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J J : GTA 6 is looking good so far 👌

MBennz : Mystery Dude revealed hahahahahaha! 😂😂😂👍

Jimmy Cool : *P A R M E S A N N I G G A Z*

London Metal Monthly : Baroque

PapitoMow : “Affectionate Niggas”

RabjinMC : "We got stab you with my Briss knife" XD

VikToR H VaXtabbeR : I knew 2pac is alive!

throathammer1 : Kevin Hart.. micro nigggiz!!

NaturalPhysx : Damn only 4.99 per min. Calling right now with beef.

JoeyWan Kenobi : Jewish dude grew his tooth back lol

landshark321 : YES. Seeing this, the sequel, 3 years later, in all its glory, was amazing, and it didn't disappoint at all. I died at the broke/baroque haha

DatRandomAsian : “MWAH nigga...”

aceous99 : shabat shalom nyigga

Justin P : Tropical snake?? Lol

Yunfei Skye : 0:37 ”curvaceous“

Main Drain Studios : I'm aLIVE, fool!

- NuclearWastE3 : we need a Gangster Party Line #3

bigut00bcelelry : I'd call no joke

DIEGO ECHEVARRÍA : Can't top the original

Denis Bu : Who ever wrote this script, THANK YOU!

- NuclearWastE3 : Call the number. Something actually happens. Actual Gangster Party Line. I left a message, hopefully I get a reply from some angry nigguh.

Matt Dawg : I’M ALIVE FOO!!😂

tmotom : The jewish gangsta got his teeth fixed! I'm glad to see he's doing well.

Jasta Gai : Ain't as funny as the original but still hilarious.

Oldgames1000 : Parmesan Ni***

MezzoForte4 : I'm so happy seeing that I'm not the only one who's made a broke-Baroque joke.

LILJAMER Aristide : Tropical snake?😂☠️ Nah brah I died⚰️

GAS - : Bichass bichass bich bich 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

envi z : stfu you tropical snake 🐍

johnlegolden : lol we need a part 3

Jeanzee : Seriously why isn’t this line up and running , they would make a killing racking in the money

92euce : The first one was better but this is hilarious still. 😆 Thank you whoever was involved in this.

Nice Response : The original was better, this feels forced.

Marquise Mcneil : Deadass just watched the 1st one again yesterday

Zane Korrs : Omg tropical snake killed me

Isaac Baez : That beginning caught me off guard

Sylar : Im alive foool.

b vo : Call now.... off top

tyler christ : the long awaited sequel

Tony Attardo : Damn I've been "day-sperate" for part 2

heinzi jenko : 0:39 Muah Ni**a!!!😂😂😂🤣

Anastasios Kontizas : Where the hell did you find all these guys??

Brian Lee Huerta : The 1st vid payed for the jewish fools new front toof!

Brian King : As good as the original. The best.

M P : I do not forget to watch this every day.

mybestblood : 2pac 😮😮😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ershad Lucian : Im alive Foooool!

Levette Nash : Lmfao! This is too hilarious!! All the content on this network is crazy funny!! I'd love a career opportunity with the LOL Network!

xGhostx : cant top the first one sorry boys

Immense Data : I swear that's Adam(YMS) saying "4.99 per minute"