1980's Some of the best max headroom quotes (from the 80's man)

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Dank Dank : I'm beginning to feel like a rap god....

maxheadroomukarchivestm1987 : "he's nothing but a robot. covered in makeup. talks a lot of nonsense. what a way to talk about the president of America"

Noah The Troll-Hunting Christian Spy : Say hello to the father of Youtube Poop. Update: For goodness sake, it's Max Headroom. He was doing this kind of stuff in the 1980's.

UltrawomanLiz18 : Y'all kids need to understand that the idea behind Max was grappling with a tech revolution. In 88 (or whenever) WWW hadn't even been written yet and though we knew the future was in cyberspace nobody knew what that was. This was a pretty big deal historically. Sampling was new, remix didn't exist yet, this was the bleeding cutting edge. Don't taunt Sumerians over primitive writing and don't dis Max Headroom. He came true.

Gloom Shift : "Why are the only funny lines on this show the ones behind me?"

Shinobi Wolf : "The only funny lines on this show are the ones behind me." Classic.

rlrsk8r1 : "How can we make this guy in a plastic suit and makeup look like a computer-generated guy from the future?" "We'll just make the audio skip and loop." --The most clairvoyant men in the world.

When Will You Learn? : Is this the origin of YTP?

JackisJack : "You know...People can be really nasty. Only the other day I heard someone say, "he's nothing but a robot, covered in make-up." What a way to talk about the president of America." I laughed so hard.

thaibu : Always thought Jim Carrey emulated Max Headroom.

Forgetful Hatter : I just witnessed a fake ai stutter his name for 10 seconds and i loved every second for it.

Zed C : Is he running on windows 98?

Kailash : me and my mates used to impersonate him in school, thank god there were no smart phones about back then :p

therandomdot : This is what they should have kept Max doing... satire, sarcasm and dry-witted humor. He was at his best when he was acting like an artificial intelligence going bonkers. It's sad that they made a show for him that involved drama and being serious. The origin movie of him was dramatic and cyberpunkish. But, he took off in pop culture as a satirist. They should have stuck with that.

ZefTillDeath : So he was basically Jim Carrey before we all knew who Jim Carrey was.

Mr. Skeleton : this video looks like a YTP

Critias : This is Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Max-MAX-MAX-MAX-MAX-MAX-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-MAX MAX MAX MAX-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-MAX Max Headroom.

DominatorGaming : The 80s sounded so fantastic...

josoverthehill : When computer graphics were new and exciting. I remember being AMAZED... asking myself, "How do they do that!!!!!????" And wasn't it a COMPLETE bummer to find out that it wasn't computers at all, but just freaking MAKEUP?? I know I was disappointed.

Cody Cullum : So few people noticed that behind the crazy editing skills and amazing artistic design, Max Headroom was one of the best satirists of his time, and covered more controversial topics than almost anyone in the 80's. This guy was amazing....and then he got a tv show and a movie that completely threw all of that out.

Limelines : Listening to Max slaughter german was just so goddamn amusing. At least I as a german was able to understand it XDD "UND DER OBER BRACHTE MIR... EINE.... SUPPE! *hysterical laughing for no reason*"

Natalie D. : "Why are the only funny lines on this show the ones behind me?"I DIED

coyoteroadkill : This show predicted the future so accurately! In the age of video tapes, Max's jumping around and stuttering foretold the annoyance of a scratched DVD.

randomhumor1 : so this is where Eminem got the idea for the music video of Rap God, at least the intro part

MallarRallam : This looks like the very first YouTube Poop.

PazuzuStalker : I remember this from back in the days... Extremely stylish, graphic and cool! Was kind of about that in the 80s. Miami vice etc. JR pouring his scotch... It was about style, looks, images and poses. The Vibe! You could almost taste it... Humor? Serious stuff? Nah! If you wonder about stuff like that you weren't there.

StaticSnow : is this vaporwave

patronsaintofpoison : Your love is fading

stiimuli : ya know, everything I've seen this guy in, other than this show, he was really good with lots of charaisma. Honey i shrunk the kids, an episode of Star Trek Next Gen.... Why wasn't he a bigger star?

Sightseeing : How'd they do it? With makeup. I'm not kidding.

Purple Dinosaur : Am I the only one terrified of max headroom

Ferdinand Hlavac : "My brothers wearing the other one...... Its dirty!"

CoolestCorpseOnTheBlock : Anyone else see the subliminal messages?

Orion : This shit was way before its time, i wish i was alive to expience this time period....i know i know, we are living in history as we speak, but there is just something about the 80s, its been ingraned in Americas head as this time....i don't know how to explain

Johann Gaius isiNwinga Zulu Ahuitcoyotzin Hirohito : This isn't funny, but rather very creepy.

Bálint Szép : "And the nuclear powers have just denied rumors that the world's waters are being polluted by nu-nu-nu-nu-nuclear waste. They say they say the pollution is being caused not by them but by all the dead fish... we havetoday... in the sea... mkay? NE-NE-NE-NEXT!"

magikoopa : Is this suppose to be entertaining???

SmegPod : most of it wasn't actually cgi it was just a guy made up to look like cgi, cut up and edited

Sparky Marie : I'm shook, what the hell did I miss in the 80s.

nickpower03 : If you watched this on acid.. oO

Ralof Of Riverwood : At least he has better hair then Trump

Steven Whitear : "Why are the only funny lines in this show the ones behind me?"

CT2507 : wow!... Jim Carey stole so much of this guy!

Charlotte Nixon : 1:59 I laughed so hard I exploded

Daehawk : Matt Frewer is an acting genius. I loved Max when I caught it in the 80s new. I was a teen and it was perfect for a tech guy. People used to wonder if it really was a computer lol if you can believe that. I didn't catch it a lot being active and discovering girls but loved it. My step mom ruled the VCR so I couldn't record it. It wasn't until I saw him in Star Trek The Next Generation that I found out who Max was.

Barrett Lewis : 5:05 you can hear the crew laughing (over the ping pong game they seem to be playing)

Patrick Bateman : That's absolutely hilarious. "But what about frozen meat? Is that as fresh as the moment the cow went... 1:59 "

Jonathan Jensen : You know, I've known about Max Headroom since I was a kid in the '80s...however, I just now realized that YTPs are trying to emulate it.

internet user : remember boy george? me either

Stephen Campion : UK TV was excellent in the 80's. We had Max Headroom, The Young Ones, The Tube, The Beiderbecke Affair, Edge Of Darkness, Spitting Image, etc. etc.