Animator vs. Animation (original)

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xSlAsHx : 9 years ago and better than the most animation

RAAWYN : 😂😂❤👍buen video me saco una sonrisa

Marcia.lorena Burgos.maldonado : Quien lo vio en el 2018 xD

婷玉冯 : Who see this video in 2017-2018

Gamer 0214 : Guy:Hey..Boy whats yo watchin? Me:Ahhh...Animation vs Animator.. Guy:Let me see whats the date of that. Me:ahh..ok Guy:Wait WTF you still watch this? This is 10 years ago!! Me:(Checked the Date) Me:Wait WTF??? 10 years ago! Guy: told yah Me:ok but still gonna watch it..😊😊

EpicDiamondX : All of the 2007 comments are buried...

AtomCR CR : 2007?wow!

ViedosFailxD : 10 years ago

ProMasonGuy Gaming : Very good animation for 2007

Fila Analuam Suadrif : *2018?*

STUDIO MINIMINI : Best Animation Ever💙

SpAmSy Games and more : I was not even one years old When this came out

JrGamingYT : This is older than me!!!!

Sasuke Uchila : Que daora se vc pude se inscreve no meu canal

MIKA BLITZ : 11 years ago

Jeebuksen Pummilapsi : Memories.

Gabriel PvPArmy : Kul bro

Wretched Ink : This needs to be a game

Moonie : Turn on captions

TheMrSNakeBite : The explosion looked like pizza

Никита : Сколько тысяч лет на это ушло?

ThatOneGuy 2016 : Use control z

Mr Bazilio_Play : кокая настольгия)

Harley Quinn is the best : What about 2018 haha

TheTudinh : Haha! I remember that I saw this as a kid and wanted to do the same thing so I opened paint, drew a stick figure and waited.

Lucian Hebberd : MAKE THEM LONGER

Grant Ess : _Prepare for a paragraph_ when you think about it, the stick figure starts off as a bad guy but progresses and becomes the good guy, the protagonist and the animator becomes the antagonist. when the animator eventually captures the stick figure, the animator then proceeds to torment the stick figure after enslaving him. after a bit, the stick figure starts to look like the innocent one who wants freedom but the animator wants him tortures him and wants him deleted. all the 'Chosen One' wants is revenge for the torture. the final episode just ends with the animator enslaving the second comming of the 'Chosen One' for his animation purposes and somehow become friends. after all, the animator does types something along the lines of "If you animate for me, I'll set you free." *Note*: this is all something I typed up for the hell of it. don't go crazy and say that "I over analyzed a simple cartoon." I love to think about this sort of stuff

Naveen tech spl for you : Bhai bhot acchi video h

요조포고 : 기모찌

Eusebio Gimenez : Good animation 😉

微笑 : So amazing! I love it!

Abhey Sandhu : 😂😂👌

Pınar Baybaş : Özlemişim yaa

Ozgur Dogan : 10 yil once youtube mi vardi aq

Mesut Gos : Canım sıkıldıkça açıp izliyorum amk

Batata Gamer : Nice video!

Reviewers Warehouse : Wow I was 6 when this video was uploaded

Animes AMV y Juegos : Like si hablas español y lo ves en el 2017 :v

zmitchy : Half of the people here went to paint drew a stick figure and waited😂😂I did

Raquel Robin : If anyone is still watching I found an Easter egg... turn on the captions, he puts a conversation the animator and stick figure are having.

GamerBoy Mobile Legends : Cool

JGKraz DoezStuf : 11 yr old vid but still amazing

Тамара : I was 3 years when that's video maked...

NJCG the MVP : the first time i watched this i thought this was real

Vũ Nguyễn : 10 years!!!

SignRangerTV : XANDER


구독해죠 : 왘ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

ReDZ : wow this was made in 2006..? That was 9 years ago!!

Trionyx : Wew Who's Watching This At 2018 I'm 10 years old born in 2007 November 6 and can u guys subscribed cause I got 2 sub only so I wanna keep it coming edit: oh gosh it's 11 years or 10 maybe 😑