Abusing the Game's Physics Engine

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TierZoo : Here's the full video of the trapjaw ants escaping the ant lion pit: https://youtu.be/XWq-5g_OCjI Special thanks to Ant Labs for allowing me to use their footage!

milton garay : This channel is an absolutely genius idea.

Vailskibum94 : This is GREAT!

Techtastisch | Experimente und Lifehacks : This Channel is great! :D

creepplayZ : why cant biology class be taught like this

Arthur G : What does this man feel when he hears himself saying these things

Justin Y. : I'm surprised you didn't use this point to mention how broken the human build is. They can use the physics system to do things other builds could only dream of doing.

PK starstorm : What about bees vibrating and heating up enemies?

Slainedsoldier : I would love if there was actually a game like this

PlasmaYT : **O M A E W A M O U S H I N D E I R U** Yeah I spent all my Evolution points into ‘Memeology’ skill. It looked interesting. Downside to skill is it nerf intelligence so be careful with that one.

Abigayle Chartier : I like the way he brought up his sponsor. He actually tried to make a good transition and it was,it actually makes people wanna buy the app and use it rather than be annoyed bc it showed up for 5 seconds in a video

No this is patrick : I have wasted all of my skill points in the couch potato skill

Hecatech : One time I was trying to max out my stats for the sidequest “Dating.” I was halfway through the quest before the game bugged and made my character sneeze, appearing to dab, which is apparently unpopular because of the Team 10 Clan that it originated from.

Pixel Pasta : 3:02 *BIG* *MEATY* *CLAWS*

TrufanNW 1121 : I call hack! That Killer-Whale spawned out of nowhere.

Crimson Fox : This dude deserves more subscribers. Edit: wow I never expected to get highlighted

David : I prefer the human build. We don't just abuse the game physics, we script our own code and mod the hell out of reality.

Immortal Bentron : What about the lizard meta, maxing on speed allowing you to run on water?

James Moore : Orca used splash! It's super-effective!



Pajamapants Jack : An interesting biome to talk about would be Chernobyl.

Samsung User : Am I the only one who felt bad for the stingray? It was just peacefully flapping and then *WHAM* An orca whale nearly kills the poor thing, for amusement.

juan martinez : i just found this channel today n its my favorite by far

Hydrofyre : This was a great video and all, but that sponsor segue was smooth as butter.

JackelLight : When i joind the game i relized it random at least i got on the humans (op af)

Uriah Siner : I wish The Devs would do a reddit ama.

Matthew Kelley : Wait, the game is called outside?!

MrCombat : Can you make a video about the Precambrian and Cambrian updates? It would give some of us serious nostalgia and teach the rest of us about the early stages of the game.

Flaming Kraken : What about mantis shrimp?

Apt Albatross : Bouta hit 1M views my dude!

Dextruider : *Animal Kingdom:* We must eliminate their leader, Tierzoo. He's exposing our weakness.

Andrew Jimenez : Our world has a lot of glitches

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) : What's the physics server default fps?

mousek801 Mousek801 : That majestic sea flap flap got rekt.

The War Pug : I love the way you make these vids! Its so adorable!

Anthony B : Been an Orca main since the Open Beta and I’m scared this video might get us nerfed in the next patch.

Nesiclor : Yo guys i heard they are adding the new Tech-Grade creatures in the new update! I'm so exited!

Des Tro : *4:19** Even a human would take a long time to think of such a solution..*

mjbcreeper : Hold on what I thought this was a game...

StarKnight 54 : No other vid choices lol

Jeff Liggett : Humans have exploited physics so much they got into the special dev biome, Space.

funguslicker : best youtube hole i ever fell into. thx good sir!

Bald Eagle : Talk about the mountain servers plzzzz Btw I’m a bald eagle main

Tristin McInteer : You act like life is a video game. I think there needs to be a video game like this

S I X E Y E S O N E T R E E : that why the sea water is so salty

Bronze : I wish the devs didn't nerf bunnyhopping, I loved zipping around the forest as a bunny. Now bunnies are low tier and not fun :(

Cha DingALing : TierZoo in this build I often play alot on my PS4. Will this benefit any stats ingame, and is there any cons to it? Btw I am a human build.

Good Guy Player2 : Because of course THIS subject had to have SSBM's sountrack!

Selim12B9 : I would actually play this