Joe Rogan Experience #1174 - Vinnie Paz

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morefishscale : Didn't expect to see Vinnie Paz on here.

N A : 3 years ago I got to do security at a small Vinnie Paz show. He’s one of my favorite artists of all time so I was elated/star struck. I can vouch that he’s being 💯 about how he treats people. Told him before the show that I’m a huge fan and he took some pics with me (which he even went out of his way to comment on when I put them on Instagram). I was working the side of the stage and half way through his set he was letting his Dj spin and came up to me and asked how I was liking it and if he was playing the songs I liked. After the show he did stay and meet every fan. I remember people would come up and he’d ask their name then say “nice to meet you, I’m Vinnie.” Nicest and most humble dude you can imagine.

47 Indigo : Vinnie Paz is the GOAT. If he’s not in your top 10 then you haven’t listened to the mans work. Literally one of the most thought provoking, knowledgeable hardest artists ever. The man is a Legend. So many damn classics.

John Deininger : I've known Vinnie since his high school years and he is one of the most driven people I have ever met. We used to hang out and shoot the shit in Denny's back in the early nineties and he would talk about what he was going to do and how he was going to do it...and he went and did exactly those things he planned out in those early days, on his on terms. One thing that has always impressed me about Vinnie, though, that I hope everyone sees, is his unique intelligence and his sensitivity. Beneath the tortured soul, hard music, and image; he is an incredibly kind, even sweet person, although I'd never recommend crossing him. Seriously. I wish everything positive for this man...Lord knows he deserves it.

KnowledgeIsKey215 : JMT on JRE... That's wtf I'm talkin' bout! Being from Philly, this type shit makes me ecstatic

Black Pegasus : Jedi mind heavenly Devine steadily shine in 99

RrrutssS : Get Ra The Rugged Man on HERE!

SomeGuy : Illedelph is like the sun 'cause we shine with rhymes The Underground is like the moon you only see us at times and at times were like skies where the stars recline Jedi Mind, Outer Space, coincide and combine unexpected surprise to find this gem with Joe

Grand Daddy Purple W : Jedi mind tricks hand down one of the sickest underground hiphop groups ever. Sickest beats...boom boom bap

Saviourself : this is raw all across the board liquid sword chamber..if its coming from my jaw then its pure anger..heavy metal rap with a 44 banger...we can settle that let the mic cord hang ya

TheRoadLessTravelled : BROOOOO IM SO HYPED YOU HAD VINNIE PAZ ON YOUR SHOW! Joe Rogan.. you da real mvp

Dan Sfera : They call me Kublai Khan...

Aphex51 : No idea who Vinnie Paz was until this show and he is such a down to earth dude. One of my favorite episodes.

Who Are You? Suka! : Teddy Atlas and then Vinnie Paz? Is this podcast intentionally producing shows personally for me?

xxx serenity : kind of disappointed joe didn't attempt to discuss the history of jedi mind tricks, and his musical endeavors in supergroups or solo, there was no better opportunity to do so than here

TheRoadLessTravelled : Man.. gotta say Vinnie Paz is one person who has helped ME personally get through tough times. His music alone as helped me get through a lot of hard shit

Mario S : If this episode introduced ONE young kid to JMT, then it was a success. Vinnie is up there with the greats in hip hop, and it's guys like Vinnie that will take hip hop out of its current state.

SENCE : Shout to joe for having one of the best rappers ever on the show this man is a god damn poet #philly

Jack McGreer : He looks like Patton Oswalt did time in pelican bay

Kepler : Wtf!!!! Vinnie Paz?? Now that I know you’re alive can we get an AOTP album? Jesus I never expected this guy to be on a show like this.

Instrumental187 : *Bring immortal technique on again joe!*

Travis Palmer : I'm 29 now, I've been listening to JMT since the 7th grade, so 17 years now. This made me love Vinnie even more, such a humble, down to earth guy

Emerson : I still buy CDs. i dont want an electronic copy of art that I have purchased. I want an artifact!

endtoend11 : Ikon The Verbal Hologram, ladies and gentlemen!

skiboot steeze boot : Get the whole Wu-Tang on here. 7 mics

Danny Kingston : Is this guy Joey Diaz's illegitimate son?

Maximilian Ljungqvist : Vinnie's music helped me through the worst of times. Haven't stopped listening to him since. Thank you Vinnie Paz.

Mionysus : Name another rapper who will mention Kafka and Nietzsche (in the same sentence).... Go ahead, I'll wait....

Dro KillaKush : Just wanted to thank Joe for having a legendary underground rapper on his podcast. Vinnie is prob in my top 10. This is a great interview and was not expecting Joe to have Vinnie on. Also wasn't expecting that hoodie. #GetTheStrap lol

Centricus : I'm the master mind with the faster rhyme it's work not how I pass the time..

sixburgh64ss : Patton Oswald has been through some shit since the last time I've seen him.

TZK Beats : Ah man I`m so glad to see a conversation between intelligent people got millions of views! Respect Joe! Respect Vinnie P! Great Podcast tho... i recently found it! its dope Joe! respect from Bulgaria!

Winger Records : Also, Evidence / Alchemist.

Sir Ragealot : Everyone who has not yet, should check the violent by design album best JMT album ever

Selfctrl : I love how at some points Vinnie is interviewing Joe

Human Being : From Elon Musk to Vinnie Paz.. Gotta love the Joe Rogan Podcast.


bergmaan : Vinnie "of course" Paz

Juancho Vazquez : Back in 2005 I found myself hanging out backstage with Vinnie. Why? Because my boy at the time was tight with him. I had no idea the meaning of that night and how big paz would be. He's now on the Rogan show I feel lucky. Wish I could go back and actually speak to him instead of being a shy cunt lol

Josh Ringer : Vinnie Paz is more relatable and practical to my life than Jordan Peterson....thanks!!!

Talking Thrones : Uncommon Valor...

baserocks1 : The chemistry is crazy joe

John Adams : Vinnie one of the realest in the rap scene. Definetly Under ground king.

gimme jokers : In one video i not only found Joe Rogan AND Jordan Peterson but also learned about Vinnie as a human outside the rap stuff. Blessings all around...

Lucky Luke : Joe Rogan is the goat of podcasting #getthestrap

SomeBlackGuy : This made me love Paz even more

b041985 000 : ikon the verbal hologram

EXPLISIT HIPHOP : The mainstream world always ignores this guy when they say Rap sucks today... proves they don't follow the underground-non major label guys ...this guy doesn't just rap hardcore .. he has the punchlines.. a dying art....

Alien Jack : Did anyone else think it was going to be Vinny Pazienza the boxer? I'd love to hear from that dude. Do a double interview with Vinny and Greg Haugen. That would be pretty entertaining!

Northern White Trash Redneck : Wish they talked more about music or something else more interesting then Boxing and MMA .