Animator vs. Animation (original)

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Gucchi Jr : Who's watching this in 2017

Clorox Bleach : who is watching 2017???!

Marcia.lorena Burgos.maldonado : Quien lo vio en el 2018 xD

zakaria razek : I had to sub this dude has worked for over 10 years

Flav 1 : 10 YEARS AGO !

TheWarriorGamer : I remember when I was a kid and downloaded macromedia to try make my stickfigures come to life. I got really disapointed...

BookReviewer24 : 1:51 early fidget spinner

RAAWYN : 😂😂❤👍buen video me saco una sonrisa

Jack Ringel : Holy shit... It's been 10 years...

Neon Games : I remeber this from long time ago. I remeber trying to do this thing until I realised it was animated

MIKA BLITZ : 11 years ago

I Gamer Abood : Who come from 2017

Wolfgalaxy : I know there's a game for this, And don't get me wrong, It's good, But this needs to be real. Literally, Imagine the crazy sorts of physics that we could get, Like actually drawing the gun from 1:03 Basically, Make a physics engine for this.

ViedosFailxD : 10 years ago

Goku Black Rose : Que daora se vc pude se inscreve no meu canal

minihalkoja : How many people saw this, went to MS paint, drew a stick figure and just waited for this as kids?

ThatOneGuy 2016 : Use control z

婷玉冯 : Who see this video in 2017-2018

Janova Eryanto : Amazing

Let's See This : Please detail the name of software

Bay rondam : Who watched in 2017

AnglyChinaman : 10 Years ago I was 4 years old... and you?

Mesut Gos : Canım sıkıldıkça açıp izliyorum amk

Luis AB : Feliz 10 año aniversario de este vídeo

Никита : Сколько тысяч лет на это ушло?

Mason Brewer : Just remembered this existed. An oldie but a goodie

微笑 : So amazing! I love it!

Let's See This : Which software sir

Pınar Baybaş : Özlemişim yaa

exploringwiththeMac : This is amazing

intense moist : It'd be AWESOME if this was turned into an actual game you can download.

Ozgur Dogan : 10 yil once youtube mi vardi aq


Shaikh Shoeb : wow i can't believe this is so old and the animator was total savage at the end😂

Jeebuksen Pummilapsi : Memories.

김이나무 : The beginning of a legend

UGANDAN KNUCKLES : 12 days after I was frickin born

Startnews PW : I was not even one years old When this came out

Batata Gamer : Nice video!


zmitchy : Half of the people here went to paint drew a stick figure and waited😂😂I did

Your average Gamer : Old but gold

Roblox Tv : Cok guzel ve basarili bir video olmus! Simdi ingilizce bilmiyormusun demeyin! Ölürüm Türkiye'm! Bir tane Türkiye'm ❤

Reviewers Warehouse : Wow I was 6 when this video was uploaded

Alkylbenzenesulfonate : 2018 anyone?

Stephone the jerk : hard to believe this came out 8 years ago, And it came out on my birthday what a coincidence.

Animes AMV y Juegos : Like si hablas español y lo ves en el 2017 :v

Sib Santiago : 10 Years Ago

Белый ツ : haha 2007?WHAAAT

Bloxin'10 : *hello darkness my old friend*