Bullitt (1968) - San Francisco Car Chase Scene (4/10) | Movieclips

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Alden R. Davis : Thumbs up if you love classic muscle cars in Hot Pursuit

Sean Morris : I love these old chase scenes. All just classic muscle and stunt drivers

Rade Ue Masq : Oh look... a realistic car chase!! No explosions or over exaggerated crashes. Just 2 cars higtailing it through the city. Awesome!!

LDSRaichuguy : The sound of those big American V8s sure are intoxicating.

GMP : That dark green Beetle seems to be one step ahead of them all the time!!!

CAR GUY : Some say that green VW still driving around at nights.

xXSilentAgent47Xx : That's Dominic Toretto's father in Dodge Charger.

Mentally Challenged Viking : I dont think they will ever make cars this cool again.

Extra Fabulous : Fun fact. Half the film's budget was spent on replacement dodge hubcaps.

GETUP AND GO : How many hubcaps can one Charger lose??

John Howe : I don't understand, how can anyone dislike this scene? Nine dislikes? Why? It's one of the best, if that, THE best Car Chase Scene ever filmed! No CGI, the cars are REAL Manual Transmission Cars (not the cars with the "paddle shifting" Bullsh!t), and legendary Stunt Drivers including Steve McQueen himself.

Franckpc86 : No cheesy back tracks, no pointless punchlines..only motors running and tires screeching...a proper car chase!

cityscape17 : Best chase scene in movie history. No need for music at all

Don't let the devil consume your bum bum : This scene alone is objectively better than all of the fast and furious movies combined

NTRSANDMAN : Thumbs up if you played Driver as a kid

Ralph Valkenhoff : I still cringe when the charger hits something.

TheTheDoudou : 0:53 .................. editing fail

T Dawson : I counted four passes of the green beetle

mike stanberry : Vin diesel - fast and the furious has the best chases ever! Steve McQueen - hold my beer.

Steve Shaha : Hands down, in my opinion, the best car chase in cinematic history.

Crazystuffyousee : What also made it cool was seeing SF back before it was riddled with gay rainbow flags, homeless people, street walkers, and political propaganda..... Just a couple cars hauling ass up and down the hills of a neat old relic city.

jose sanchez : The City has changed for the worse!

Henry Miller : There's nothing that says "Bad Ass" more than Steve McQueen in a Mustang.

Dana H : No CGI or anything phony about this. Good luck and doing this in San Francisco now, the queers and liberals would never put up with it.

Prometheus Theseus : best car chase in movie history, none of this fast and the furious crap. Back to the time of muscle cars.

Eddie Suarez : 3 perfect minutes that doesnt need no dialogue

Shoe Game99 : Sad to think all those nice cars from the 70s and 60s have long been scraped and slowly replaced by wack economy cars like prius, civics, and corollas.

wheelmanstan : you can see his face in the mirror, which makes it feel much more authentic, the guy loved to drive

sammy ham : If you watch this, you never gonne watch Fast and Furious again !

omar bautista : Lost "Bullitt" Ford Mustang allegedly found in Mexico.

Sam B : That dark green VW Beatle gets about. In almost every scene.

Pc Tong : Steve McQueen was a God among mere mortals.

mike a : cool seeing all the gto's, el caminos and other old cars that were all pretty new then.

dfy goh : what made this scene so great there was no background music , you can actually hear the tires squealing and the engine being roared , like your in the car at the time , I have no idea why HOLLYWOOD doesn't take notice to this

Jason Moyle : The part at 0:56 was a mistake by steve mcqueen when he missed the corner, the reverse burnout and subsequent takeoff were not in the script but the director left it in the cut.

Joseph78018 : Why is that green beetle so iconic

John Smithee : Remember son...it's not about the car...it's about the person who's driving it.

All Property Videos Dot Com with Don Wallace : This movie scene is why I bought that exact Charger w/a 440 V8 and became a lifelong Mopar nut. Except '69 instead of '68. Did you know the engine was NOT modified for this scene?

Agustin Cesar : Actors knew how to drive back then...

AnubisCidolfas : The peel out from the Charger at the beginning is one of the best things I've ever heard

Chris Ward : I'm from the UK. Many years ago i visited the US. I spent a few days in San Francisco. Walking down those hills reminded me of this movie. That's some skilled driving. My favourite cars are the old 60s and 70s American muscle cars. The look and the sound of them old beasts is awesome.

Jodi wirawan : The time when you don't think about gas price. Just drive.

sunking2001 : Damn VW Beetles...they were always in the way!

The Ringmaster : Dam, they had some great cars back then! I can't believe nobody died doing that chase, even if it was a movie! Lol!😀

Dane Insane : Vin diesel, take notes. This is how a car chase is done


ShogunEnder : Every car you see in this movie are legendary from the bullit mustang, the charger, to the beetles are all awesome vechiles in history. I would mostly want the bullit mustang or give the 66 nova to my dad because he had one in high school but it's been sold years ago.

maccollectorZ : Such awesome footage for 1968!

viaductdreams : This isn't a car chase it's a boat chase.

Members of Mayhem : God I only wish I had classic cars from back then I love 69 chevelles but being a ford fan I'll take a 67 fast back with no hesitation