Teesside Tintin 22

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ACMA61 : Ya better put that fooking porno back in your fooking bag or i'm gonna put my fist straight in your skull. Best line ever

John Xenir : Who ya foogin talkin to, YOU?? I’ll read what the Fook I want, ya foogin daft coont!!

Steven Armstrong : If the maker of these videos sees this comment can u please make more tin tin videos there pure class and that predator one u did was brilliant

Great British Scarface : WHO DO YOU THINK YER TALKIN TO YOU?!

ruinedbyidiots : Stop talking. Stop talking. Stop talking now.

Mark Barrett : This has got to be my favourite episode. Can someone please clear this up for me; Who is Mallon?

Trami Nguyen : Tintin, Captain Haddock and Snowy are saving the parade.

bluesapphireymca : Prof sounds like Joe Moses

ben gallagher : Hehe this should be on the tele mate

Alex McGhee : "Think it's time for me to read a bit of porn" Lmfao :')

Al Black : Teesside Tintin is the lowest form of comedy there is!

Sarah Simpson : I cant stop laughing XD

Jokerfan45 : What kinda porn is that? Lol

StoppersREME : By far, this is the best one!

djcool2005 : *pulls paper out of pocket* "Now I've our lass's shopping list here, and I'm goin to Aldi.... Daft cunts.... Ehhhh yeh fat cunts...."

Hayden Belsham : I love this so much.

Nathaniel Kampeas's Channel : this is by far the funniest dub series ive ever seen in my life

chubii123 : I still find this amusing, even though it's really hard to understand anything for a non-native speaker

macthemec : they did, they keep getting deleted :(

Evan Strope : A wide screen in ur fukking face! LOL!!!

Nathaniel Kampeas's Channel : @gtmthegreat cghjdgjdhjfhk spam

athodyd : I speak correct (American) English so I can only understand maybe one word in ten but just the concept of an angry cussing Tintin is enough for me to favorite this.

Danchou Smith : lol !

StoppersREME : I'm in tears, this is absolutely 'kin brilliant! So funny!

Fitzy : what a fuckin belta

MegaIlikechickens : It's better than havin' a bomb!

Dewgel : When they start shouting that's when it gets mint

SergeantSausage420 : which episode of Tintin is this??

bruticus100 : 'right now I've got my lasses shopping list and I'm goin to aldi

harry kelly : check out the flaps on er

LeBronFilms : Which is the one about a big black dildo and a greggs pasty? :')

Charliecate : repeat 8 and 9 over and over again :')

Amanda Brown : love this so much.

Brown Arab : Im going to Aldi!

CrAZychicke : LOL


James Robinson : I've got our lasses shopping list here, and im going to Aldi. DAFT CUNTS. LOL

Simon Lythe : Canny good craic for people from Teeside. ;)

SergeantSausage420 : oh my fucking god mate, you got to make more vids of this lot, they're a fucking laugh and i keep having a laughing fit every time i watch these vids, LOL!!!


tomelliott9 : @PokieDalekCollector everyone here is from teesside lol

Chaaamp Chaaamp : look at the fuckin wing on that mot

YonOtto : Can hear someone laughing when Tin Tin has his final rant at the end XD

Heaven Dreamer : stop talking!

Terry McAleny : I`ll rip that fucking tash of ya face!!!

Steven A : "Look at the fuckin' wig on that mot!" "Check out the flaps on 'er!" Haha!!

laura jayne bates : Thats shit!

Mofomarnie88 : I can't get enough of Tin 'Ead. Fucking HILARIOUS! Who needs to go to the gym when you've got these guys giving you a six pack every episode? lol


JoeyDynamite2008 : Fucking hilarious. :-)