Animator vs. Animation (original)

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xSlAsHx : 9 years ago and better than the most animation

ZaidXDYT - : 2018? Anyone..... Ok im ALONE( I CRY) :(

Jamer Gamer : Old Video: *exists* Comments: *2018 AnYoNe?!??!1

Kaizo : Who came here after the new video *The chosen one’s return?*

Cantaloupe : Classic, btw eat cantaloupe.

Kklf : 2018

EL FBI : stop saying 2018! i want to see the 2007 comments

Duggames Playes : Ahhh I love seeing the old windows...

100K Subscribers Without Any Videos : 2 0 1 8

The Rat Gang : 12,747,827,838 B.C? None of my fellow hipsters from back in the Big Bang?

TheTudinh : Haha! I remember that I saw this as a kid and wanted to do the same thing so I opened paint, drew a stick figure and waited.

atomic936 : I watched this bad boy like 15 times snd still enjoy it.

Shane Sreedhar : 2019

Malaycraft Animation : 2018 November.? Anybody . Edit: Ok I'm alone 👤😔😢

Weep Gaming : A day when windows 7 was not released.

TÜRKİYE 18 : 2018 burda mı

tomy2015 grane : oct 2018

szycu 1 : Its animate *clasic*

Lobinho Gamer : *Agost 2018*

EpicDiamondX : All of the 2007 comments are buried...

BOBR - Смех до слёз : 11 лет назад карл

Lcrown-Лкраун :3 : 2019?

Animatic Object Figures : It’s really sad that it’s not even the most popular video of alan becker.

Kevin and Christie Y. : Alan, it's been 11 years and your animating has improved alot. From your average baddie, to the Virus Vs The Chosen One. You have accomplished much more than a regular animator would these past 11 years. Congratulations on the success of your videos and your hardwork.

NINO™ : 2018 ??

Алексей Князев : 2K18?

Jairo Aguilar : Like si lo vez en 2018

Loudy : 11 грёбаных лет назад

Sedane Doyle : 2007-2018

Bernardo Uriel Elgoyhen : Hello!! How are you? It's me fine bye

Nathan Gaming : Seriously it created 2007 i borned 2009 the heck

AlfTed Original01 : This animation is better Than today's Yes or no?

Steve Tate : Hmm I never get likes people are saying 2018 and getting tons of likes let me try 2018

ReDZ : wow this was made in 2006..? That was 9 years ago!!

Usman Firoz : This is older then me 😮😮

abelhas jatai abelhas nativas sem ferrão : yutube me recomendando video de 11 anos atrás ta doido

Ryan Ba : 1:07 Fortnite

Максим [YT] : 2018!!

Davis1337 : 2007 nice

Zacimus the master Shooter : Holy shit this video is 12 years old!!!

INSANIDADE GOKU : Carai 11 anos

TheCoffeeCup : It's weird why Pivots want to destroy their creators Much like _Bendy_


MasonPlayz hi : 2018? anyone?

nirottama chahar : I want to make it

Your Typical Animator : Old Comments: WOAH THIS ACTUALLY HAPPEND??? New Comments: 2018 anyone?

세정갓 : *2007.5.14* ?

Gabe The Sesame Street Fan Est. 2001 : I think I remember seeing this video when I was little.

Nasrull Ardi : September 01 2018

Christian the Kid : Watching in 2018