Halloween (1978) Opening Scene

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Jack Murphy : Every time I see this, all I can think about is how quickly this man busted.

Endangered Mexican : When horror was scary and not just loud noises

joseph marin : His blank stare is so creepy! The kid looks truly confused, he even looks like he has no emotions.

Marcelo Zuniga : 1:19 is when you realize something bad is about to happen

CAvideoFAN : The mother just stood there with disappointment. No shock, no running to see who's blood that is. LOL

Michael Myers : I had to kill her, but she looked nice half naked.

Stripe : 10/10 acting

meli : The original was sooooo much better than the remakes not only because of the acting, but the BACK STORY. The OG showed that Michael WAS A BORN PSYCHOPATH. C'mon what 6 yr old randomly kills their only older sister. Rob Zombie completely DISREGARDED the ORIGINAL story of Michael and tried to make us sympathize with him because of his "environment'' smh lol. Soooo basically: Rob Zombie's Michael = Sociopath (made into a monster by a bad environment. Scary, but pitiable) John Carpenter's Michael = Psychopath (born a monster, no emotions or remorse. No audience connection at all. PURE EVIL )

Und34d Army : Call me dull but even back then in 1978 it was pretty impressive how they used the whole first person perspective that would later be adapted in games such as Doom. Carpenter was never shy of bringing unique ideas to the big screen.

nba73 : Never realized her boyfriends poor sex performance 😂

MenschMan : When you stop and just look at your hand while your stabbing someone

Johnny Bflat : That score at 1:19 gets me every time. I love the creepiness of it

Bred Johnston : Everything’s great about this classic they don’t make em like this no more that’s for sure

Sara MP : I used to love her, but I had to kill her...

Jeffrey Long : 0:02 - "Black cats and goblins and broomsticks and ghosts, covens of witches with all of their hosts. You may think they scare me, you're probably right. Black cats and goblins on Halloween night. Trick or treat!"

Noah Mcdarby : Ah the good old days of piss poor acting. And Tits!!

Jack Walker : Greatest horror film of all time, who else is excited to see the new Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis & Nick Castle back?

Afshin Saffarzadeh : How did the bf not see Michael @ 2:37 LOL

Alexandria Cecilia : Anyone know where the cut is in this take? Carpenter said in an interview that it’s not all one take and there’s a hidden cut in here while Michael is walking through the house

Bopper Studio : I don't think parents would ever stand there motionless like that. LOL

NAMECOMINGSOON : Through the whole thing I thought he was a teen or something because of how high the camera angle was. But then he turns out to be a little kid... also does it ever explain why he killed his sister. Cause it seems weird that he kills her at this exact moment

Jackson Hill : Tities

Billythewizzard : Is it bad I kinda got a boner when he stabbed his sister

Яркийсвет funny : This kill was very realistic...

NAMECOMINGSOON : 3:40 wow great acting 10/10

Brandon diesel : Cut scene at 3:14 sweater was not there before! Haha

Julio Lopez : HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2018!!!

alvin san juan : I'm barely noticing the only problem with this scene... been watching this fave my whole life and never noticed how tall young micheal Myers is according to the view from the camera view. Little guy but walking through the house he's eye level is really high. Cameraman forgot to kneel down to compensate. Walking through looking waaay down with little arms

CreepOween Tv : Ahhhh the hd!

Stevie Plays Fortnite: Battle Royale : I live in Illinois.....

turbokid991 : Michael Meyers, the FIRST Creepy, Killer Clown

TheBEE inHD : I hated the rob zombie

ugh, as if! : No idea how this won critical praise. The murder was absurd, and that freeze frame thing at the end was pure cringe.

SuperMarioLogan Fan : Michael as a kid is cute

Mocha Express : Lol if anything the sister's acting makes this more comical than disturbing. Also I refuse to believe they finished having sex in that amount of time.

Cadetsc : If they had shot or killed Michael back then when he was a kid, would he still have his powers and return to life?

CONNOR RK999 : 4:25 wtf

Cinema N3 : Dat soundtrack!

Satan Herself : It irks me how the pink sweater wasnt so close to him before he put on the mask but when he put it on it was suddenly there

Humble Beast DJT 212 : This kid looks tall at first

Random Montages : Michael Is the most illusive and coordinated calculated movie killer of all time

SHAYNE : iconic!

RedPandaz : It was scary until he killed her. That was just cheesy

kay Grabell : jamie lee curtis is michaels other sister,

John Runion : when the screen goes black = a lapse in time.

Edmond Murphy : The remake by Rob zombie was shite

Shawn Dominique : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wDFwypMvo8

J Bro : Why do the parents just stand there and not do anything? The kid has a bloody knife in his hand!!! The mother even puts her hands in her pockets like she's bored or something. WTF!!!?

HeSaidSheSaidMv : What did they have sex for about 30 seconds?

Dr. Dark Law : Anyone know the nursery rhyme at the beginning? Ive been looking for years..