Animator vs. Animation (original)

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xSlAsHx : 9 years ago and better than the most animation

Jamer Gamer : Old Video: *exists* Comments: *2018 AnYoNe?!??!1

ZaidXDYT - : 2018? Anyone..... Ok im ALONE( I CRY) :( EDIT: 2019?? I know im not alone😀

Kaizo : Who came here after the new video *The chosen one’s return?*

Kevin and Christie Lim : Alan, it's been 11 years and your animating has improved alot. From your average baddie, to the Virus Vs The Chosen One. You have accomplished much more than a regular animator would these past 11 years. Congratulations on the success of your videos and your hardwork.

world of ttanks : 2019 11 лет

Parikshit Rao : 2008 a friend of mine showed this to me and man was this cool. I loved it played rip off games of it on new ground. Then I forgot about it. Then almost exactly 10 year's later that is today I saw the title animator vs animation IV. And I was like hey I think I know this. Then this and man the memories are hitting me like a train. Its been so loong. Man

Kirb Kirb : Last time it said 3 years ago. Now 11???

KEY MASTER : Кто с 2019 года?

NINO™ : 2018 ??

Shane Sreedhar : 2019

MrOwnerxD : this history right here is better than the human history

TÜRKİYE 18 : 2018 burda mı

CatStyle _ : 2018 2019 2020 2050 2100

EpicDiamondX : All of the 2007 comments are buried...


vlodge 657 : 1:40 NARUTO is that you

Ryan Ba : 1:07 Fortnite

Malaycraft: Minecraft Animation : 2018 November.? Anybody . Edit: Ok I'm alone 👤😔😢

dorian red : You seen 2007

Flam 07 : I wasnt born when this was made

Губка Боб Фан Клуб : 2019

CryoFrostRS : This is where the legend started.

TheTudinh : Haha! I remember that I saw this as a kid and wanted to do the same thing so I opened paint, drew a stick figure and waited.

Unknow Name xD : February 2019

Christian Kyle Ventic : 11 Years Later Now 2019?? Anyone?

Jezrell ugto : Well this published on may 2007 and i was born january 15 2007

Wesley Andrier : Animator Plus Fore De Jerry.

Davis1337 : 2007 nice

tomy2015 grane : oct 2018 Wasinger : Wah4 animatiosnexist youtube 2007vs2019!?

Mitchel van Wijk : Damn i can't believe he started out as someone who attempted to kill a trapped stick figure He sure has changed lol

Terrorize Ps : Ахренеть, 11 лет назад... Мне тогда было 5 лет

Marcia.lorena Burgos.maldonado : Quien lo vio en el 2018 xD

鉄千 : 2018以降いる? :2018 AnYoNe?

Mays Studios : A Al Ala Alan Alan y Alan yo Alan you Alan you a Alan you ar Alan you are Alan you are a Alan you are a t Alan you are a ta Alan you are a tal Alan you are a tale Alan you are a talen Alan you are a talent Alan you are a talente Alan you are a talented Alan you are a talented m Alan you are a talented ma Alan you are a talented man

Rainbow Li : 2 0 1 9 ?

Nasrull Ardi : September 01 2018

Gabe’s Movie Corner : I think I remember seeing this video when I was little.

MCPE Gamer : Why its recommended for me Its been 11 year ago

4ip4ilinka 21 : 11 лет назад ....

LION 07 : 2019

Yoshi 244 : 11 years ago holy crap wow!

ReDZ : wow this was made in 2006..? That was 9 years ago!!

LegendsChallengs Verde : 2019=like

게임마 제이 : how the legend started

STNOWTA : You started it by rotating him and after he swore at you, you tried to kill him. *IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!*

Jonathan Leyva : 2019 anyone?!?! hahaha

PUBG : 2007?wow!