Abusing the Game's Physics Engine

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TierZoo : Here's the full video of the trapjaw ants escaping the ant lion pit: https://youtu.be/XWq-5g_OCjI Special thanks to Ant Labs for allowing me to use their footage!

milton garay : This channel is an absolutely genius idea.

RoverStorm : I heard a rumor that some japanese squid mains figured out how to abuse the physics, going from squid to kid. This would be an excellent trick as a giant squid, but I can't quite figure it out. Any tips?

UltiMaxKom : @TierZoo How about em' dirty Bacterium? I think they're cheating or smthin' =/ (fyi: I've just abuse the report button) Or if not, then *DEAR GOD, NERF PLEASE...*

Hostius Hostilius : Hey Tierzoo, just found your channel and I have to say, I'm glad someone is finally covering this game. Seriously, I don't understand why everyone seems so afraid to talk about it. I know that you normally talk about the vanilla game, and it's clear to me that there's a lot of cool stuff to cover, but would you be interested in talking about a magic mod at some point? It's true that a lot of them are fairly unbalanced, but you *can* find the occasional diamond in the rough - weirdly enough, a couple of them actually cater to a lot of different classes other than humans. Most of them also take advantage of the coded elemental-types that were never used in the base game, which is intriguing, to say the least. The best ones completely change how the game is played, and there's this one huge mod that's updated all the time. I think it was called "Animay" or something...

Techtastisch | Experimente und Lifehacks : This Channel is great! :D

No this is Patrick : I have wasted all of my skill points in the couch potato skill

SteveOwnsMC : I have a suggestion: could you do plant builds? roses seems pretty stronk because of thorns, and cacti as well.

ddoogg88 tdog : I think you should make a game

Prodeucer Posts : Big Meaty Claws “Ain’t just for attractin’ mates” MR. KRABS IS IN THIS META?

FiIIerguy : Godly Segway in that ad. I'm not even mad

Dean Natuno : *Animal Kingdom:* We must eliminate their leader, Tierzoo. He's exposing our weakness.

Михаил Пашковский : ANIMAL REVIEW!

AK6427 : I feel like every time you upload, I go on a massive binge spree... but I've already seen all of the videos!

United Federation of the Labor Party rama : NERD jk keep up the great work :)

サニャSanny : So youtube recommended to me "Are humans OP?".... And then I just couldn't stop watching But now I watched every video Somebody help

Uriah Siner : I wish The Devs would do a reddit ama.

THISisaplasticTREE : Can you explain why the knuckle cracking emote has such a long cooldown?

Saif Taher : *Why isn't school like this??*

Cole Doucher : that beetle jumping legit scared the shit out of me

Katkos Gogogo : i think Human race has been abusing physics since the beginning of time XD Not that it's anything surprising.

David : I prefer the human build. We don't just abuse the game physics, we script our own code and mod the hell out of reality.

Ryan Lee : Sea life competitive melee

TheEvilCommenter : Remember when human players used the physics engine to leave the map and go into the uncompleted moon biome? That was wild.

Ketchup : Glitching the intended mechanics <3

Nerd Mysteria : I wish this guy was my science teacher

noisyturtle : Goddamn mantis shrimp was never properly patched, the devs thought it was hilarious and just left it in.

Gray : That was a remarkably smooth sponsor plug at the end there. Also, your channel is informative and I can't remember the last time I laughed this much. Keep it up. <3

Green Shaman : Hey TierZoo, thoughts on rats? They're one of the single most played builds in the entire game, also a bit controversial with how different they can be depending on the zone. Cannibal rat builds can be pretty fun if griefing doesn't bother you.

thunderboyAAC : Cordycep fungus

kuronx : I know you don't normally look at single builds, but could you do a build analysis on the Platypus players? They take so many traits from completely unrelated skill trees, and somehow the build hasn't died out. I would love to see your opinion on them

Pajamapants Jack : An interesting biome to talk about would be Chernobyl.

patrick gardner : You should do an episode on how the humans accidentally griefed the Chernobyl server and the effect it had on the meta

TuskTheOtaku : No meme, I just honestly wanted to thank you for your content. You're one of the rare examples of making learning new information interesting, and I hope you continue uploading into the foreseeable future. Cheers!

star kitty : can u plz analyze the Lyrebird to see what tier it would be in the bird section?

Apt Albatross : Bouta hit 1M views my dude!

acdtrip : Hey, level 14 human here. I just wanna ask if youve heard of the upcoming mars expansion? Seems a little finicky too me but what do you think?

Raymond Lindquist : I'd actually really like to see a video on the complexity of choices with human mains like how choices in life can lead to completely different paths from other human mains and how location can completely change how a human main is played!

D.R.G. : Just realized i didn't subscribe. lol time to change that.

Bread Animates : Also what about the horseshoe crab build

Anthony B : Been an Orca main since the Open Beta and I’m scared this video might get us nerfed in the next patch.

Seth Begley : Trap jaw ants look like muscular rasins. Change my mind.

Bread Animates : Can I pull off a bearded dragon build???

Snow : you should showcase some of the game's most infamous and notorious players specifically. like Stephen hawking who went for an all int build


Justin Y. : I'm surprised you didn't use this point to mention how broken the human build is. They can use the physics system to do things other builds could only dream of doing.

Bunnycorn Murderer : PLEASE do a video on the cambrian explosion

naufal pradinov : This channel is soo underrated

Mitchacha Dusky : Fox's shine.

SuperSwagger : Who here's waiting for Earth Ultimate? I heard they're bringing back every character and stage, which should create a lot of interesting MUs that we've never seen before.