Ghost Rider - Uppsala Run - OMG WATCH

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Thumbs up if you like it.. =) 42.6 miles, 68 km, in heavy traffic under 15min.. I would say this is the best driving ever performeded in heavy traffic.. I would like to see anyone do the same.. LOL

Comments from Youtube

toknowandgrow : Heroes get remembered but legends never die

patrick young : Never seen a better street rider ever.....period. The other pretenders that post videos cannot compare to this guy. I always know it's him by the exhaust note, SCREAMING up to redline at incredible speeds, and still grabbing another gear. My helmets off to you wherever you are.

ydenneki : Has anybody noticed the numerical and conversion errors in the numbers? 42.6 Mi = 68.5 km, not 68. trip completed in 895 seconds which equals 0.248611 hours (1h=3600sec). (THEIR stated speed 170.1 mi/h = 273.1km/h. [should be 273.7]). ACTUAL SPEED using CORRECT conversion 42.6 / 0.248611 = 171.4 mi/h (275.7km/h) He was actually averaging a FASTER speed than they stated ... unless the distance is LESS than 42.6 mi!

David Hill : Some say that his balls are made out of titanium with a diamond coating and that his blood can be used to cool a nuclear reactor , all we know is that his name is "The Ghost Rider "

LetsBringIt : Thx for sharing, and showing interest. But if u love bikes, u cant avoid loving this. Best of the best

androcles x : god that bike screams. sound sooo cool

Jens Petter Bjørneboe : he overslept. true story

Joe Yolo : I'm proud to be Swedish

340rps : .. My sphincter tightened up more than a few times just watching this.

3D FlyZone : it sounds ace even without the pictures !

MOXxx : 68 km in 15 minutes so the AVERAGE speed must be 272 kph.

1969nydrell David : bow down to this mofo

13%Commit50%OfAll MURDERSinUSA : Can the body even produce adrenaline for that length of time

Charles Donohoe : @ 7:18 that's about as close as you get haha

david r borquez : this is absolutely crazy... i think it's stupid and wrong to drive like that, but i would do the same if i could >.< hats off

Marmitaa : This guy was on a mission and he completed it, RIP legend!

Puzzoozoo : Legend.

james pisano : Bwahahahahaha! Holy shit. This dude is insane. I could not stop watching. Be careful Bro! Unbelievable.

Starkman#59 : ITS NOT its gsxr 1000 k5

stephen woods : Impressive but incredibly stupid and wreckless

Audrius N : the faster you go the less you notice 'em

azonicrider32 : turbo, no exhaust...etc

Spud machine : Hah, Uppsala isn't sleepy. Must've been a random swedish girl commenting. People party all the time here.

neitag : This vid would be great in HD

tsbye : People were still uploading 240p videos in 2012?

Kelvin Felipe : Deliverying pizzas this guy can be a rich man.... ADAMANTIUM BALLS

JayzBeerz : Wonder what oil he runs in his bikes?

Dux : 4:31.........yikes

Simon Grieve : Sho 'nuff.....

Erik sund : sleepy time uppsala lol?

Sam Houghton : It would be an average of 273km/h throughout the video but for approximately 85% of the video he is going 299km/h, from what i have heard 299km/h is all the gsxr shows where as the bike is actually going 315km/h


Shady : 1980

Tony Bletas : What I find amazing is how this rider can push his machine to such speeds for this amount of time while being attached to the largest testicles known to man. I've seen this guy ride past here in Stockholm and its true he always has 3 crash helmets on at all times. Amazing!

MultiPissTank : Doing 299km/hr on the rumble strips............LIKE A BOSS!!

Morenonuoto LU : Ma è sempre vivo questo pazzo ?

bigbobbreakdance : what a video this is..your buzzin just watching it !

mikebrown1uz : Yes ghost rider sure knows how to live

Kenshin851 : 2002 Gsxr1000

340rps : .. Madness, complete Madness!! .. and I love it!

Kitebuggy : Speedo never shows 300 Km / h , because it can`t :D It ends at 299 .

john hansen : isle of man go fuck yourself

Fishermanfriend : he's fucking awesome

WolfTheMadMan : lmao no police officer in the world could even stop this guy. He'd be out of their jurisdiction in 30 seconds flat.

junglemania inc : Not too shabby...

Aaron Nicoli : I have to admit this has been in my opinion the best "run" (be it bike or car) I have ever seen in my time, since 02 when this came out, it has been unmatched, in my opinion even by the GR himself.

Jamessr23 : This is like Isle of Man TT in traffic!!!

Kenshin851 : GSXR1000R. 2002.

nbkillan1982 : what's the music playinf in the second half?