Animator vs. Animation (original)

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AtomCR CR : 2007?wow!

Kklf : 2018

DigiSword : Why does the Minecraft one have more views? This is a classic.

NINO™ : 2018 ??

Mya Galley : 2018 who here

ARN channel : Agust anyone's?

Michael Brown : 2018

Martijn Rolvers : Much old, such lol

Game Of Tras - Yusuf : 14 May 2007 Voaww I Watch The Video 2018

Gabe The Sesame Street Fan Est. 2001 : I think I remember seeing this video when I was little.

Асанали Абай : Lol 2018?

Meganthropus Paleojavanicus : I was born in the right generation ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

SarikOnSharik : 2018

Дядька Петровичъ : 2007 yeaaar!!

EpicDiamondX : All of the 2007 comments are buried...

Mohd Zulhairi : 2018 like

GOLDENFREDDY BR : and here was born the legend

UNKNOWN UNKNOWN : 11 years ago

yg L : Anyone else want to see a remaster?

Marcia.lorena Burgos.maldonado : Quien lo vio en el 2018 xD

Егор Крик и zaxar : 11 лет назад

Doggy Videos :D : Прошлый 2007 :)

Five Night's at FoxLife_Real : 2007 WAS WHEN I WAS BORN

نور ابو حماد : 2018؟؟؟؟

RAAWYN : 😂😂❤👍buen video me saco una sonrisa

Pramod Pacharane : How do you do the animation?????????????? Which software do you use to do like this animations plz tell me i m also an animator and 14 yrs old i m using pivot animator to do like this animations

Arrim : WTF 11 YEARS AGO

Pequeño Perezoso : Who else saw this at StickPage?

Pequeño Perezoso : I saw this for the first time at Stick Page in a Lenovo with Windows XP.

MIKA BLITZ : 11 years ago

이현희 : 2018

Games and programs : انتى اذاى عملتها

Mr Antidote : People can be really creative

Takizuka Dyson : How dd u make it.. 😨 this is awesome 👍

Ks Saxena : How you make this


Come Back Youtube : 11 yıl naptın

TheRainbowSkull : I still can't believe this was 11 years aho

M Yunus : What a legend.

TheMrSNakeBite : The explosion looked like pizza

Checho Fabricio : Muy bueno. Yo use flash a los 15 años y aprendí como un profesional. Como no lo seguí usando ahora lo se una mierda

ShamanKing : 2020?

BirDash : 11 years...

Nicky *7813 : Nice

TheTudinh : Haha! I remember that I saw this as a kid and wanted to do the same thing so I opened paint, drew a stick figure and waited.

Amy-chan /marYdu18 : not in french ?

kylaxial : this is the 9993rd comment

Danyal Çelik : Jeibre kacıs oyunu Danyal791 bob

ståle Andreassen : This vid is 2 days older than a boy in my class

Eusebio Gimenez : Good animation 😉