Abusing the Game's Physics Engine

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Comments from Youtube

milton garay : This channel is an absolutely genius idea.

creepplayZ : why cant biology class be taught like this

Arthur G : What does this man feel when he hears himself saying these things

Slainedsoldier : I would love if there was actually a game like this

Vailskibum94 : This is GREAT!

Gamer4Christ07 : Remember when human players used the physics engine to leave the map and go into the uncompleted moon biome? That was wild.

mousek801 Mousek801 : That majestic sea flap flap got rekt.

James Moore : Orca used splash! It's super-effective!

loudjester : So far human builds are the only ones figuring out how to mod the game, thankfully we have mods like tik tok to reduce the human builds' intelligence.

Pixel Pasta : 3:02 *BIG* *MEATY* *CLAWS*

Mark Christiansen : I remember the first time I saw a Tier Zoo video. I was like, "I really want to play this game." Then I realized, I already am.

Immortal Bentron : What about the lizard meta, maxing on speed allowing you to run on water?

TrufanNW 1121 : I call hack! That Killer-Whale spawned out of nowhere.

Travis Smothermon : dude this channel is like what we all needed in our life

Mike Hunt : Am I the only one who felt bad for the stingray? It was just peacefully flapping and then *WHAM* An orca whale nearly kills the poor thing, for amusement.

Tru Blu Fox : This dude deserves more subscribers. Edit: wow I never expected to get highlighted

The Thinker Of Reasonism : This channel spends so much time talking about this one game but they’ve never posted a video of them playing it. We want a Let’s Play!


Hydrofyre : This was a great video and all, but that sponsor segue was smooth as butter.

Philo-sophy : Thank you for existing! Your content is so fun to watch. Maybe a bit too fun or maybe I’m not familiar with your content yet because I’m laughing so much at your game references that I’m not learning as much I should. Keep it up though!!! Thank you again.

JackelLight : When i joind the game i relized it random at least i got on the humans (op af)

JC L : The fastest brids (300km/h) abuse the physics engine!

juan martinez : i just found this channel today n its my favorite by far

Caino : Can we just stop and talk about how bumblebees are such memes they broke the physics engine for aerodynamics...

SG Fishy : *Runescape* .....Nani?

Dominic Do : This is awesome I'm learning some new things I didn't know...wait a second this is an educational channel disguised as a cool channel about games. GASP!!!

Nooberus : I love the runescape influence in your videos! I played it to death some years ago but didnt think about it at all in recent times. This music brings back so many memories, thanks for that! Amazing video idea btw, informative and funny, simply genius :D

veikka toivari : Rocket jumping was an actual in built deliberate mechanic in tf2 btw

Dextrosiss Dextrosiss : Eagerly waiting for banned builds.

Rosie Johnson : I saw a screenshot from some human trolls trying to overload the Color Change capabilities of what I think was a squid. Trapped it in front of a bright rainbow-ish painting...but the sneaky little thing just turned transparent! Out-trolling the trolls!

MrSoldier : these cheats are getting patched in the next update also nukes are getting an out of no where buff by having an increased blast radius which further increases their destructive power was 200 miles now 400 miles like wtf god no one asked for this buff ????

Edgar Banuelos : When you really think about it, isn't human technology technically a physics abuse?

Meatballs for life : i can just imagine killer whales being spotty neckbearded incels who spend their days standing in doorways in cod to prevent teammates from moving.

Darpan Beri : Goddamnit that ad transition got me again. Bet he sent a major chunk of people to brilliant .org

Domenico Grimaldi : I've seen like a half-dozen of your videos, and I think I can say, with confidence, this channel is awesome af.

Manfred Gesink : Very wrong conception of the term cheating and real life phyics. There are by definition no cheats in physics, They are ever apllying only different depending in wich dimension (micro/makrocosmos) your 'build' is in

mthlay15 : bruh, that seal went flying!

Spectacular Frozen Vomit Statue : Just do not use Fartnite footage... PLEASE.

Romke McScumbag III : I stopped everything just to go and watch this video. Seriously, this is easily one of the best channels I'm subbed to at the moment.

Leron Martyr : Wait... Cuttlefish has a higher stealth than octopus? HAX!! I CALL HAX!!


Mc_ Zittrer : I'm surprised Mantis Shrimp got no mention here. If their power was scaled to a human like myself, I'd be able to fling a baseball into orbit.

LittleBay129 : 3:02 What did you say, PUNK? BIG MEATY *C L A W S*

Nathan Levesque : I think your viewers might all be human mains. In fact, I'd wager that none of us have a secondary.

Gwend Hathcox : It's okay, ocean biome will be nerfed with next "Economic Update"

Saderwor : Guys im having some problems with opening the menu I have alot of XP and i want to spend it but its just not working Any way i can contact the devs or something ?

N. A. Hartnell : [BIG MEATY CLAWS] Man, the devs are just meme lovers.

敗けた 娼年Kimeseku : Our world has a lot of glitches

David : I prefer the human build. We don't just abuse the game physics, we script our own code and mod the hell out of reality.