Ghost Rider - Uppsala Run - OMG WATCH

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kratos9312 : I heard Ghost Rider has to work at 8:00, but yet he always wakes up at 9:00 and manages to get to work on time.

toknowandgrow : Heroes get remembered but legends never die

ydenneki : Has anybody noticed the numerical and conversion errors in the numbers? 42.6 Mi = 68.5 km, not 68. trip completed in 895 seconds which equals 0.248611 hours (1h=3600sec). (THEIR stated speed 170.1 mi/h = 273.1km/h. [should be 273.7]). ACTUAL SPEED using CORRECT conversion 42.6 / 0.248611 = 171.4 mi/h (275.7km/h) He was actually averaging a FASTER speed than they stated ... unless the distance is LESS than 42.6 mi!

patrick young : Never seen a better street rider ever.....period. The other pretenders that post videos cannot compare to this guy. I always know it's him by the exhaust note, SCREAMING up to redline at incredible speeds, and still grabbing another gear. My helmets off to you wherever you are.

David Hill : Some say that his balls are made out of titanium with a diamond coating and that his blood can be used to cool a nuclear reactor , all we know is that his name is "The Ghost Rider "

LetsBringIt : Thx for sharing, and showing interest. But if u love bikes, u cant avoid loving this. Best of the best

androcles x : god that bike screams. sound sooo cool

340rps : .. My sphincter tightened up more than a few times just watching this.

Jens Petter Bjørneboe : he overslept. true story

james pisano : Bwahahahahaha! Holy shit. This dude is insane. I could not stop watching. Be careful Bro! Unbelievable.

Ultranationalist : He needs to do it again in HD quality or/and in an HD.

3D FlyZone : it sounds ace even without the pictures !

Charles Donohoe : @ 7:18 that's about as close as you get haha

ThereAreOnly TwoGenders : Can the body even produce adrenaline for that length of time

DARKMAN ss : Only one, legendary Ghost Rider!Long live Man

340rps : .. What's the speed limit there anyway?

kipponi : It looks like those vehicles were all still-not moving. He pass them so fast. Only complaint is picture quality. Nowadays + HD-camera and not plexi in between. I was afraid most when he drives under the bridges. And that green car passing.

MOXxx : 68 km in 15 minutes so the AVERAGE speed must be 272 kph.

Dinal Abay : Absolute legend

fvhitman4hire : Balls of STEEL to be riding like that

Luis Vieira : Stupid music ! I wanna listen to the bike !!

molon labe : guys probably 19 and thinks he'll live forever

1969nydrell David : bow down to this mofo

Ghost Dog : Why risk your life like this?

david r borquez : this is absolutely crazy... i think it's stupid and wrong to drive like that, but i would do the same if i could >.< hats off

sabo Turk : nur geil

skyhacker6 : 2:12 Camionnette verte !!

MASS Gaming : lol let's see him try that in Tehran...

Marmitaa : This guy was on a mission and he completed it, RIP legend!

Joe Yolo : I'm proud to be Swedish

Therka Marka : I ride myself but this is impossible.. Absolutely impossible for a ordinary human to accomplish.. Im originally from Sweden too and its really far from sthlm to uppsl.. Crazy nutcase honestly

Puff Gs Music Channel : 300

Kenniel Cole : Great ass man

ken jackson : please dont try tihis, he is a pro

Al Beee : Does anyone know precisely what bike he is riding here in this specific video? a Zx7r guy n like the 04-05 gsxr 750 too....but Kawasaki in my heart

kissyxander : monster performance, love it! However, 'heavy traffic?? in the UK we dream of roads this quiet! Look after yourself, please. There's a great old Rodney Crowell song - 'Aint livin long like this'!

Zfast4y0u : if they ever catch him, first charge should be, rape of the bike

Rhys Williams : Crap camera, not worth watching

Viking Snowflake Princess : Woaw! That`s crazy fast!!! :O Regards from Norway,your neighbour! :))

PAPICOCACOLA510 : Is there a Ghost Rider 666 in America???

Simon Hall : The last bike I owned was a K2 1000. I still miss it. Even standard it was quick but forgiving to ride. These sustained speeds are crazy, especially watching it on board with the familiar instrumentation in I knew so well.

Lennart Gabrielsson : i guess he got his driverslicense on the Nurnburgring north part

Peter Nunes Goulart : isso é loucura total

Severiorum : Apparently he died in 2011. Not sure tho.

340rps : .. I got to get my new bike back to Ct. If I could drive it back at these speeds I could do the 1300 mi. in just under 8 hours. Better than a  21 hours at 60mph. LOL

Jamiro van der Biezen : This is an older 2003 GSXR1000. If he tries this today on any late model liter bike WOW !!

unapro3 : Filmed with a potato....

Arska Laakkonen : what song listning last minutes,

110011001 110000110 : tavbnn66430011vupsalla. proud of uou!

MDB Ananias : Awesome