Такого даже самому заклятому врагу не пожелаешь. Только вчера с мамой поругались, а вроде такой пустяк был... Цените ваших родных и близких, никто не знает, что может случиться с ними. Держись, не унывай. Самое главное, что она ещё жива. Мы с тобой, всё будет хорошо😭💕

BurtDude : really sorry you have to go through this Joe. Wish you and your family the best.

Catherine T : One of the hardest things I’ve watched in a while... I’m sorry 😞😔💔

•Декабрьская депрессия• : Русские имеются?)

Martha A : I LOVE your Mom... She makes me smile..

Rachel Chen : Just stay with her, chat with her, NO more questions. Just accept she wont remember any. She in peace, and u need that too.

melani sander : she may not recognise you but her heart trusts you. underneath deep inside that is still there. mothers love is instinctive. it never goes away.

Just Lurking : I know I'm late to the party but it seems very clear that she knows who you are and how you fit in to each other's lives, and that she hasn't forgotten who you but what a child is and how having children relates to her. She loves you so much and through all your heartache during this difficult interaction that was most clear. The way she looks at you is enviable. I wish you and your lovely Mother all the best x

Psycho Sickler : I seen a documentary on a dietitian whose husband was the same way. She gave him a tablespoon of organic coconut oil and it supplied that part of the brain with the type of fat it needed. He started remembering and doing the things he used to. Such as driving and cooking. Maybe it'll help. God Bless

JustinFTW1234 : what's the point of dislikes ?!?

Кот Show : Don't cry! Good luck for you and your mother.

ItsKelsiesLife : 💔 this absolutely broke my heart. Prayers for your family

MJ M : Your mum knows who you are in her heart. I can see the love she has for you Joey. Her tender mothers touch. Take care of yourself Joey x

patricia S : I viewed earlier videos. I have to tell you something, and this may be painful for you. You are making some very basic mistakes in how you communicate with your mother who has dementia. Asking her point blank, "do you know who I am" ? is NOT the way to communicate with someone suffering from this disease. That is shaming behavior and only makes the sufferer feel terrible. Better by far to engage her in conversation and let her reveal how much she knows. I'm posting this in hopes of engaging with others who are dealing with parents suffering from dementia.

Kay B : Your Mom gave you the best years of her life, and has given you life itself....it's more important to remember who 'she' is...... instead of short one word answers....you should tell her the story of the life you spent together....... it will help with her nightmares, and these stories of your lives will be a sweet ending, not a sad one of frustration as she tries her damnedest to put it all into place. Try writing and reading a book about her life, and read it to her...it will bring her great comfort. Thanks for sharing 'her' journey, and your love for one another, no matter 'who' she thinks you are. She trusts you..she feels your pain, wants to make it all better...that's what moms do........

а б : Конечно, это очень тяжело. Берегите себя!

denis dralec : This is......painful. But look at 20:42-20:45 "I'm not worried, I just want you to be happy". Why on earth would she care about happiness of a person she doesn't know ?? As someone before me has said - her heart knows.

Psalmuel Schon-Meier : The heart of a Mother remembers what the mind forgets.. Amidst all the confusion- she never fails to show and express her love.

Jewel Haines : I'm so sorry. This disease is so unfair. You are a wonderful son. ❤

Dom Sansotta : I don’t see how he’s so strong and able to hold it in like it’s nothing if my mom went thought that is id be so devastated Joey keep your head up I know Something like this has gotta bs hard on you and the rest of your family what you’re going through I couldn’t even imagine god with you and your family

Клементина : В жизнь есть неудачи

Crystal Bisel : The mother's love is there...you can see it in her. The memory isn't there but her love is. Hold onto that! 🙏