I made the entire Dunder Mifflin office in Far Cry 5!
I made the entire Dunder Mifflin office in Far Cry 5

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Aaron Horton : Sorry for my lack of knowledge. I havent played this game for a while. But where and how do you build your own map?

Rico Suave : Can somebody please make this a counter-strike map?

Entertainment Trivia Network : Now this one you CAN publish. Don't worry that it doesn't have AI or a "mission", just publish it as a Journey so fans of the show can wander through a familiar setting.((and fans of your brilliant designs can see it first hand). Pleeeese.... I'll post it in my Far Cry Arcade Movie & TV Maps group page too.

Jerry Mouse : The bottles under Meredith's desk, nice touch😂🤣🤣

Pranjal Rewatkar : I see a post about this on fb while watching The office 👌🏢🤩🤩🤩

vamsi sachin : Hahaha.... Fake fire from Dwight, silence of the lambs mask from Dwight, ceiling ruptured due to Oscar.... Subtle hints ... Brilliant

poor_youtuber : You deserve atleast more than 100.000 subs for your work to be honest

Prod. Mauri : This is incredible. This is exactly how I imagined it to look like. Good job.

Diabetic Chicken : I don't know what to do with the knowledge this exists now

EDEN'S GATE : Far Cry 5 Arcade community need some talented guys like you. Please publish some of your best maps in Arcade.

J-Villin : Pams tea pot :D and the dummy on the floor lmaoo this is amazing

THEODSTKING117 : YOUR A GODDAMN MASTER!!! Props man keep buildin’

Saltyvinegar : Nice!! This is why I love you

Aztrosist : kevin's chili... :(

finnur orrason : This looks amazing! Is the map published?

Dead Dead : BRooklyn 99 office next bro?

Alison Jeffrey : This is some dedication! How long did this take?

Jeremy Black : The ending should have a cat fall from through the ceiling.

Caleb Bowden : People who dislike this video will have to get 6 hours of counseling from Toby

Nash Burdoch : The chili.

Focal Fallout : I absolutely love it

Chris Kouyoumjan : This makes me happy. Now can we kill some cult leaders in it?

Donald Click : You didn’t have the mug on the table

USA : Good but he forgot the Coffee shop

DonQuixote1889 : Nice job!

wavewonder1 : Walking dead prison?

Curtis Elwood : Love the references to the episodes. Nice touch. Well done :D

Donald Click : This is nothing like it

Matt eR : Is there anyway to visit it? I just started playing far cry and it would be so cool to see it.

1CON1C G4M1NG : What song is this?

Player Select - TerryB2 : This is real noice shit my guy. Awesome. I have a pretty small channel, but I see that you solely make videos of crazy good maps in Far Cry, are any of them playable in any way or are they just for the visual? I’d love to do a video on some of these, they’re really cool. Get back to me man, and keep it up