_I hit dingers

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DashDonivan : The kid is an absolute badass! I hope he hits a 100 dingers during the series!

wade ault : More like eating zingers.

Nolan Billiot : Is that squints behind him?

parksed24 : ABSOLUTE UNIT

Michael Gaines : He gonna be playin catcher or 1b in the majors one day...hittin dingers

Derek Faw : This is it? This is what the internet is going crazy over? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Jesse lee Davis 3rd : I am a little league coach and I love his attitude go get em with them dingers son

matthew di stasi : Big Al! I love this kid. I'm going to live my life by this... Just hit dingers.

NannersSmash : He just hit a dinger like 40 minutes ago

VinnyMartello : After a shot of Metamucil I was able to hit dingers.

RezMePlz : He’s the prototype, the culmination of all things holy. Cranking dingers to heaven and shattering the pearly gates. The vag slaying champion we don’t deserve but all needed during these dark times.

Carlos Sanchez : Ima about to hit a dinger on this lady right now

ooga booga : he goes to my school

Empericalmonkey : "Do you want to know the terrifying truth or want to see me sock some dingers?" - Mark McGuire

Andrew Boomer : My man!

GlitchMod : _Big Doinks?_ Na *Big Dingers!*

Christian Myers : He did it

ATLHooligan : Hahahahahaha

Michael : Hilarious

Guy Parris : Push yourself away from the table son....Damn!

Mike O : I cringe everytime I hear someone call a home run a "dinger". My grandmother used to call the man part a dinger. Not a weenie a pecker or a tallywacker......but a dinger! I'm sure you all will cringe now when you hear some announcer call a home run a dinger!

Christopher Bayne : At what point should I give a damn?

Diane Wilkins : He is so cute.

AhhNick : He hits DINGERS

JR Fishing and Outdoors : What a beauty

jimmyfly : Way to go, kid! You’ve already done more than most of the jerks leaving crappy replies below.

Dollars to Donuts : Why does “Big Al” sound like he smokes 3 packs of Benson n Hedges a day?

Andrew McKinney : Dingers will be hit

cracker woods : The big "DING" .... love this kid.

toben42 : Big Al is "the" man!

Mark Johnson : His life goes downhill from here

Corey 4130 : This kid is big time

sixty2jeff : I used to hit dingers in a local dive bar... lucky not to catch anything

realerdealers : miles is cool

Chris Bly : Better get in shape kid or you won't even play high school ball

Overtime Top Shelf : I hit dingers

James Bowers : This kid has the makings of a varsity athlete

Sam Jeppi : Baseball humor

DoWorkChopper : What is Logic doing in the dugout?

miamiwax : His voice! Hahaha

Swisher Stone : Why is there no footage of him hitting dingers

K Kent : What?

SuperRedBomb : He r she is copy righting

Sarcastro sarcastro_ : Looks like all he does is eat dingers.

DCSportsFan : The G.O.A.T.

Nathan and The Water : He is at the copertown all star villige right now i could walk through the bunks and findhim

Drogon 298 : I don't get what's so funny. Up until 15 years ago people would have been making a fat joke. God forbid we have a good laugh at a fat joke these days. The last two people I gave shit to for being overweight look incredible now. Nothing like some good old fashioned body shaming to help improve someone else's health and lifestyle.

Ethan Tremblay : This young, and he’s already morbidly obese. His parents should be prosecuted for child abuse! No child at his age should be that fat!