Animator vs. Animation (original)

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Comments from Youtube

1000 subs I’ll make a video : Old video exists 95% of people: 2019 anyone

Kaizo : Who came here after the new video *The chosen one’s return?*

ZaidXDYT - : 2018? Anyone..... Ok im ALONE( I CRY) :( EDIT: 2019?? I know im not alone😀

Kevin and Christie Lim : Alan, it's been 11 years and your animating has improved alot. From your average baddie, to the Virus Vs The Chosen One. You have accomplished much more than a regular animator would these past 11 years. Congratulations on the success of your videos and your hardwork.

EpicDiamondX : All of the 2007 comments are buried...

Justin Y's Stand : This animation was ahead of its time.

Benjamin Mata : Que inesperado pense que seria mas largo😕😑😐😐😐

_SuPeR CaT_ : 2019 11 лет прошло!

Parikshit Rao : 2008 a friend of mine showed this to me and man was this cool. I loved it played rip off games of it on new ground. Then I forgot about it. Then almost exactly 10 year's later that is today I saw the title animator vs animation IV. And I was like hey I think I know this. Then this and man the memories are hitting me like a train. Its been so loong. Man

Jamer Gamer : Old Video: *exists* Comments: *2018 AnYoNe?!??!1

Andy Chen-Yu Low : I just realized... the stick figure in this video died... he wasn’t the one in animations II, III, IV, MC, YT and the others... this one died... RIP stick figure beta.

Kevin Dantas : 11 years, congrats you created ABCYU, which stands for Alan Becker's Cinematic Youtube Universe.

Jeremy : lets just take a moment to talk about all the 11- year olds who weren't born when this was made

Gaming Pizza : God. This is 11 years?!? Look nice but also look different and laggy.

xSlAsHx : 9 years ago and better than the most animation

Promyte GT : When i was a kid i drew a stickman and waited to move... ( i didn't copy the comment i swear for the love of god..)

Mitchel van Wijk : Damn i can't believe he started out as someone who attempted to kill a trapped stick figure He sure has changed lol

MrOwnerxD : this history right here is better than the human history

Jonathan Leonard : I used to watch this as a kid, looking at it now is so much cooler.


XtremeKami : I'm 10 and i wasn't born when this was made but i was born on may 14 2008 one year later :D its funny how my fav vid was made before i was lmao

Ogato sasuke : Alguém do brasil??

Marth vernier Silvestre : Wow I was borned in Sept. 10,2007 I see the date when it's made and it's May 14,2007 so it means 3 months before I got borned lol

MIKA BLITZ : 11 years ago

Kevin Sandoval : 2005: Video series about a stick fighting its creator 2019: Video series about a stick who fights its creator, escapes its computer, fights the internet fights its friend to prevent it from using weird viruses to conquer the world and meets itself on a future where minecraft has invaded the computer and there is this purple guy, and league of legends and stuff

KEY MASTER : Кто с 2019 года?

Jologs Channel : May 28,2006 is my birthday

IQ - Science : This is where the legend started.

ReDZ : wow this was made in 2006..? That was 9 years ago!!

MrGreen : This video was released way back in 2007? 11 years ago!?? No waaayy.. Am I this old?.. 18 btw

Starstone : An internet classic. It's amazing to see how much you've improved.

Arnas G : Oh god its 11 years old

frogs 00o : In 2018, the chosen one came back to life, He/She/Stick was stuck in the BSOD screen for years.

Jezrell ugto : Well this published on may 2007 and i was born january 15 2007

Zazoo Zarecor Salazar : 1980: In the future we will have flying cars!!!! 2019: Art teacher says stick figures r bad to draw And then I wanted to argue that a video of STICK FIGURES became really popular

Desktop Makes : Wow Alan, you're a creative genius!

Desktop Makes : Wow Alan, you're a creative genius!

Arisenstring 956 : Im trying to find my 2007 comment

Desktop Makes : Wow Alan, you're a creative genius!

Desktop Makes : Wow Alan, you're a creative genius!

everything ideas : Its was uploaded when i was born. Lol

Skender Musli : Top 10 Strongest Characters Who Can Defeat Thanos With The Infinity Gauntlet

NJCG the MVP : the first time i watched this i thought this was real

Abdurahman Sahisa : Why its recommended for me Its been 11 year ago


King Spoodler : People when they see a popular video made in 2015 or earlier: *2018 ANYONE?*

K Line : Btw this is not "the choosen one" R.i.P. "victim"... You may be forgotten, But you will be remembered😅

TheWarriorGamer : I remember when I was a kid and downloaded macromedia to try make my stickfigures come to life. I got really disapointed...

Dante Nosferatu ID : 2007 comments: Nice vid! 2019 comments: 2019 AnYoNE??...?